Simon Shack says “Stop Trying!”

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Yo, whaaaaaz up! Here I is – Simon Shack is in da house, ma truther homies! So no worries – say hello to da one and only truther king. Ya all V.T. veterans best listen up! Ma buzzy bee Beyoncé sayin’ ya all be horny with all dat illuminati baloney. Say what! Ya don’t wanna get down like dat. Ain’t no-body wanna be gettin’ down like dat! Kissin’ de Baphomet bootie just ain’t right man! So ya duffsters wanna be black like me? I is an Italian dude, playin’ a dude, actin’ like a black dude. You is a dude who don’t know who he is! Gordon Duff be sayin’:


“…the term “jerk” isn’t used in English anymore. I do so love it when our Haifa friends try to sound like hipsters. This is another very poor attempt at writing in idiomatic English by what seems to be a combination of Google translate and someone with aging copies of The New Yorker to refer to.”


Why you keep sayin’ the word “jerk” ain’t even English, ya stupid Duff man? So ya wanna be circle-jerk, jerk-off hipsters do ya? Well ya best be speakin’ de lingo of da mother, ya mo-foes! Your 9/11 nuke theory ain’t even right man! Ya all best be stop sippin’ on da Kool-Aid, smokin’ da Soros weed, crackin’ da crack, getting high on da magic mushrooms man! Even Santa Claus didn’t dope wid de magic mushrooms like you is doin’ – and we all know how he liked to get sky high on de red stuff. Nuke mushroom clouds are only in your imagination – ‘caused by a duffster fungus infection no doubt. Ya all just got to stop gettin’ sky high man! Stop writin’ stupid news articles like dis:


No-body believes in nukes any more – Ever since the “predictive programming” film “The Mouse That Roared” (1959) was made, people be knowin’ dat nukes are just fear-mongering propaganda to scare de little people. Governments just wanna be stealin’ all ya tax dollars to make imaginary nuke WMD. Steve De’ak is right when he says ya nuke theory is just ‘bout “unclear weapons” – not nuclear weapons! And how come Dennis Cimino ain’t cryin about his Fukushima “end of da world” scenario no more? Nukes are all fake that’s why! Judy Wood singin’ about bein’ “da greatest” and tellin’ us all to “stop tryin’” is laughable. I is “The Greatest” truther alive! Yes, so stop tryin’ indeed – ‘cause I is already won! Let me give ya da low down on da show down. Da song lyrics below were written for all ya truther homies in da house tonight:



Music Video

Remixing Sia’s tune “Stop Trying” with some hardware synths and verbosity.


The Hair Kid lyrics:


what’s up?

the time’s come, but nobody realize it

can’t see it when it’s real, so I gotta synthesize it

pickin’ up my pen and takin’ off until I’m flyin’

addressin’ the problematic way that people tryin’

too hard to get across

even though they won the game, it’s like a loss

I’m exhausted by the never ending self serving commonality

where’s the sensuality?

musicality’s the number one necessity

if it’s simple or it’s hittin’ the complexity

for example how Midnight Marauders teach me everything I found yo

keepin’ it discrete, said I keep it on the down low

and that’s the way it’s gotta be

and you gotta put your hands out where my eyes can see

got the timing Busta Rhymin’ it rhythmically

be excellin’ when we strike strategically

Sia baby, tell me what we like

stop lyin’ bout the level of your skill

when every time we go to dinner you can’t pay the bill

every time we try to tell you that it’s cool that you spilled your

white russian on the carpet you be trippin’ gotta chill

what’s the deal? keep it real, when ya feelin’ off or somethin’

we cool, but you gotta know my tolerance for frontin’ is minimal

I feel that it’s criminal

Annie’s okay ’cause it’s never smooth

all the women’ll be leavin’ left and right, with the way you gettin’ stale

droppin the same old lines, talk about your epic fail

credit card declined, in between your legs a tail

give it a rest, it’s fine, come aboard we settin sail with

Jerry cause the captain’s weak, maybe we’ll release the

Kracken cause we on the team, way back in 2010 the

summer seemed so promising, let’s take it back like it’s the Spring

I got the rap, Sia baby, teach me how to sing

still goin’ after all this time

we still know where action that we want, we gonna find

so give it up, it’s alright if you won’t ever be same

ever since you lost that girl to cocaine

it’s insane the way it ended up

kinda tastin’ like a scotch the way it’s blended up

but life is really like a parody so send it up

it doesn’t matter where you roam, or where ya flown

see us, baby take us on home

cause when it definite we givin’ it up

like an Isley Brother we be livin’ it up

gotta stop the way you try to keep on 1-in’ it up

the only thing you use a mushroom for is infectin’ it up





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