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..and the truth shall set you free!



Albert Einstein hated the Big Bang theory – he said it was an “ugly” theory and preferred to hold on to his view that the Universe was constant and everlasting (his “cosmological constant” theory of the universe). That was until a humble clergyman convinced him that the universe was indeed expanding, and thus it had a beginning and an end. Perhaps the clergyman (George Le Metra – a Belgium cleric) was aware of the teachings of the Holy Qur’an – which seem to support the Big Bang scientific theory. Einstein was eventually forced to endorse the Big Bang theory – when new scientific discoveries were made – such as the Hubble Telescope. Professor Jim Al Khalili speaks about this in his BBC documentary The Beginning And The End Of The Universe”:



Prof Jim Al-Khalili tackles the biggest subject of all, the universe, through a series of critical observations and experiments that revolutionised our understanding of our world.




The path to true enlightenment is often a difficult one because it involves stripping away all our long-standing prejudices, our pride and perhaps an over-inflated ego too. Stephen Phillips states:

“But men of principle will be ready (and obliged, surely?) to defend their hard-won knowledge and convictions against all adversity, in a manner befitting the serious nature of the subject matter” – Stephen Phillips


However, we should also add that men/women of principle would always endeavour to have the humility and dignity to admit when they may have been “wrong” – because if even Albert Einstein can be humbled by a mere clergyman, then surely everyone should be prepared to publicly admit their mistakes. The worst thing a person can do is go to their graves having told the world a monstrous Big Lie – after deluding oneself that it was all for the “greater good” or that the Big Lie was just “truth’s protective layers”. Lies – no matter how big or small, can never be justified. Every baby that is born into this world is born with 100% truth. Lies and liars are none but the scum of the universe!


candle-animated-gif-4It is now 15 years since the 9/11 Big Lie was told to the world. Very few people spoke out against it. The world has fallen into a big black hole and it will take men/women of great principle, faith and courage to finally bring it out into the light of truth, and thus put an end to the never-ending world wars born from such a monstrous Big Lie.

David Griscom has built up quite a reputation amongst ‘truthers’ as being someone who likes to brag about his academic qualifications. Dr. Kevin Barrett once gave Dr. David Griscom prize money because no-one from the academic community was prepared to debate him about 9/11 truth. So David won the debate by default! However, Steve De’ak has since challenged David to a public debate to prove that his “shockwave” scientific theory can withstand public scrutiny. As a layperson, Steve believes he can easily debunk David’s shockwave theory, but David is yet to take up Steve’s offer of a public debate. David feels that it’s only worthwhile to debate someone with equal or similar academic qualifications. Therefore, we recently e-mailed Prof. Jim Al-Khalili to ask if he’d like to debate Dr. David Griscom but he is yet to respond. Perhaps because Jim is just far too busy promoting the infamous “mother of all false-flags” – CERN!

The e-mail exchange below illustrates each argument put forward by Steve and David – to support their independent scientific theories and their willingness (or otherwise) to engage in public debate:


 Steve De’ak says to David Griscom:  


“If you believed what you say you’d humiliate me in public,  but we both know that you can’t face getting your ass handed to you by a no-name, independent researcher without standing or credentials, like me.  What cut the plane-shaped hole?  I challenge you to a public debate, Doc.  Name your venue…

Prove it.  In public.  I will be your crash test dummy to embarrass with and to be dazzled by your brilliance, thereby putting a permanent end to any more competition between evidence-based missiles and faith-based shockwaves.  Come on, you’ll love it.” – Steve


David Griscom replies to Steve De’ak as follows:


“You are lucky, because I’m going to prove it to you in private.

 It is evident to me that you have never gone to the internet to learn the safe speed of an all-aluminum airliner as a function of altitude.  If you had, you would have found out that only above 30,000 feet can such a plane fly as fast as 575 mph (like the plane that hit the south tower).  However, as such an all-aluminum plane gets lower and lower it has to slow down accordingly or risk disintegrating in midair.

Now the (apparent) 767 that hit the south tower was flying near the ground at 575 mph.  Knowing what I have just told you above, any thinking person who has done his homework (i.e., above) would deduce that that the plane that hit the south tower had to have been strengthened with steel.

What I told you above is an issue dealing solely with the strength of material.  It has nothing to do with shock waves …except if you should be wondering why the plane didn’t fall apart once it touched the building. 

The answer to that is that only shock waves could cause that.  And shock waves only occur when the speed of collision is faster than the speed of sound in the materials struck.  And the speeds of sound in both aluminum and steel are much, much faster that 575 mph.  So when everyone saw that plane entering the building without slowing down, it was to be expected. 

Of course, the steel in the reinforced plane caused the hole in the steel facade of the building.

What is not to be expected is someone apparently without a college diploma thinking he is as smart as a Ph.D. physicist. N.B, I don’t look down on people without degrees …except when they fool themselves into thinking that they know nearly as much as I do.” – David


We hope that David Griscom will eventually be a ‘good sport’ and engage with Steve De’ak in a public debate. Perhaps it might then also encourage more people from the scientific academic community to speak out too, and finally challenge David’s “9/11 truther” shockwave theory. In the meantime, we dedicate the following song (a parody) to David:


LoadsaPh.D. (Doin’ up the House) Lyrics:

David Griscom


Oi You!! Shut your mouth and Look at my wad!


This is a Journey into Ph.D…. Loads of Ph.D!

My name, My name, My name

Is LoadsaPh.D.

L-O-D-S OF Ph.D.

What does that spell?



Made a right load of petish in knolla this weekend

Right lads, wads out for the Ladies!


Ph.D., Ph.D., Ph.D.!


Ph.D., Ph.D., Ph.D.!

Right, whop it out

Wella loadsaPh.D.

Whop it out! (echo)

Whaaa loadsaPh.D.

Whaaa loadsaPh.D.

Good Evening and

Welcome to Loads of Ph.D.

D-D-Doin up the house is my bread and butter

Me shockwave theory is great and Steve’s a nutter

LoadsaPh.D. is a shout I utter, as I wave my wad to the geezers in the gutter


Steve D

On your bike

This is– This is an-

This is– This is an in-

This is– This is an- thi-

This is an insult to our intelligence


Nurse, I’m gonna attend to the LoadsaPh.D….

He’s got too much Ph.D.

(The ransom demand is 1 million dollars)


I make more than that in me day

Prob’ly, I got more Ph.D. than Judy Wood, Richard Gage, & Jim Fetzer put together

(Do up the house)

Ph.D. makes the world go around

Ph.D. makes the world go around

All this scratchin’ is makin’ me rich!

Ph.D. makes the world go around

All this scratchin’ is makin’ me rich!

Ph.D. makes the world go around

Are you ready?

Yeah! (3x)

Right! Lets do up the house!

Bosh Bosh shoom shoom wallop DOSH (x6)

Whop your Wad, Whop your Wad

Whop your Wad on the counter (x2)

Whop your Wad, on the counter (X2)

These boys certainly know how to do up the house

And they’re taking home a pretty tidy paypacket in too!


So the final score

Manchester United: Nil

Loadsa Ph.D. United: LOADS

Now that’s a final score there

Pump up the football

Pump up the football

Hey! Check this out!

Sorry mate, don’t take checks

Ahh, Just loads of Ph.D.

Sing a song of six pence a pocket full of dosh

Debo debo debo debo Bosh Bosh Bosh

Sing a song of six pence a pocket full of dosh

Debo debo debo debo Bosh Bosh Bosh

Sing a song of six pence a pocket full of dosh




The above lyrics are modified from the original song – About “Loadsamoney (Doin’ up the House)”

Loadsamoney was a comedy character created by British comedian Harry Enfield in the 1980s to spoof the attitudes of Thatcher-era Britain. He was a rich, loud, and obnoxious plasterer with a cockney accent and a wad of cash in his hand at all times. His catchphrases included “LOADSAMONEY” and “SHUT YOUR MOUTH”.

“Doin’ up the House” was a novelty pop song released in 1988. The song features Enfield singing/rapping in character as Loadsamoney, and the song parodies the electronic pop music of the time.

The production work was done by William Orbit (credited here as Krunch Groove), who would go on to do production work for Madonna, among others. The song makes heavy use of sampling, and in the spirit of Loadsamoney, samples mostly from songs relating to money. The beat is mostly derived from Barrett Strong’s “Money (That’s What I Want)”, and whosampled.com attributes the horn sample to “Big Spender” by Peggy Lee.

Loadsamoney would go on to be a pop-culture icon, and Harry Enfield would kill him off later when he found that people were identifying with Loadsamoney rather than looking at him than a parody.

Recently, the song, character, and video have undergone a surge in popularity thanks to the video game Killing Floor, which contains several references to Loadsamoney, including featuring a likeness of him as a player character named Harold Lott.

And because there’s nowhere else to really discuss this: The B-side of this record is a track called “The B-Side”, where Loadsamoney discusses how he has to record a B-side for the record, and then records one on the spot so that he can get paid “loads of money” for both sides of the record instead of just one side.



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