Dr. Judy Wood replies to Steve De’ak!



Dear Steve De’ak,


In your rap battle lyrics you say:


D.E.Ws – is that one or two?

See! Ya haven’t gotta clue!

Go fetch doggy witch – go get ya ruby shoe

‘cause your theory stinks like poo

You’re findin’ hurricanes in your witch’s brew

That can’t even pick up a screw

So quit screechin’: “Where’s ‘em towers …where’s the loo?!”


Sorry my bad Steve, you’re absolutely right. I’m totally delusional! Hurricane Erin was nothing but “summer rain” – that’s why I sing Sia’s song “Summer Rain” every day in the shower: “I thought you were a hurricane. Turned out you were just summer rain…”


Unlike the Thorn Birds of “Veteran’s Today”, I can actually sing – even better than Sia does!  And I’m not afraid to admit my mistakes – Ha, Ha just kidding! In your dreams loser! You BETTER BELIEVE that Hurricane Erin was real – very, very REAL – just as real as the recent Hurricane Mathew, and no amount of disinformation from you or anyone else is ever gonna change it! Hurricane, me hurricane is drivin’ ya insane, ‘cause ya don’t have a brain, I’m de one with fortune and fame. Your9/11 Crash Test’ brings nought but shame! Why don’t ya just follow the advice of Craig McKee. He writes in his Truth and Shadows blog post:


“I’d like to know what her detractors have to say about Hurricane Erin – how it headed straight for New York City, stopped on the morning of Sept. 11, then turned sharply away – all the while being virtually ignored by the media.

Here are a few questions that might be worth discussing concerning her research:


  • Does the amount of rubble fit with two massive skyscrapers being brought down in a conventional demolition, with or without thermite? What could account for the lack of rubble?
  • Why did so many cars burn (or melt) in such odd patterns – parts of vehicles melted, parts totally undamaged? Why were some vehicles flipped over and others not? And why did blowing paper and leaves on trees seem not to burn in the midst of the burning cars?
  • What caused massive “holes” in other World Trade Center buildings?
  • What about her references to phenomena like buildings “lathering up,” being “dustified,” or steel beams resembling “rolled up carpets”?
  • Is the photographic record that she bases much of her observations on reliable?
  • For Wood’s detractors: is there information in the book you find valuable?
  • For Wood’s supporters: is there information in the book you find fault with?”

Source: http://truthandshadows.wordpress.com/2012/06/02/the-judy-wood-enigma-a-discussion-of-the-most-controversial-figure-in-911-research/


Steve De’ak! – Your 9/11 research is like a puny “storm in a tea-cup” compared to my massive truther Truth Storm – 9/11 hurricane research work. No wonder you do pathetic YouTube interviews with someone calling themselves Sophia Smallstorm – because you’re just jealous of my massive Hurricane Erin and trying to whip up a storm of your own. Stop trying!

This is a game already won. The time has come. Stop trying… You won’t grow till you get down on your knees. Say goodbye and do not dissect your life. Say goodbye, there’s no need to apologize…

Stop trying!


You ought to just stick to mending your garden fence – you grandpa 9/11 truther! I’m glad Gordon Duff called you a “granny” and “9/11 grandpa truther troll”, ‘cause you’ve got less stamina than Hillary Clinton – even Donald Trump says so.  But I’ve got much more than stamina. Oh yes I do! I’ve got the truth and nothing but the truth. I’m “the Greatest” – even if I do humbly say so myself – as Sia sings in her song “The Greatest”:


Uh oh

Running out of breath but I

Oh I, I got stamina

Uh oh

Running now I close my eyes

But oh oh I got stamina

Uh oh

I see another mountain to climb

But I, I got stamina…


I’m going to stay in my Ivory Tower because I can’t be bothered to communicate with you fake ‘truther’ lot. Just like Madonna, I like to sing the song “Nobody Knows Me” – ‘cause I don’t need your fake ‘truther’ social disease! I’m after the truth and nothing but the truth! So eat your heart out suckers! You circle-jerk, loser, nit-wit-twits! You can’t see the woods for the trees – or for the twitty- twigs planted in your wee bird brains! Don’t contact me ever! Bitches! Just buy copies of my brilliant book on 9/11: http://wheredidthetowersgo.com/ and shut the hell up!


I only love Andrew Johnson because he questions your pathetic “9/11 Crash Test research” project (reference Andrew’s article: “Some Thoughts On The “9/11 Crash Test” Website”). I also love only my medical expert/brain surgeon sidekick named Abraham Hafiz Rodriguez. They’re my true friends in the whole wide world. I don’t need anyone else!  Perhaps maybe just Dr. Morgan Reynolds and Ace Baker too.  Alex Jones and his minions can just stick their slandering “space beam” mockery where the sun don’t shine!  I know what I know and I don’t give a damn what anyone else thinks. I sing for love. I sing for me. I shout it out like a bird set free!


“.… Dr. Judy Wood has conducted the only comprehensive 9-11 investigation which includes ALL of the evidence, and Alex Jones must not want you to know about it. After listening to this audio, ask yourself this;

If Alex Jones and Jason Bermas have seen Dr. Judy Wood’s textbook Where Did The Towers Go?, why would they maliciously dismiss it as “Space Beams” theory. Dr. Wood never referenced “Space Beams” in any of her forensic analysis, nor does she allow her readers to assume everything…just simply LOOK at the evidence which has been intentionally withheld from the public for over 10 years, and don’t jump to conclusions. As Dr. Judy Wood states, “If you listen to the evidence carefully enough, it will speak to you and tell you exactly what happened.” ”The key is not to allow yourself to be distracted away from seeing what the evidence is telling you.” (i.e., PSY-OPERATIVE Alex Jones inserting the term “Space Beams” into your mind before you ever look at the actual evidence….this is why everyone says that the WTC buildings “collapsed”, because that’s what people like Alex Jones have been inserting into everyone minds. FACT: The WTC buildings were turned to dust, and this is indisputable. Dr. Judy Wood merely shows us the evidence proving this fact. Alex Jones, on the other hand is covertly trying to manipulate and divert the attention of the minds of millions.)

( Source: http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2012/11/extremely-disturbing-9-11-audio-jason-bermas-alex-jones-scramble-to-quash-dr-judy-wood-2505674.htmlaudio-jason-bermas-alex-jones-scramble-to-quash-dr-judy-wood-2505674.html)


And Steve De’ak, you can tell your bitch side-kick J.T. to stop writing horrible fairy-tale stories about me – as being some kind of Wicked Witch of the West! ’cause I’ve got “Girl Power” like you wont believe – I make Putin’s “Pussy Riot” look like pathetic twerking twats havin’ a picnic in the park. Super Gran beats Grandpa Steve any day! Super Granny to the rescue! 9/11 criminals here I come! I’m like the supreme Mother Earth bringing life to fruition, and I dedicate the song “Joy I call life” by Sia to all victims of 9/11:


roseWhen you fight so hard but nothing seems to turn out right

When it breaks your heart and life seems like the longest fight

When all you see is trees but you can’t see the forest

Oh baby turn to me. I’ll show you where the light is

Sia  “Joy I Call life“:



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