The Greatest Of All Time

mohammad-aliWhat makes a person “the greatest” of all time? Certainly not just the physical strength of boxers like Mohammed Ali – who is often described as “The Greatest” in the world of boxing sport. In religious terms, “the greatest” is one who is most compassionate to the unfortunate people in society – such as those who are poor, sick, or the most discriminated against in society, especially orphaned children. Great people love others unconditionally with a good heart.  

Sia’s official music video for her song “The Greatest” tells of how imprisoned people are “the greatest”  – because they’re the most poor, and ‘down and out’ people of society – who become “the greatest alive” through sheer will and stamina.  Only a heartless society allows such inhuman conditions that we see in prisons today.




The Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) has often been described as the most influential personality in history – even by non-Muslims. Michael H. Hast in his book ‘100 most influential people in the world’ lists the prophet Mohammed as being No.1 on the list. Mohammed (P.B.U.H.) is considered as a “mercy to all of humanity”, because of his faith, and the noble qualities he gained through living a life of hardship, whilst fighting for the human rights of all people – regardless of their race, social/economic status, or their religious beliefs. In this day and age of increasing racial discrimination, poverty and violence, we all need to be reminded of the principles and values that all the Prophets of God sought to teach humanity. Rich people are often seen as the least likely to be able to empathise and be compassionate to poor people – as in the analogy of a camel passing through the eye of a needle to reach the Kingdom of Heaven.


A Muslim hadith (tradition) tells us that Miriam (Mary the mother of Jesus/Isa) was the greatest woman of all time.




Music video Muhammed (P.B.U.H.) – Feat. Khalil Ismail by Zain Bhikha:


The following video tells the story of the early life of the Prophet Mohammed – when he was being conditioned by God for a life of prophethood even as an orphan child:

The Life of the Prophet Mohammed before Prophethood



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