9/11 Truth Movement celebrates Muslim women’s new French fashion style!

Jahilliya Times – Breaking News:

9/11 Truth Movement celebrates Muslim women’s new French fashion style!


Due to increasing islamophobia in the West, French Muslim women have discovered a new novel way of dressing modestly – to avoid French police chasing after them for wearing their traditional Burkas in public, or their Burkinis on the beach:

Behold the new “Lady in Red” French Muslim dress style:


Red Itt

This new fashion style replaces the usual black hijab, or abiyah dress – as often traditionally worn by many women in the Middle East, and is hailed as the height of fashion now in the Muslim world. Dark red or burgundy is the new black! It involves women growing their hair ridiculously long and thick – so as to cover their entire face and body, then colouring it deep red with henna (or if they can’t grow their own hair ridiculously thick and long, then they can wear a similar style hair wig instead). Many hope that the French won’t introduce any more of their draconian laws (dictating what women can or cannot wear) to ban this new Muslim dress style. Consequently, Saudi Arabian royalty (the alleged fearless defenders of the Muslim faith) are biting their nails in fear – worrying that this new Muslim ‘long-haired fashion style’ might also one day be banned in Europe. U.A.E. government officials are fast drawing up contingency plans just in case, and are currently engaging in worldwide diplomatic talks to ensure women can at least keep their hair on – if they’re stripped naked from wearing anything else by draconian European laws. Nevertheless, prominent figures within the “9/11 Truth Movement” are now delighted that the never-ending, notoriously named “Burkini Battle” diplomatic mess is finally being resolved – so we can all now move on to the more important issue of solving the 9/11 false-flag Crime of the Millennium – without the constant need to look up ladies skirts like some shag obsessed “International Man of Mystery” going by the name Austin Powers! Many ‘truthers’ are also calling for Muslims and non-Muslims everywhere to stop being so damn fashion obsessed all the time, and instead focus on being more active in the 9/11 truth movement.


Pop star Madonna is considering wearing the new Muslim dress whilst singing her hit song “No-body Knows Me” – because acting like a modest Muslim, or a Catholic nun is fast becoming a fashion trend – ever since the song “What It Feels Like For A Muslim” hit the Top Ten in the Music Pop Charts. Many other pop queens are also becoming increasingly tired of acting like total illuminati sluts for the élite. In particular, pop star Sia (who has always tried to hide her face and act more modestly by wearing a face covering hair wig – within the predominantly more explicit and perverse Music industry), is also looking to wear the new Muslim fashion dress – but she seeks to retain her usual Freemasonic black/white duality inspired hair style. Her unique Muslim dress style will be named Siaitt – which draws inspiration from Sia’s usual hair style, alongside the style of that of the creature named “Itt” (a character from The Addams Family), and will be used to further promote her song entitled “Dressed In Black”. However, some people are still moaning (with their heavy French accents): “What is this “Siaitt” new fashion style? Oo la la! The siaitt has really hit the fan now, has it not?!”


Out with the old and in with the new – Sia’s unique Siaitt dress style – particularly for Shiite or Sunni Muslim women in France – and can also be worn in any sunny or shite weather!:


Sia Itt


Sia’s song “Dressed in black“:



Madonna’s Music video song “Nobody Knows Me” :

“Nobody knows me… I don’t need your social decease!”

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