Gordon Duff loves cheap shills!

In a recent group e-mail exchange, Gordon Duff rebuked Steve De’ak for being a “9/11 grandpa truther”, an Israeli shill, and he questioned his motives for 9/11 truth Crash Test project fundraising.   Duff also dismisses Steve’s 9/11 evidence offhand and so the following e-mail was sent in reply to Duff’s false accusations:


Dear Gordon et al,

Steve (and many on this e-mail list) have finally come to our senses – we want to smile and be happy and be good little V.T. duffsters too – just like the rest of the mind-controlled V.T. staff.  You may have heard that recently a film trailer was produced entirely by AI (Artificial Intelligence) to promote an upcoming film.  We contacted the film’s producers and requested if they could program their AI computer to come up with a draft C.V. for Steve De’ak – because Duff you had asked him to send you his C.V. – for you to be able to review his 9/11 evidence.  The following is what the AI computer came up with – based on its collection of data of what currently makes an ideal employee of “Veterans Today”:


C.V. Advice for Steve De’ak – if seeking a job with “Veterans Today”:


Points to include in any CV to be sent to Gordon Duff:


  • I am willing to suck up to George Soros and cry like a twat – publicly on radio – crying that he may whack me if I don’t speak at least 40% bullshit with my V.T. presstitution.
  • I am an experienced and qualified “Military Affairs Expert” – in other words I know sod all about the military but I admire the “Texas-sized balls” of deceased military men like George S. Patton – in much the same way that Ian Greenhalgh boasts that he does – in his article “A Call to Arms”.  Like Ian, I too can act the complete spineless jellyfish and tell all V.T. readers to admire dead men’s balls and do nothing because “all the big guns are on the side of evil”, and so give no hope or inspiration whatsoever to readers to rebel against tyranny, or grow a backbone to fight the good fight.
  • I am willing to mindlessly accept anything coming from Edward Snowden – even his belief in underground green little men, or ET folk without any supporting evidence at all – because Snowden has fluffy white snowy hair and like Father Christmas he can’t ever tell a lie.  I too wish to be a snowy Elf and wear green tight pants on – just like Gordon Duff does in his V.T office with his fellow tight pants wearing presstitutes – to attract the attention of Dirty Larry (aka Larry Silverstein) . Dirty Larry is begging to be arrested by the “macho military” – who he lustfully longs to be made hostage with  –  but the military is keeping him in lustful suspense by wearing tight pants all day long – as punishment for Larry’s role on 9/11 – i.e. his bragging about “pulling” Building 7
  • I am willing to point any blame on Israel because everyone hates Israel – even Henry Kissinger says the little shitty country shouldn’t exist in ten years time.  Israel is a convenient scapegoat for the mindless apathy and complacency of all world leaders to the 9/11 crime. I will also point the blame entirely at Saudi Arabia if no-one buys the “Israel did it” mime, and will practically eat the classified “28 Pages” of the 9/11 Commission Report to strengthen my resolve in doing so.
  • Most importantly, I am willing to confuse many human souls by the U.N’s luciferian religion and encourage people to believe they are Gods – merging and co-creating in a “unified field” of cosmic love.  In this way they will learn not to feel any guilt or be scared that God will send them to hell for being such mindless mass-murdering military twats. Thus, I will be close friends with Kevin Barrett and Allen Roland in this luciferian “Spiritual U.N.” endeavour.
  • I am willing to sabotage any truther e-mail threads to ensure that the Muslims on the mailing list don’t reply – but continue to be CIA prats and label “truthers” as being “Conspiracy Theorists” – against the sound advice of Paul Craig Roberts.  Adbal-Hakim Murad might then love me for this and offer me a job as a presstitute for the BBC – writing articles to defame Truthers as nutty moon-landing sceptic “conspiracy theorists”, whilst singing his favourite Sia song “Chandelier”.
  • I am willing to keep guinea pigs in cages and fatten them up and compare them to humans – in much the same way that Duff likes to do in his spare time.  I shall put the guinea pig videos on YouTube so people might think that I’m just a naïve little man – and not a “Lord of War” – just like Duff does – so Duff and I can have something in common to talk about when we are avoiding any real solid evidence about 9/11.
  • I shall work for free at “Veterans Today” because we all know how Duff just loves his “cheap shills”.  I would like to do a threesome dance with Duff, Allen and I together – to sing a parody of Sia’s freemasonic music video song “Cheap Thrills”.  Our version will be entitled “Cheap Shills” instead, and we’ll do all the freemasonic ‘666’ hand gestures in the music video too – just like how Maddie does with her two fellow black/white wig wearing, and tight pants wearing dancers do – to promote the luciferian satanic, black/white duality, perverted freemasonic agenda.  Singing: “I don’t need dollar bills to have fun tonight. I love cheap shills!”
  • I shall maintain an irrational hatred for the elderly “9/11 truther” and constantly bash them as being mere “9/11 truther grannies” whenever I feel like it.
  • Willing to do anything George Soros and his fellow Zionist cronies tell me.



The above is not an exhaustive list of my talents, but you get the point – don’t you?  Please consider me for the role of “U.S. Military Affairs Expert” at V.T. – because, let’s face it, I can’t ever be as bad as Ian G.!  Ever!  I will be a useful dogsbody addition to your ‘truther’ V.T. presstitute team, and I have already bought my tight green hot pants too!  So I should fit in like a dream come true.  Hire me!  Go on, ya all know ya want to!


The above C.V. advice was completely generated by Artificial Intelligence (AI) computer and is therefore entirely accurate, unbiased, and up-to-date and relevant to the needs of V.T employers seeking new staff.


Sia”s Freemasonic inspired music video:



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