Harrowing photos from inside Filipino jail!

Sia’s music videos are notorious for their creepy, dark atmosphere – like the one Maddie dances to for Sia’s song “The Greatest” – Sia’s official music video for this song seems to depict the horrible living conditions of inmates in jail – much like the current horrendous jail conditions of drug addicts in the Philippines (see news article about this below):


Harrowing photos from inside Filipino jail show reality of Rodrigo Duterte’s brutal war on drugs



‘They cannot think straight. It’s so crowded. Just the slightest of movements and you bump into something or someone,’ inmate says


Harrowing photos have emerged showing the “inhuman” conditions inside prison in the Philippines.

The facility, Quezon City Jail, in Manila, is home to 3,800 inmates – nearly five times more people than it was designed for.

It is a reflection of a criminal justice system in chaos, set to worsen as the state engages in an aggressive war on drugs instigated by the country’s hardline president, Rodrigo ‘The Punisher’ Duterte.

Prisoners – caught up in trials which take years – can be seen crammed body-to-body on concrete floors and stairwells. Others are forced to sleep sitting or standing.
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Philippines president promises ‘no let up’ in anti-drugs crackdown

“Many go crazy,” Mario Dimaculangan, the jail’s longest serving inmate, told the AFP news agency.

“They cannot think straight. It’s so crowded. Just the slightest of movements and you bump into something or someone.”

The conditions are mirrored in detention facilities across the country, according to Dr Nymia Pimentel Simbulan, executive director of the Philippine Human Rights Information Centre (PhilRights), also based in Quezon City.

“These conditions exist in municipal and city jails across the country, as well as state penitentiaries,” Dr Simbulan told The Independent.

Sanitary conditions are also poor, and in Quezon City Jail, one toilet is used by up to 130 other people. According to an April 2015 Commission on Human Rights report, toilet facilities in Filipino jails “either do not exist or are poorly maintained” and cause an “odious stench”.



Inmates sleep on the ground of an open basketball court inside the Quezon City jail (AFP/Noel Celis)


The unhygienic environment means illnesses, such as as tuberculosis, skin infections, diarrhea and sepsis are rife. Medical services are few and far between.

Tensions between the prisoners occasionally erupt into violence and torture is also used against them.

“Overcrowding is a major problem,” Dr Simbulanas said. “As is food, cleanliness and a general lack of the facilities which make a place fit for humans.”

The Philippines are a signatory of the United Nations Convention Against Torture, which forbids the cruel or inhuman treatment of prisoners. “Unfortunately that is not the case in many of the detention centres and jails in the Philippines,” Dr Simbulan said.



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