Dirty Larry still longs to be Gordon Duff’s hostage

larry silverstein


Jahilliya Times – Satirical News Report:


Dirty Larry (aka Larry Silverstein) – one of the most notorious criminal Zionist masterminds of the 9/11 Crime of the Millennium, is still reluctantly a free man. For his role in the blatant 9/11 false-flag crime, he secretly longs to be made hostage (put in jail) by hardened military men with tight pants on. Therefore, in addition to having “pulled” Building 7 on 9/11 (by controlled demolition), he’s now pulling away all obstacles preventing him from having his wicked way again with law enforcement officials. His secret sadistic fetish fantasy is to have some ‘macho/psycho’ military guy – i.e. Gordon Duff of “Veterans Today”, put on his high black leather boots, a shiny five-pointed star badge with big shiny helmet, then administer him with some kinky rough ‘justice’ medicine to cure his blackened heart – Dirty Larry would even pay top dollar to be held hostage by Gordon Duff and his Maryland spanker presstitutes at “Veterans Today”. Unfortunately for Larry, even his open public confession for his part in the 9/11 crime, isn’t enough to sway the military, or police to give into his demands. The U.S. military and police force obviously have much better things to do than to arrest hardened Zionist criminals – like showing some poor/disadvantaged persons just how much their sorry Black Lives Matter, or pandering to demon possessed President Obama and his Zionist handler George Soros. However, Tony Rooke and his close British police buddies have shown a slight interest in jailing Dirty Larry, but U.S. law enforcement bodies aren’t yet interested in his arrest – at least, perhaps, not until they can find the most appropriate hot pants to wear before they can spring into action. Dirty Larry often sings Sia’s song “Hostage” hoping that police will finally arrest, handcuff and jail him for his blatant 9/11 crimes. Only time will tell if the police/military will finally be swayed into action – to fight a real, hardened, in-your-face criminal like Dirty Larry – as opposed to just pussyfooting around them, and then taking out their cowardly anger on some unfortunate old granny somewhere instead.


Ever since Dirty Larry’s very public confession of his 9/11 criminal act, many are now wondering if the main reason for his crime was purely because he desired a good ole kinky spanking (the sort Gordon Duff likes with his Maryland spankers) above all else – and not just because he stood to profit billions in insurance money for WTC Building 7 – as the asbestos riddled WTC buildings were all heavily insured against any terror attack, particularly those coming from a dying old man living in an Afghanistan cave – because no-one, and we mean no-one, would ever have predicted that a dying man in a cave somewhere could completely disable the superior/mighty power of the U.S. military defence force. Perhaps military professionals are turning a blind eye to his misdeeds, because they like to believe that they still have some sex-appeal when wearing their tight pants, and sexy police uniforms – basking in the knowledge that, at least, Dirty Larry secretly desires their rough ‘love’. Dirty Larry is often heard singing out loud the Madonna song “Justify My Love” when he walks past any police station, and yelling through the windows: “Have you got your tight pants on? I got my tight pants on. Yeah baby, groovy!” – Just like a shag obsessed Austin Powers on steroids.


Whilst religious leaders debate whether or not Dirty Larry should be given mankind’s justice, or left to account for his misdeeds in full in the more severe punishment of the hereafter, Hollywood producers are rushing to finish a film sequel to their comedy film “The Other Guys” – a true story about how U.S. police and military personnel have all turned into cowardly “paper-bitches” – filing away such paper bitch disinfo crap as the 9/11 Commission Report, whilst letting Dirty Larry and his fellow criminal cronies all roam free. Gordon Duff will be crowned Miss World Transsexual/Transhuman Paper-bitch Drag Queen, of all time – for his role in being a complete and utter total paper-bitch at “Veterans Today”, for all his paper-bitch army paper filing work – whilst pretending to be on the battlefield actively fighting during the Vietnam war, and for being a total CIA paper-bitch at the Libya desk for 20 years!

“The Other Guys” – Police paper-bitching film clip:



Sia “Hostage” song lyrics: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFnjbgRx-OY


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