Shockwaves Verses Fake Planes

Dr. Morgan Reynolds explains in the following video T.V. fakery on 9/11:


The following YouTube video by Dr. Abraham Hafiz Rodriguez also explains how the plane that hit the Twin Tower on 9/11 was faked:



Despite the above evidence, Dr. David Griscom doesn’t believe the planes were faked and he offers his scientific view as follows:


“Let me start off by assuring you that I am a physicist, not an engineer, and therefore I should not be put together with Richard Gage et al., who know all about the “theory” of sizing of beams and girders during their formation (if my French-English dictionaries gave me the right meanings).

Now as my PHYSICIST self, I wish to state that the hundreds of videos and still cameras that caught the 9/11 attacks from all directions COULD NOT HAVE BEEN FAKED!. This means that your starting hypothesis (less than a theory) has to be wrong. However, it also requires me to provide the right answers. There are two major ones, both dealing with the modified Boeing 767 flying low and striking the South Tower.

First, there is the fact known by all jetliner pilots, i.e., all pilots of all-aluminum aircraft know that they can only fly at 575 mph above 30,000 feet. If they were to descend without reducing their speed their plane would soon disintegrate. The closer to the ground the greater the danger.

Now everybody knows that the modified Boeing 767 flew low for at least a few minutes before striking the South Tower at altitudes not far above, and part way down, the height of South Tower …without disintegrating.

Therefore, that plane could not have been constructed solely of aluminum. (QED)

So how did the perps manage to make it fly so low without disintegrating?

Simple. They reinforced it with a sufficient amount of steel.

How did they determine what was sufficient!

Simple. They tried and crashed several mothball 767s picked from the monster USAF out-of-commission-aircraft area in Tucson, AZ. And there is plenty of desert nearby where no one would see them testing. They would have had at least a decade to produce the final 9/11 product …given that I was an eye witness to a trial attack on Pentagon about 12 years before 9/11.

Note that, with a steel-reinforced aircraft, STEEL AGAINST STEEL would occur when it hit the tower (not aluminum against steel). Indeed that’s why there was a hole in the wall, with all steel bending inward …and there was no debris on the street below BECAUSE THE FAST MOVING PLANE DROVE ALL THE DEBRIS INTO THE BUILDING.

Finally, there was the observation that has freaked-out so many 9/11 truthers: Why did the entire plane not fall apart the very second the nose hit the building?

Not so simple, but physically explainable. It has to do with SHOCK WAVES, and I just happen be the one-in-many-thousands of physicists who has actually studied shock waves. My attachment below shows why, where, and how I taught myself about shock waves. If you don’t understand it (and in your shoes I wouldn’t either) you should trust me …simply because it explains everything that the observers saw, and what all of their cameras photographed.

Here it is: SHOCK WAVES are created whenever an object moving faster than the speed of sound collides with a fixed object.

In the case in point, the striking object was the modified plane flying at 575 mph, which is only 273 meters per second.

So what are the speeds of sound in steel and aluminum? Well, in steel it is 5920 — 5800 meters a second
and the speed of sound in aluminum ranges from 6420 meters per second longitudinal and 3040 meters per second transverse.

Thus on 9/11 the striking object, i.e., the plane, is moving far too slow to generate shock waves.

And without shock waves, the nose of the plane cannot communicate with the rest of the plane, leaving the outside portion of the plane moving at a constant speed (i.e., 575 mph) [as has been verified in someone’s video] until it hit the target (i.e., the South Tower) …where plane and building shred each other.

QED. But questions welcome.” – Dave Griscom

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