The futility of war

An open letter to Ian Greenhalgh of “Veterans Today”


Dear Ian,


I recently watched a short clip from the movie “Patton”, to find out why you were making such a big deal about him as being some kind of military hero with “balls the size of Texas”. A few minutes of the film was all I could stand. Firstly, the actor playing Patton was admiring himself in the mirror for absolutely ages – even though he was dead ugly-looking. Then, in the next scene, he is looking through binoculars at Italian army men being killed by cannon fire because they’re just too dumb to move out of the way. The battle scene was bloody ridiculous as the Italian army did nothing to defend themselves from an onslaught of weapons. Patton then says “what a waste of fine infantry” as he stands sadistically watching the slaughter of Italian army men in the Arabian Desert – moving like snails and dropping like flies to heavy gunfire.


That’s all I watched because I couldn’t stand watching any more military sadism. Why would you consider such a man to be a great American military hero? And why do men enjoy being used as cannon fodder in pointless military battles? Perhaps you would be good enough to write a V.T. article to explain why you see Patton as a role model. I’m desperately trying to understand your point of view, because surely Patton can’t be as bad as the overgrown brat seen in the Hollywood movie of his life? In the film, he is portrayed as a vain, arrogant, sadistic coward – much like Donald Trump is now – no wonder they both look-alike.


If you want to know about a real hero, then why not study the life of the Prophet Mohammed? Just read the wise words of his Last Sermon for a glimpse of his heroic nature. He didn’t believe in cowardly “collateral damage”. In his day and age, men and women fought with some morals and ethics with rules of war. Unlike the mindless military cowards of today – sitting behind computer screens pressing drone buttons to wantonly kill anything that moves. No wonder Henry Kissinger calls them all “dumb stupid animals” in his books, and why the global élite are seeking to replace them all with sentient Artificial Intelligence (AI) robots. David Icke says that all wars are mass ritual sacrifices. William Copper in his book “Behold a Pale Horse” describes how society conditions men to kill themselves in war. It would be interesting to study the psychology of war – like about as interesting as watching paint dry! I sometimes wonder why women allow their children to be sacrificed in mindless wars for the élite. Surely the welfare needs of the masses should outweigh the reproductive needs of the big fat mama? I think even our military professor of logic Dr. Jim Fetzer would agree with that logical statement. I think at the heart of all wars is the gender war – sometimes men and women just get really, really fed up with each other and they’re like: “That’s it! I’ve had it with this home life crap! I’m off to act the hero in some bloody mindless war – anything is better than having to sit here and deal with all these boring domestic issues, and screaming kids all day long!” No-where is this type of gender war better portrayed than in the horror movie “The Others” starring Nicole Kidman.


Please let us know your views on the futility of war. If “Veterans Today” staff really hate war and love peace, then why are they still endorsing it by encouraging people to think that being in the military is something to be proud of? Everyone knows that war is evil and stupid – even Boy George sang “war, war is stupid and people are stupid…” Perhaps you secretly hate war because in your V.T. article “A Call To Arms” you say “…all the big guns are on the side of evil”, and imply that people should just be passive recipients to their doomed fate – am I right in thinking this? I’d be interested in your views on this, especially now that you’re crowned with the title “Military Affairs Expert” at V.T.


Kind regards,


A movie clip of Patton sadistically calling his army men (who refuse to fight in mindless battles) “cowards!” – just because he is a total puppet tool for the military-industrial complex:



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