V.T. Senior Editors continue to persecute newsreaders for any critical thought at all!

An open letter to Dennis Cimino and to all Truthers:


Please Note: The following letter gives certain V.T. Senior Editors a good ole fashioned roasting:


Dear Dennis Cimino and fellow ‘truthers’,


During the early days, in the time of the prophet Mohammed (PBUH) – when Mohammed first began to preach God’s message of truth to the unbelievers, his followers were severely persecuted by the ignorant masses. Even those who were merely suspected of any involvement with him were tortured and killed. Thus is the cruelty of rampant tyranny and disbelief throughout the millennium, against those who dare to speak any real self-evident truth. And who can be more unjust than one who denies the Almighty Creator in open rebellion against His Majestic Throne?! In our modern day Orwellian surveillance society, innocent people can easily be targeted and persecuted for anything they may say or do – that may have somehow upset some evil person at some point in time. Humans no longer have any human rights in our corrupt courts of so-called ‘justice’ – I’m sure the late U.S. Supreme Court judge (aka shape-shifting werewolf – who mysteriously died in VERY suspicious circumstances) would agree. Karma can be a bitch. These days anyone can easily be “disappeared and killed” merely at the whim of some perverted gangster tyrant(s), or “Veterans Today” presstitute. And we all know what the police mantra of “serve and protect” actually means – it means: ruthlessly implement the evil cabal’s depopulation Satanic “Agenda 21” policy like there’s no tomorrow, that’s what! Otherwise, why would evil globalists like George Soros have so much police brutality material to go on – to promote his phony “Black Lives Matter” political campaign, if rampant police corruption weren’t real? Yeah, like we’re all just gonna do what the anti-BBC T.V. licence ‘truther’ Tony Rooke tells us to do, and put our blind faith and trust in the police force, and go to our local police stations to report false-flag 9/11 crime, even after all these years – just ‘cause a few good apples are in the mix, amongst the majority who turn a blind eye to such blatant false-flag events – Never once bothering to ask the obvious conscientious question:

“If 19 Arabs with box-cutters in hand did not perpetrate this Crime of the Millennium – under the direction of a man in a cave in Afghanistan – then who might have had the incentive, as well as the extraordinary capability, to perpetrate such an audacious attack?”


To turn a blind eye and never question blatant injustice – is that not an extreme dereliction of duty, and a perverse act of cowardly wilful neglect, apathy and complicity in the face of obvious criminality? It’s not very courageous to just focus on the petty crimes of the already sick and downtrodden misfits – like some psycho Philippine dictator who is currently unleashing a hit squad on poor/sick/disabled/ defenceless child drug addicts in the Philippines, whilst cowardly pandering to the every whim of his criminal bankster overlords. The U.N. just gives such Hitler-like dictators a token telling off, whilst secretly loving them for openly implementing their evil Agenda 21/ Transhuman Agenda policy. So who – particularly in the field of military/police law enforcement, can honestly still hold their head up high, and truly be proud of the way ‘justice’ is being implemented today?


In this day and age, who can really, truly be trusted? No-one I say, so we must all maintain eternal vigilance against tyranny in all its forms. As Sia sings in her song “Elastic Heart”: “Yeah, let’s be clear, I’ll trust no one, You did not break me, I’m still fighting for peace, ‘cause I’ve got thick skin and an elastic heart…” Unfortunately, Muslims are the most persecuted in this day and age, as they’re facing the full force of the devil’s minions – due to all the satanic false-flags being falsely blamed on them. Innocent Muslims are routinely demonised and terrorised in the West – for example, as in the recent news of a guy from the Gulf region – who dared to wear his traditional U.A.E. Arab clothing in the U.S., only to be terrorised by police due to some racist, prejudiced rat making unfounded crazy allegations against him. Such racist Islamophobic persecution is likely to persist if Donald Trump – with his anti-Muslim rhetoric, ever ends up in the White House. Not even Olympic heroes like Mohammed Farah can feel safe enough in the West to proudly say their name “Mohammed” out loud. They have to pretend to be little eeny, meeny, miny moes, just ‘cause some KKK white supremacist Dump wants to “…catch a nigga by the toe, squeeze him, let him go, eeny, meeny, miny mo!” The name “Dump” happens to be the merged shortened version of Trump’s first and last name – a most worthy of names for him, because he likes to take a dump all over the American Muslim population. I never understood why western Muslim celebrities (such as the Olympic long-distance runner Mo Farah, and boxing champion Mohammed Ali) were never proud to use their full first name in public – perhaps due to an extreme inferiority complex born of a fear of anti-Muslim news propaganda. With the racist main-stream media, It was always just Mo, or Ali when the sport heroes were mentioned, hardly ever was the name Mohammed used by them. Western journalists always referring to them by the shortened versions of their name, ’cause the devil just can’t stand the real names of our beloved Islamic prophets. Even the beloved Muslim Prophet Isa was labelled with the fake name “Jesus” – just because some evil jinn liked only names beginning with the letter “J” – because “J” stands for jinns and some jinns just like to be so bloody, pedantic and rebellious all the time!


The U.S. police only issued the traditionally clothed Gulf Arab with a public apology because he was a rich Arab guy, otherwise they would have just laughed it off – like they usually do to ordinary citizens coming from ethic minority communities, and who’ve been brutalized by them. The Arab’s brutal treatment at the hands of the U.S. police force, meant that the U.A.E. had to issue a warning to all its citizens travelling abroad to not wear traditional Arab clothing. Now France is dictating what Muslim women can, or can’t wear on the beach.  It’s so bloody ridiculous! Thanks America – land of the slave and home of the fee, now everyone must dress and smell like you – who would willingly want to do that, with your tasteless blue jeans and tatty tee-shirts with the slogan: “I love Duff’s Kool-Aid” written all over them! Mindless military rats like Gordon Duff only feed such Police State tyranny when they make unjust, unfounded, allegations against innocent Muslims online – not giving a damn about who they may harm (inadvertently or deliberately) by their willy-nilly false accusations – and Gordon Duff knows full-well how much Muslims are routinely targeted by the evil cabal, which makes his deliberate slander against Muslim individual bloggers even more sinister, and it only shows his true colours. Military presstitutes like him can literally get away with murder before anyone even bats an eyelid. But you’d think that even a Soros presstitute might have some level of morality and respect for the average news reader (even if just for the sake of everyday journalistic unbiased professionalism) – evidently not! Public figures – who have chosen a career accountable to public opinion (such as journalists, politicians, religious leaders etc.), should naturally expect some critical feedback from the general public, and shouldn’t use their chosen career to intimidate and victimise those who may be calling them out for who they truly are – i.e. total bloodsucking insect scumbags – the very word “politician” actually means “blood-sucking insect”!  And no-one, and I mean no-one, likes to be force-fed horse shit propaganda from a bloodsucking insect!


Dr. Jim Fetzer was a close buddy of Gordon Duff and gladly worked with him – even though he openly brags that he knew that Duff could “take people out by a mere two phone calls”, stating recently:


“In the past, Gordon told me he was CIA and had worked the Libyan desk for 20 years. When I wanted to publish opposing a NATO attack on Libya, he would not let me do it. When I published on JADE HELM 15 in spite of his objections, he gave me the boot and deleted all 150 articles I had published at Veterans Today since he brought me on board in 2011. The Editorial Board later voted to have them restored, but their links all over the world were gone forever. He told me he was being groomed to be the Director. He also told me he could make two calls and have someone taken out. We shall see.” – Professor Jim Fetzer’s e-mail to certain ‘truthers’ on Saturday, 20 August, 2016


So only now is Jim Fetzer calling Gordon Duff out for his blatant evildoing – why the sudden change of heart now, and the urgent need to speak up for the downtrodden and threatened? One can’t just pick and choose to abide by the universal moral standards of human decency, as and when one feels like it. This isn’t your Addams Family of monsters Uncle Fester dear – in the real world we have this little thing called “moral integrity”. Come on! You’re an experienced, professional military officer,  so don’t try to convince us that your outrageous moral yo-yoing is just a slight oversight on your part. Why Jim Fetzer were you and your fellow Duffsters once so afraid of the Average Joe musical/creative/ critical thinker V.T. commentator, if you really didn’t have something to hide – like, perhaps, your open obsessional love of the perversely satanic Aleister Crowley inspired music of The Beatles? Do you not, at least, know that “The Beatles” band were set up as a satanic joke by demons/jinns mocking humanity for their extreme bad taste in music. One evil jinn even laughed his pants off writing a recent “Before Its News” article stating that women would often wet their pants in excitement during a Beatles concert. Excuse me! Hello! I don’t know much about demonically possessed women, but any real women I know would immediately vomit profusely at the mere hint of a Beatles tune – it really is very hard to stomach. The Beatles must have been doing some serious perverted Crowley sex magick, and turd eating to mind-control humans into listening to their ‘musical’ crap.  No wonder Paul McCartney was cloned and replaced by a demon lookalike – the human genetic makeup just isn’t built to withstand such total bullshit polluting the airwaves for more than a second. Your love of The Beatles music alone, warrants serious concern about your logical reasoning ability. It’s not impossible for an elderly leopard to finally change his spots with the maturity of old age, but most of us, who were not born yesterday, are rightfully still viewing you with some degree of suspicion, and with cautious optimism – at least until you can pull your head from outta your ass.


Dennis Cimino, you also once worked for Duff’s “Veterans Today” too – even though you knew that V.T. is a blatant, ruthless, disinfo honey pot to entrap innocent little shmucks like me.  I recall you once mentioned you worked as a military “spook” at some point in your life – I don’t know what sort of a “spook” job you were given, but let’s just get one thing clear right now: no spook is ever really, truly a friendly spook, ever! They all just put innocent people’s lives at risk – by their unwarranted suspicions jinn-like snooping activity.   I hope I’m mistaken, and you never really were a spook, because spying is a great sin in Islam – much like backbiting – traditionally described as being much like the gross act of eating the flesh of your very own brother, or sister. However, the public’s critical review of a professional’s public work is not to be considered “backbiting”, at least as far as I’m aware – if the person criticised is directly being confronted – rather than stabbed in the back through covert snooping activity? Even former U.S. President JFK spoke about the need for “controversy” in a free and open society. I’m sure you know what I mean about the criminal act of snooping, because you say you too have suffered from such unjust on-line activity.


Real men/women don’t need to snoop on someone, or call on an army of dogs to fight their pathetic personal losing battles for them. Only cowardly little criminal turds love hiding behind a veneer of ‘respectability’ and ‘authority’, whilst hiding behind the skirts of their evil criminal overlords. If I’ve directly called out any Duffster for some ‘evil’ act they may, or may not have done, then why don’t the Duffs have the balls to confront my concerns directly – man to man/woman, in like-for-like fashion, instead of name-calling, spreading vicious lies and issuing mad personal threats ? Just because they happen to be part of an openly evil presstitute V.T. empire – sucking on Soros’s tit whilst holding the self-delusion that they’re really the “good ones”? Why not hold yourselves accountable for your own immoral behaviour – with the certain knowledge that God will be The One we all finally answer to? If you can’t even tolerate some airy-fairy blogger’s criticism, how you ever gonna cope when God’s Judgement Day finally arrives?


I’m not yet truly convinced that a V.T. Duffster, or an ex-Duffster can ever be truly reformed and rehabilitated into respectable, or civilized human society. But seriously, I remember when Jim Fetzer was still on the ‘good’ side of his Duff paymasters, and on the V.T. Board of Directors, he wantonly dismissed and ridiculed my concerns – about Duff threatening to unleash all his evil powers of spying, and all his hardened military men gangster whackers against a mere innocent individual V.T. commentator, and “We the People” member – due to them merely posting on V.T. a fairly harmless, critical feedback comment in reply to a rather pathetic, increasingly spineless V.T. article – entitled “A Call To Arms” – written by Ian Greenhalgh – in which he suggested, in no uncertain terms, that “We the People” should all just basically drop down dead – simply because, and I quote, “…all the big guns are on the side of evil”!  – Whilst crying like a wailing banshee and acting like there’s no God, or no tomorrow. Holy crap! Give us a friggin’ break! Had I not immediately arisen from my slumber to challenge that spineless article – falsely passing itself off as “We the People friendly news”, I simply wouldn’t have been able to live with myself. Ever! No doubt the Duffsters eventually cloned and replaced Ian G. – as reward for his shameless display of what an ideal V.T. presstitute should be communicating – in a Soros ass-kissing contest of self-imposed twat-like helplessness, within a sadistic freak’s double-think, Orwellian ‘thought-crime’ inspired dream world. I’m sure the new soulless clone was very pleased with his undeserved job title of “U.S. Military Affairs Expert” – awarded to him by Duff – just to further inflate Ian’s gigantic demonic ego, so that he remains evermore a compliant V.T. mindless presstitute – even though, as a British citizen, Ian has probably never even set foot in America, never mind him actually having any real interaction with any real U.S. military men/women. All he states he knows to do is to size up and admire his idol’s imaginary “Texas-sized balls” – to see if they’re as big as those of his deceased military hero George S. Patton. At this moment in time, I’m sure he’s ogling the wee balls of Patton’s lookalike clone Donald Trump with absolute glee. Apparently, his only qualification for winning his “Military Affairs Expert” job title is that (like Gordon Duff) he’s now a mindless Soros, mind-controlled zombie! Such dogsbody, synthetic clones are exactly what the banksters have ordered by the ton to tame the mindless sheeple masses.


The V.T. duffsters ‘love’ Muslims so much, that they can’t even handle any critical comments coming from them, and instantly have them banned and blacklisted from their website. Who would’ve thought that a simple act of curious critical thinking, would result in Duff unleashing the entire might of his army of military gangster presstitutes – to attack like wolves a mere humble, sweet and innocent blogger such as I? If Duff does this to mere “nobody” unknown bloggers, then what does he do to the famous, more dedicated ‘truther’ journalists who’ve also been suckered in by his V.T. presstitution – but who, nevertheless, still try to counteract his 60% Soros inspired disinfo bullshit with some angelic purity of their own – like some deluded blonde bimbo Beauty trying to educate the King Kong wild Beast!  


I, stupidly (as a way of dealing with the trauma of 9/11) tried to use music/satire as a form of “healing” – to confront the overwhelming amount of evil in the world, and any “We the People” feelings of “little people” powerlessness. I personally took the view that “no-one is perfect”, and I sought to “turn the other cheek” when personally threatened or abused for anything I may have said on-line. But what I’ll never tolerate is any of my innocent blog followers, or close associates being targeted, or hurt because of some spook, or gangster’s personal vendetta against me. I’ll publicly speak out against any such inhuman indiscriminate “collateral damage” behaviour – as is so often demonstrated by indoctrinated gangster military spook zombies! Such cowardly “collateral damage” bullshit can just rot to hell – so I’m calling all ye evildoers out! Come out and fight like a man, or like a transsexual, transhuman military cloned perverted freak pussy – whatever the case may be in your case. Let’s fight – right here, right now, man to man/woman to woman, face to face, anywhere, anytime, any place – that’s if you’ve still got the balls to fight without the constant need to run back and suckle on Soros’s tits!


I simply don’t know who to trust any more, and I know I can’t afford the luxury of “turning the other cheek” any longer. Dennis Cimino, you are absolutely right in what you say in your below e-mail, I have indeed acted foolishly in even bothering to communicate with obvious so-called ‘truther’ V.T. gangsters, but you were their military presstitute long before I ever was, if indeed I ever was one, which I believe not to be the case.  Now should I still knowingly be communicating with you, without prejudice, knowing your alleged dodgy history of U.S. military spookdom? I’ve always valued your feedback on the so-called “truth movement”. I’m fully aware that any normal, level-headed, Muslim would have devoted their time to religious study instead, but I figured “better the devil you know” in my interaction with ‘truthers’– as opposed to dealing with the general public’s silent, apathetic, complacent attitude, and the countless mindless Muslim “Uncle Tom” minions. I had faith that perhaps I could miraculously turn things around, walk on water and turn any V.T. evildoers into God-fearing Muslims – that’s how far away friggin’ delusional I was! I know that level of cognitive dissonance is just plain crazy – like engaging in some crazy Star Trek film dialogue: “I will go where no man has ever ventured before – into the heart of a black hole”.  “Why that’s crazy! Those who enter it never come out – stretching you from head to toe – death by black hole!” (See: The science and freakiness of black-hearted trolls in the 9/11 “Truth Movement”).


But at least such fearless “little miss goodie-two-shoes”, delusional wishful thinking, is slightly better than suffering from major psycho Orwellian double-think – as are certain Senior Editor V.T. staff – as they suck up to their murderous Wall Street wolf gangster puppet masters (i.e. Obama and Soros), but still they think they’re doing some good in the world! No greater, more serious case of delusional ‘double think’ thinking has ever been known to exist.   But what I don’t get, is why the Duffsters go to such great lengths to concoct an overly elaborate evil plan to eliminate their perceived enemies (in much the same way as Dr. Evil would do), when the Satanists preferred method of destroying humanity is to simply put fluorinated water in every home, and further slow kill them senseless with evermore teleprompter rhetoric from the “Lord of Flies” clone named President Obama? How many times did Obama kill Osama bin Laden (aka the CIA crony named Tim Osman)? We’ve lost count – but who cares anyway, when it’s only the V.T. presstitutes who hang on his every word.  Most sane people just run as far away as possible from such a fly infested devil.


Yeah Dennis, my musical satirical WordPress.com blog (based on the everyday shenanigans of the so-called “Truth Movement”), is still trying to put “lipstick on a pig”, but I’m now contemplating putting a warning notice on my blog too – to alert any reader that their reading of my critical posts about V.T., may seriously put them at risk of having Gordon’s gangster bitches appear on their doorstep, squirting their Soros shit everywhere on their nice clean grassy lawn. Don’t the Duffs realise that we all already know their game and what they’re about?  But for some mad, heroic reason, we still try to reform and divert such silly twats away from any eternal damnation/hellfire – due to their willfully ignorant sinfulness.  Talk about Duffsters biting the frickin’ hand that frickin’ feeds ’em!


Dennis Cimino, you’ve recently sent me an e-mail to say that you and Jim Fetzer, have privately spoken highly of me as a “lady”. You say:


“Jim Fetzer paid you a high compliment today.  You finally won him over.  He was unaware you were a lady, I filled him in that he should be more observant in writing style. You’re a good egg.  You do the right thing and some of us beat you up for it but this is a tough row to hoe here, we have so many infiltrators in the TRUTH movement that for lack of a better term, ….anyway, Fetzer laid praise at your feet and I had to agree.  Not because you are a lady, but because in some way you deserve at least recognition from some of us that it’s nice to have someone out there who is bright and has a heart. Too few here have either…” E-mailed to J.T. by Dennis Cimino on Thursday, 25 August, 2016


Well shucks, I’m speechless, thanks! I doubt I’ve ever heard such kind complements about me. My heart is melting. It’s good to know that not all nuke theory supporters think of all women as being mere “Maryland spanker whores” – like the sexist, chauvinistic pig Gordon Duff often does in his e-mails with slandering and abusive threats. But hell has no fury like a woman scorned, so all ya Duffsters all best be careful you don’t get “burned” now (‘burn’ is a typical intel term meaning the technique of counterintelligence against known shills) by a mere “lady” – you and your army of military bitches for Henry Kissinger and his “dumb stupid animal” minions alike! Bring it on – I’ll single handedly bring down all you cowardly turds! Put ‘em up! I’ll fight ya with one hand… I’ll fight ya with ma eyes closed, ‘cause I’m the king of the forest in your merry little land of Oz! I’d fairly fight with any man/woman face-to-face, any day, any time, any place – but you V.T. military presstitutes would rather just cowardly promote your drones, gangster spy ‘Lords of War’, guns ‘n’ shit to stalk and kill innocents worldwide. Evil cowards!  Yeah Duff, we all know you’ve got your ‘intel’ spy gangster whores in every corner of the globe, ’cause you boast about it all the time in your e-mails to rival truthers like Christopher Bollyn, but did it ever occur to you military freaks that the one thing you really need, in all your military arsenal, is a frickin’ backbone! Have you forgotten that it’s “We the People” you’re supposed to represent – the tax payers putting bread on your table? – I’m not taking about the so-called “little people” in Nigel Farage’s little bird brain, and sucking up to Donald Trump. I’m talking about real honest, straight-talking, heroic God-fearing giants, such as yours truly – even if I do humbly say so myself.


So all you V.T. military presstitutes, or ex-presstitutes – you can stuff your frickin’ “lady” nice words – just grow a frickin’ pair, and tell your fellow military spooks to stop snooping on members of the general public with your beady little spooky creepy eyes. Sorry, but I got out the wrong side of the bed and I ain’t in no frickin’ forgiving mood today! As the bat outta hell ‘Iron Lady’ Margaret Thatcher once said, “This here bitch lady ain’t for turning – so stop messin’ with the Iron Lady bitch, bitches!!”- Thatcher was just a phony bloodsucking insect (aka politician), but I’m the real deal “Iron Lady” – With some savvy on the “Iron Surah” of the Holy Qur’an, so I’ll never be a sell out to the Satanic enemy, ‘cause I’m in The Lord’s army! Yes Sir!


To the V.T. Duffsters who pretend to like Muslims but then viciously stab them in the back, and slander and defame them on a whim, I say this: Go to hell! Seriously, just do it! You know it’s what you deserve for knowingly and willingly seeking to harm Muslims just for them speaking out against your Zioturd delusions. I ain’t ever gonna sell my soul to the devil like some mad Jay Z Rockerfeller rapper gangsta – just ‘cause the demonically possessed Jay Z sings, “…it comes with a few toys and a McDonalds Happy Meal”. “Veterans Today” Duffsters should be grateful that I’m publicly calling them out, and publishing this open letter, thus helping to exorcise the many demons within them. Perhaps they may yet see the light of day, instead of perpetually wallowing like pigs in Soros’s zionistic crap – and don’t give me that bullshit that Soros hates Israel and is on the Muslim’s side. My big fat fragrant ass he is! Tell that to all the victims of his covert Zionistic fake “Arab Spring” – which was nothing more than Muslims being placed “out of the Arab dictators flying pan and into the Zionist’s hell-fuelled fire”. The so-called Arab Spring’s “liberty and freedom” has resulted in total bloody society breakdown and chaos, with such evil being spread throughout the Middle East – by mindless crazed militant puppets of the Zionist’s “Greater Israel” agenda. So, I for one, ain’t drinking the “Oh, Obama, Soros, Hilary, Frankenstein, Dracula, Hitler etc. are all really just good people, and Jade Helm is beautiful, just beautiful…” – the usual perpetual Duffster bullshit Kool-Aid mantra.


To Dr. Jim Fetzer and Dennis Cimino, I give my sincere thanks for your alleged recent ‘nice’ compliments spoken in my absence – I’m left to wonder what you both said about me alone between yourselves, but you don’t really know me at all, and you should know by now that I don’t pussyfoot around with anyone, regardless of any flattery, or whatever intel spook crap you may have on me – so thanks, but no thanks – Spare me the chivalry, I’m sure I’m not the first “lady” to walk the face of the Earth. Unlike V.T., I never censor, or block any honest feedback, no matter how critical of my personal opinions it is, so don’t do me any gentleman-like favours by withholding your opinions.  I know I’m not perfect and I may change.  So please openly speak your mind, and if you’ve got something to say, then say it directly to my face, otherwise just stick your Tom Jones “whoa, whoa, whoa, she’s a lady…” singing act where the sun don’t shine! I’m not in this ‘truther’ game just to have my ego inflated by former V.T. Duffsters – ’cause this here Calamity Jane is purifying your brain, throwing you on the Peace Train, freeing you from the insane, and I ain’t ever gonna wane or be tame, ‘cause ma name’s fame, washing away wickedness like merciful rain – with Yusuf Islam (aka Cat Stevens) singing: “Peace train sounding louder, ride on the peace train…Come on peace train!” And another thing (whilst I’m still having this mini rant), I’ve got better things to do than to waste my precious time trying to cure the sick/troubled minds of  ‘truthers’ everywhere – with the soothing sound of music as expressed so wisely and majestically on most of my blog postings. “Don’t you wish your girlfriend was a freak like me? Don’t you!”- That’s a line from a pop song by the way.  And to paraphrase Michael Jackson’s lyrics, “Dangerous, this girl is so dangerous. Take away ma money, throw away ma time, you can call me “lady” but you know damn well I ain’t ever gonna be a presstitute! Get the point? Good! Let’s dance!” But I’m sure ya all don’t wanna dance with a dancing Kali diva now do ya? So ya all best just be stickin’ to doing what the U.S. military is actually supposed to be doing – which is actually arresting real war-mongering criminals – ’cause dirty Larry Silverstein is just begging to be arrested by a military Duff wearing tight hot pants – read his public confession here: https://truthermusical.wordpress.com/2016/03/13/confessions-of-a-neocon-cockroach/


Best wishes,


NB – Note to self : V.T. staff/ex-staff should fight/debate like real men/women – not like cowardly pussies dancing with the devil, on a hot tin roof, in the pale moon light!


A message from Dennis Cimino sent to “Jahilliya Times” (J.T.) regarding this “Truther Musical” blog, and the current state of the ‘Truther Movement’, in a group ‘truther’ e-mail on Monday, August 22, 2016:


“…get something straight JT, many on this list are NOT bona fide truth people.  They are here to deceive, and I am not in that group, but I have no tolerance for those who are indeed called out, and I want to tell you something, your ‘sing cumbaya’ and ‘make nice’ line is getting old now, because that doesn’t cut it for me, to give and and comfort to the ‘enemy’ or in this case with some of these turds, the ‘enema’s’ is a bad idea.

The ones called out in my article are snakes, and in my turf, you cut the head off of those if they’re deadly and a threat to you or your horse.  With regard to allowing these snakes to slither amongst us and continue to snick out their lying tongues and deceive us further, that’s just absolutely WRONG and not going to happen with me if I can help it.

Sayanim never rest. Do not cajole and comfort them.  Call them out, expose them, and never ever surrender to them.  Discussions with vermin and liars is a bad idea, JT.  you whore yourself if you do it, and you whore the rest of us pimping us to do it too.  I won’t. Please.” – Dennis Cimino


And Dennis “expose the doers of wickedness” I have always sought to do – like with this open letter to you. And also many, many times before, throughout countless precious years, but even if we make a song and dance about it, who’s really listening anyway, and actually willing to do anything about it? No-one, as yet, it seems!  The real 9/11 criminals are still partying even after all these years!




Dennis Cimino currently believes no real planes were used on 9/11:






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