BREAKING: Veteran troll Gordon Duff behind Steve De’ak’s slander!

hate-speech-is-not-free-speech-1BREAKING: Veteran troll Gordon Duff behind Steve De’ak’s slander – once again!

Those concerned about Gordon Duff’s assault on Steve De’ak can contact him at anytime to comfort him – Steve particularly likes big hugs and a warm cup of coffee/tea with biscuits that can be dipped in the warm cup without falling apart too quickly. Otherwise, any concerned readers should just get a frickin’ life and stop worrying about what the duffsters think or say – because, let’s face it, who even pays any attention to them anyway – other than perhaps Kevin Barrett who often writes mindless articles like this one:


By “Jahilliya Times” Senior News Editor


A “Veterans Today” troll named Gordon Duff – who has already been exposed for conspiring to commit false-flag “9/11 COINTELPRO” disinformation – may soon be charged with yet another crime: The creation of a horrific “9/11 truthers are all Jews” image that is currently under investigation by all free-thinkers everywhere.


The image was planted on Steve De’ak by a delusional Duff since goodness knows when. Then, bizarrely, other duffsters (like Ian Greenhalgh) falsely blamed Steve, who had no knowledge of the image, and used the scandal to push for Steve’s dismissal from the 9/11 Truth Movement. Even today, caving in to the duffster’s libelous attack, so-called fellow ‘truthers’ ignored and refused to answer Steve De’ak’s call for more sanity in the Truth Movement, without giving any reason for their ostrich-like behaviour. For Steve De’ak’s reaction, see his embedded “9/11 Crash Test” YouTube video here.


The slanderous false image, manufactured by Gordon, purports to depict his political opponent Steve De’ak posing as an Orthodox Jewish/Hebrew man. Accompanying the image, in small print, is an unhinged “we’re all Jews now” rant. Many free-thinkers now have speculated that rabid V.T. Zionists, rather than sincere 9/11 truth-seekers, had manufactured the image. It turns out they were right – Duh! Of course V.T.’s Flash Gordon is at it again, who else could it be?!


One Steve De’ak supporter explained:


“Unfortunately that false Jewish image of Steve De’ak as some kind of Orthodox Jew man continues to circulate and be posted everywhere. Ironically, it was created by an aging self-hating Khazar Jewish twat named Gordon Duff. He was exposed by every sane person on the planet for being such a pathetic twat many years ago, but unfortunately the old twit just won’t give up. Gordon should now plead mental illness, because for years he was allowed to stir up trouble from his George Soros sponsored V.T. website. For some reason he enjoyed targeting all sincere 9/11 truth seekers, and he’s the one who created that false “every 9/11 truther is Jewish” image/label as well as many other hate screeds.”


bullshit_detector4Steve De’ak nearly had his life ruined by trolls like Gordon, who vandalized De’ak’s good reputation to make it appear that De’ak was a Zionist Israeli Jew – bizarrely from only the Haifa remote Israeli region and from no-where else on Earth. Now Gordon’s hate speech has damaged another man’s career and reputation: that of Professor Jim Fetzer – an ex V.T. journalist who finally woke up to Duff’s bullshit, but who, unfortunately, still seems to inherit Duff’s anti-Hebrew paranoia too.


Mainstream media outlets (including some crazy alternative media outlets) accepted Gordon Duff’s false narrative that Steve De’ak was somehow responsible for Gordon’s planted image, and thus the ruining of his own reputation. The scandal exploded into an all-out media assault on Steve De’ak; but as the origin of Gordon’s hate image came under suspicion, “Veterans Today” and other cointelpro media shifted its attack to focus on Steve’s alleged “pro-Zionist propaganda.” They were also obviously just jealous of his ridiculously good-looking 007 James Bond (Sean Connery) lookalike facial features – because they’re all just such ugly bloated old twits.


Here is the letter sent to Dr. Kevin Barrett this morning – before receiving news of the latest mindless name-calling from Gordon Duff:


An Open Letter to Dr. Kevin Barrett


FAO: Dr. Kevin Barrett – Senior Editor, Veterans Today


Dear Dr. Barrett,


I’m writing in response to the on-going orchestrated attack on Steve De’ak’s “9/11 Crash Test” research. The smear campaign against Steve De’ak is an attack on the entire Truth Movement. Its purpose is to terrorize truthers into remaining silent on controversial 9/11 issues, thus preventing them from examining the entire evidence of the 9/11 crime scene. If successful, the “Veterans Today” media lynching of Steve De’ak would grossly undermine free-speech, especially within the so-called “Truth Movement”.


The lynchpin (no pun intended) of the anti-De’ak campaign is a horrific image that was e-mailed to various prominent so-called “truthers” – unbeknownst to Steve De’ak, who had absolutely nothing to do with that image. The grossly offensive image, which features a self-hating Jewish George Soros lover expressing ultra-inflammatory text calling for the labelling of all ‘truthers’ as being “all Haifa Hebrews”, was in fact created by an allegedly self-employed propagandist named Gordon Duff (aka Bob Foote), who was later exposed for his efforts to create incidents of so-called “Haifa Zionism” – where, in actual fact, it doesn’t exist at all apart from within Duff’s tiny paranoid self-hating Zionistic brain. After writing his recent 9/11 article on V.T., his first comment in response to his own article was: “Let’s see the Haifa trolls squirm about this now!” – What’s he going on about now? Do hardened isolated ultra-orthodox Hebrew Haifa folk even read English news articles anyway?! It’s so friggin’ absurd! Obviously Gordon Duff created his horrific “truthers are all Haifa Hebrews” image not because he himself is anti-Jewish, but rather as a way to manufacture false evidence of “pro-Zionism” that could later be used against people like Steve De’ak. Gordon appears to have created this awful image precisely to fit the definition of hate speech. It is a weaponized image. The weapon was used against Steve De’ak in precisely the way its creator intended. In the same way that he frequently slanders De’ak as being some kind of “treasonous traitor troll grandpa 9/11 truther terrorist”. Real truthers everywhere refuse to be brainwashed into mindlessly accepting the duffster’s definition of a “terrorist”. Any act of violence is an act of terror – Period! Recently, on the Mainstream Media news, some presstitute stated that police had been shot and beaten black and blue, but that it was still yet to be determined if the violent attack was to be viewed as an “act of terror”. Give me a frickin’ break! So now we’re supposed to believe that the word “terror” can only be used in relation to a certain fanatical religious group. It’s total Orwellian double-think nonsense that only compartmentalised/mindless duffsters would seek to promote.


When planted evidence is used against a victim, it is the criminals who manufactured and planted the evidence, not the victim, who are at fault. Gordon Duff, “Veterans Today”, and the individual or entity who planted this hate speech against Steve De’ak’s good reputation all ought to be investigated for their respective roles in this orchestrated smear campaign against Steve De’ak.


The “Truth Movement” exists for one reason and one reason only: To ensure that even the most controversial avenues of research and interpretation are fully protected in our movement. Steve De’ak is using his 9/11 investigative skills properly. Are you? Is anyone else at “Veterans Today”? If not, why not? How can you, or any other professor, justify holding “journalistic integrity” if you’re not, in fact, making every possible effort to challenge the most sacrosanct public myths, and to pursue the most controversial avenues of research and interpretation?


When Steve De’ak recently wrote to Gordon Duff requesting he look at all the 9/11 evidence, stating: “Whenever you’re ready for a debate of the evidence, ALL the evidence, I’ll be ready.” Duff angrily replied with the same old delusional “Israelis are everywhere – even hiding under my bed” type of irrational thinking. He then sarcastically likens Steve to an undercover Israeli troll and states: “…You will have to get a real job shooting Palestinian children.”


To flippantly joke about shooting Palestinian children as being a type of Israeli “real job”, just shows that Duff has a very low sense of morality – with more than a touch of sadistic narcissism. We would thus like to draw your attention to the Islamic “rules of war” within the main YouTube video embedded within this blog post: “The Wounded Warrior” – which highlights the impact of war on the most vulnerable people in society, such as children. Furthermore, we would also like to politely draw your attention to the fact that “Vlad the Impaler” Putin is a New World Order Russian scum-bag, and mass-murdering maniac – not the war hero you often like to imagine him to be. So you can stop your frequent “Thank God for Putin” wailing – unless, of course, you’re actually thanking your Spiritual UN luciferian god, and not the God of the Islamic faith – in which case, you should just come out of the closet and admit to being a Luciferian/Satan worshipper and stop beating about the bush – like you often do when you’re openly endorsing the New Age “Unified Field” theory bullcrap of your fellow V.T. journalist Dr. Allen Roland, which is none other than the same old blasphemous shirk of Dr. Robert Lanza with his “Biocentric Universe” – “we are all Gods” nonsense.


WASHINGTON - JUNE 3: Philanthropist George Soros (L) greets U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) after she introduced him at the Take Back America Conference June 3, 2004 in Washington, DC. The conference aims to unite progressive issue groups as well as train for organizing campaigns in 2004 and beyond. (Photo by Matthew Cavanaugh/Getty Images)

WASHINGTON – JUNE 3: Philanthropist George Soros (L) greets U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) after she introduced him at the Take Back America Conference June 3, 2004 in Washington, DC. The conference aims to unite progressive issue groups as well as train for organizing campaigns in 2004 and beyond. (Photo by Matthew Cavanaugh/Getty Images)

One wonders when Gordon Duff will ever tire of falsely slandering his 9/11 truther opponents, and begin to actually look at the real 9/11 evidence for a change.   His recent pathetic attempt to label them all as being Israeli/Hebrew/Haifa troll/Zionists, might be more believable if he wasn’t sucking up to the greatest criminal Zionist mastermind of all time – George Soros! – The criminal mind-control handler of puppets Hilary Clinton and President Obama.


In contrast to Duff’s madness, Steve De’ak often approaches Gordon’s 9/11 research with an open mind. However, one wonders why Gordon Duff often likes to promote the same infamous “9/11 falling man” image – in almost all of his 9/11 articles – when even Ian Greenhalgh has stated that the image is most likely a fake – because of it’s obvious underlying occult/ luciferian/ Freemasonic black-white duality /Tarot-like symbolism – i.e. reference the ‘Hanged Man’ of the Tarot Card – as also referenced in the film “The Ninth Gate” starring the satanic Hollywood vampire/ actor named Johnny Depp. In the film, the hanged man is the “sixth gate” to pass through to reach Lucifer. In ‘Lucifer language’ the “hanged man” means “I enrich myself with death” – so is Duff now trying to say that he loves this propaganda image so much only because it helps to pay the V.T. bills to enrich him, and not for any serious 9/11 research?


falling-manSeriously, you V.T. guys are so openly luciferian – acting like “wolves in sheep’s clothes” – it’s not even funny! I’m surprised Ian Greenhalgh even put his name to the recent 9/11 article on V.T. :– which showcases the infamous “9/11 Falling Man” image, when he was dead against it many moons ago – when Ian was also a strong critic of Duff’s love of George Soros, Monsanto, deadly vaccines, mindless war mongering etc.   If Duff has replaced the real Ian G. with a fake synthetic cloned one, then that’s just so damn pathetic! He could’ve at least cloned him to look less chubby and more pleasing to the eye! It’s not like V.T. is being subtle about their obvious cloned puppets anyway. So they should, at least, try to make the clones look ‘nice ‘n’ pretty’ for heaven’s sake! The current Ian G. is absolutely nothing like the old ‘anti-Soros’ Ian G. that we all used to know. And since when have the notoriously anti-British Americans (with their historic war wailing of “…the British are coming, the British are coming!!”), suddenly become such ardent Brit lovers anyway – by their crowning of some unknown British guy (named Ian Greenhalgh) as their supreme “US Military Affairs Expert” – V.T. Commander and Chief – even though Ian is a mere graduate student historian, with no military experience whatsoever – other than his unashamed public longing for George S. Patton’s so-called “Texas-sized balls”, with his morbid pessimistic propensity to wail that “all the big guns are on the side of evil” – when supposedly writing “A Call To Arms” V.T. article. The mindless frequent promotion of the obviously satanic and fake “9/11 falling man” image brings into question Gordon’s entire 9/11 research – Dr. Jim Fetzer would definitely agree with this statement – as he often writes about the legal principle of “Fraud Vitiates Everything” in relation to 9/11. And nothing stinks of “Fraud Vitiates Everything” more than the constant promotion of a morbid “I enrich myself with death” 9/11 Falling Man image – on V.T. for propaganda purposes alone.

We politely request that you (Dr. Kevin Barrett) now urgently awaken from your long-standing cognitive dissonance, and hold your V.T. superiors to account for their wrong-doing before it’s too late. If you really value the work that you do, you should question such bad V.T. Senior Editor mismanagement, as the following wise words suggest:

“Think, then, O Man, of the holiness of your destination; you have this glory, that you were chosen to be, in some sort, the seat, sanctuary, and minister of the blessings of our God; and your heart may still be filled with these delicious treasures, whilst, at the same time, it sheds them abroad in the souls of your fellow-creatures; but, the more important your ministry is, the more just and right it is, that you should answer for your management.”

L.-C. de Saint-Martin, Man: His True Nature and Ministry




J.T. Senior News Editor




The Sixth Gate – meaning:

“I enrich myself with death”

A hanged man, similar to that of the Tarot, his hands behind his back, hung by one foot from the crenellation of the castle wall next to a closed tower gate. A hand clad in a gauntlet brandishes a burning sword from a loophole.

Despite hanging upside down the man’s hair and clothes do not; he has a calm demeanour.  This position is desired.

A key meaning of the hanged man is that through personal sacrifice, even death, comes new understanding.

The Norse god Odin hung upside down from the world-tree, Yggdrasil, for nine days in order to attain wisdom.  By passing through these nine days of challenge, or nine gates, Odin acquired the runes from the Well of Wyrd, the source and end of all sacred knowledge.

He drove out the man, and at the east of the garden of Eden he placed […] a flaming sword that turned every way to guard the way to the tree of life. (Genesis 3:24).

The significance of the right and left leg is based on the motivation and nature of the sacrifice being undertaken.  Torchia’s engraving, showing the man hanging from the right leg would suggest a materialistic sacrifice; but the inverted meaning can indicate the opposite is true; just as with the gold and silver keys for the Temple of Solomon, right becomes left and left becomes right. Duality.

The alternative engraving demonstrates a spiritual sacrifice; a surrender of oneself to acquire sacred knowledge.


The infamous “9/11 Falling Man” image often promoted by Gordon Duff:



3 thoughts on “BREAKING: Veteran troll Gordon Duff behind Steve De’ak’s slander!

  1. I am replying because I am a virgin to all this, up unto just a couple of hours ago I had never ever heard of Steve De’ak, and was finding his want-to-do-experiment very interesting, but then, in the interview I was hearing him give in 2016 it is HE who starts promoting his theory at the expense of all other 9/11 truth researchers who he was implying must be controlled opposition even Christopher Bollyn, and even used the term ‘cockroaches’. Now THIS I AM suspicious about, because I am very aware how the ones behind the curtain AND in front of it LOVE to divide and control communities, and so anyone who antagonizes this I am wary of. YES do your experiment but do not slag others off and then expect a warm reception!


    • I can’t speak for Steve, but I know he had many heated email exchanges with so-called truthers like Christopher Bollyn and they were calling him worse names than “cockroach”. Perhaps you’re just too much of a snow white virgin to be involved with the dirty deeds of ‘truthers’, but keep researching 🙂


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