The 9/11 truth-telling “Weapon of Choice”


Regarding Dr. Jim Fetzer’s view that holograms were used on 9/11, Steve De’ak asks: “Would not the missiles be mediums that would disrupt the hologram effect?”


Dennis Cimino (an experienced pilot for 9/11 truth) answers Steve’s above question as follows:


Well, CM’s (Cruise Missiles) fly at pretty high speeds, in the realm down low of about 500 kts or so, which by the way means that the time they would be observable – as they are relatively small and hard to spot on a bright day without a contrasting surface above them, is very short.  So CM’s would be the least likely platform you’d want to use for illumination or projection of a hologram, or for that matter, a target to be projected onto.

What I think really happened is that no holograms happened, but they could have if there were a projector plane in the air flying a parallel track to the projection points.  Having said that, someone would have seen them.  But one thing people forget is that high above NYC just like at Arlington, was the Boeing E-4B doomsday plane, which very well could have projected a hologram as it flew a ‘hold’ pattern (racetrack) up high in the sky over NYC.  Few people mention that there were ‘3’ of them in use that day, one over Arlington in a hold, one over NYC, and one out over the W. VA radar ‘hole’ turnaround point.  But they were there, and they do not show up on RADES 84 data when they all should show up on it.


Anyway, as I have stated a number of times, NYC was moderately evacuated on 9/11/2001 compared to how busy it normally is.  It’s like someone issued an evacuation order the day before, for so few to be out in the streets.  This is highly irregular for a business day.  Nobody really addresses this.  But it doesn’t make sense.

With ‘fewer’ persons available to maybe capture sound and video on their own, it gave MSM a very good advantage, propaganda wise, to use their fake imagery as the real deal when it was all fake CGI shit.


I put less credence on real holograms than I do of CM’s, and absolutely zero probability of aircraft flying the parallel tracks or moderately ‘non moving in relation to’ tracks that would be necessary to keep a hologram in place. After careful study of the size proportions of the planes in the NYC skies, they too are ‘wrong’ and do not make it.  Take a good look at them, and compare their size to the towers when close in.  They are just not the right size, close, but still wrong.  And way too dark.  On a day like that, they’d be easy to distinguish the color schemes on but they are not because they are fakery.


With a brightness index what it was that day, the grey and blue UA colors would be easy to see, as would the AA silver with blue and white and red stripes of their plane.  All we get is dark shit that has no color scheme at all.  That’s not reality.

Anyway, maybe De’ak is trying to do real science here but I won’t really attack him much now because I think he’s maybe just trying to do something good for himself by playing a part but the puzzle is solved.  There were no planes.  They weren’t scheduled in two occasions, and all ‘4’ of the alleged aircraft destroyed remained in the F.A.A. registration database long after the event, for over 4 years, which is also very wrong, they’d been stricken within no more than a month of 9/11.  It took the F.A.A. that long to catch on and decide to expunge them but in real life the planes still exist somewhere.  They weren’t destroyed.

The issue we face just like the fake MOON stuff is that people won’t accept they got lied to – to this degree.  They just cannot handle it.  They won’t ever admit they got rooked. Sadly, their stupid unfounded pride gets into the way, their jingoism kicks in…

Anyway, tell De’ak that CM’s make noise.  Even if you didn’t see one, you’d hear it. And I don’t think I can substantiate them because not enough ear witnesses heard shit that day.  Not the low growl of the high bypass fans on big jets, nor the high screech of turbofans on CM’s.  And no solid rocket motor sounds either reported.

On 9/11, nothing was in the air over NYC except the E-4B up high in it’s hold pattern…coordinating it all and observing it all.  The USSA won’t ever come clean as to why three were in the air that day, in the places I stated.  Why?  For what?

For Amalgam Virgo?  No, they didn’t need them for that shit.

They were the de-facto command and control of the whole ruse.  And rumor has it, under Israeli air force officers control.” – d.c. [Dennis Cimino]

fake plane 911


‘Evil’ and ‘Good’ will never be one and the same thing. We can’t use the tools of evil to bring good into the world. Gordon Duff and his V.T. minions can’t love the Zionistic war-mongering George Soros, along with their unprecedented use of Orwellian double-think – “war is peace”, “freedom is slavery”, or “JADE HELM is good” mantra, and still fight the good fight. All those who now continually refuse to engage in logical, impartial debate, are only exposing themselves as hardened “intellectual presstitutes” – COINTELPRO enemies of real truth seekers everywhere, and hindering the progress of the 9/11 Truth Movement. As Dennis Cimino states:


“…[as divided ‘truthers’] we may reach some sheeple but we’re mostly preaching to the choir with truth because those who are awake are going to be till they die, and the rest, well…they’re in their sarcophagus, dreaming the MATRIX dream, playing their silly cell phone games.”


For the truth movement to move on, the following needs to be done:


We must all agree on where we all most agree, and agree to disagree – without petty name-calling, or making threats of physical violence etc. We must now use our consensus of solid undisputed evidence to bring the criminals to account. It may be safe to assume that after all these years – a decade and a half – if we don’t yet know, or can’t agree on what exactly caused the towers to collapse (i.e. Directed Energy Weapons, nukes, missiles, nukes, nano-thermite, CGI etc.), then we’ll probably never know. Or why don’t we just agree that the evidence suggests that all the weapons were used in combination – so why the need for any ‘truther’ rivalry? It doesn’t necessarily have to be purely one weapon or the other, if there’s enough evidence to suggest otherwise. Our focus should be on ending the fake “war on terror” – born from 9/11 anti-Muslim propaganda. A false-flag is still a false flag regardless of the type of weapon(s) used.


Steve De’ak states:

Something cut the steel at the WTC, what was it?  The evidence indicates physical impacts from small projectiles at lateral trajectories, NOT a head-on impact from a large projectile, therefore even IF a jet-sized hologram could be projected on thin air in broad daylight (they can’t), it wouldn’t have masked whatever actually did cut the hole anyway.

Logic may not be my strong suit but I can’t help but wonder why bother with a hologram that wouldn’t have masked the missiles anyway?  Logically and PRACTICALLY speaking, even if jet-sized holograms could be projected onto thin air in broad daylight, WHY would anyone think they could be projected on top of a physical object or objects such as cruise missiles thereby cloaking the missiles?!! Would not the missiles be mediums that would disrupt the hologram effect?


From a purely logical point of view, the layperson reasons that a hologram can easily merge with a missile to give the illusion of a real plane strike.  Holograms (just like Directed Energy Weapons and Nuclear Weapons etc.) are mysterious objects for the Average Joe, so the layperson has to have blind faith in their existence.  If we start with the premise that such mythical weapons can exist in reality, then anything is possible.  The argument then becomes, “Which weapon will the layperson take more fancy to?” Will it be the DEW of Judy Wood – because Judy is a “lady” and is sweet and nice like sugar and spice, or will it be the manly man’s weapon of hardened military men like Gordon Duff?  – Even though he keeps changing his story about where the nukes were used  worldwide – i.e. he says they were also used on 7/7 in London, in Paris etc.  Apparently nuke radiation doesn’t make people instantly drop dead like flies in some places like it does in Fukushima.  Simon Shack is not convinced nukes even exist at all.  Reasoning that such WMD (weapons of mass destruction) are unnecessary when illusions are cheaper to use to deceive the masses.  Why have a real hologram/missile/ nuke weapon/ nanothermite/ shockwaves etc. when it is easy/cheaper just to use green screen movie technology/CGI to do the job?


Logic clearly dictates that Simon Shack has the stronger argument – from the point of view of the criminals trying to save money and do their criminal act cheaply.  But green screen CGI technology needs some form of realism, so perhaps a combination of weapons were used just to create more confusion and delay the criminal investigation.  Anyway, who really cares what weapons were used to do such a dirty deed – one or all of them, it don’t matter – a blatant false-flag is still a false-flag!  So can we all just stick to one “truther” story and get on with the job of arresting the criminals, and stopping the war propaganda for real?!


And what does it all matter anyway when the illuminati can use cloning technology to replace real “truthers” with fake ones?  There is a strong possibility that many so-called ‘truthers’ have been cloned – as Jim Fetzer says, “If they can do it with The Beatles (Paul McCartney), then they can do it to anyone.”  Perhaps Ian Greenhalgh has been cloned  – ’cause he used to hate George Soros but now he loves him.  One wonders if: Gordon Duff got cloned when he spilled the beans about his 40-60% V.T. disinformation.  Simon Shack got cloned when he couldn’t speak in a British accent with his heavy Italian accent and when he started posing butt naked on his window sill, and couldn’t sing any more Tavistock Institute songs like “changes” inspired by David Bowie .  Kevin Barrett got cloned when he refused to promote the U.N. spiritual luciferian agenda and Allen Roland’s toxic, pagan crap with the pan-Christian “Unified Field” New Age theory – which is the belief, “I am God, merge and co-create with us in a unified field of cosmic love” – based on Aliester Crowley’s psycho turd eating philosophy. Professor Jim Al Khalili got cloned when he refused to help the illuminati bring in more demons from the great CERN “Mother of All false-flags” machine, and when he gave back his OBE in protest at his Iraqi country being turned into a depleted uranium parking lot. David Griscom got cloned when he realised that the moon rocks he was studying actually came from Planet Mars. Edward Snowden got cloned when he realised that little underground green men from planet CaCa were feeding Gordon Duff and his minions total horse shit.  Steve De’ak got cloned just ’cause he is really, really ridiculously good-looking – like the movie star Zoolander perhaps? Go figure!


The “False-Flag” weapon was the ultimate “weapon of choice” for the 9/11 criminal masterminds – to unleash their hell on Earth! They must now be stopped! Let’s not let our differences cloud our judgement, and distract us from our ultimate goal of ending the warmongering, and bringing peace into the world. We (in the so-called “truth movement”) have procrastinated long enough! It’s high time now that we kick some ass! Dirty Larry – we’re coming to get you – you perverted zioturd slime-sucking cockroach – come out, come out wherever you are – you can run but you can’t hide beneath that rock forever! Because even Ian Greenhalgh (the Military Affairs Expert at “Veterans Today”) is beginning to realise that we don’t all just have to drop down dead and do nothing – because of a pessimistic view that “all the big guns are on the side of evil”, but that we can instead look forward to much brighter, better days – God willing. With the hope that comes with tomorrow and the dawn of a bright new day – as the song goes: “The sun’ll come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow they’ll be sun. Just thinking about tomorrow clears the cobwebs and the sorrow. Till there’s none. When I’m stuck with a day that’s grey and lonely, I just stick out my chin and grin and say: Oh the sun will come out tomorrow, so you gotta hang on till tomorrow, come what may. Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love ya Tomorrow. You’re always a day away.”


sheeple“Walk without rhythm and it won’t attract the world. If you walk without rhythm you never learn. You can go with this, or you can go with that. You can go with this, or you can go with that…” [or you can just wake the hell up and stop being such a mindless sheeple!]


Music Video by Fatboy Slim “Weapon of Choice“:


The Cranberries – Music video song “Tomorrow”:

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