Americans – Please vote for Peace for a change!

The “Right Wing Conspirator” channel on YouTube is telling Americans to vote for Donald Trump because Hillary is promoting war with Russia:

U.N security Council Accuses Obama of War Crimes; media silent


The “Right Wing Conspirator” says that it doesn’t matter if Trump is calling women “bitches” or “ho’s” and that people should just vote for him anyway – This is just male chauvinistic, spiritually blind madness and nobody in their ‘right’ mind (or ‘left’ mind) should ever follow such insane advice!


“We the People” refuse to be told who (or who not) to vote for by total morons fooled by the false left-right political paradigm, and the nuke fear porn propaganda. The case of “better the devil you know” is never an option for true believers in God.   We will not vote for evil, or endorse it in any way. There is another option – and that is to follow the teachings of the holy prophets of Islam (peace). Let us now make a final stand against tyranny and fear mongering and vote for peace for a change. The more we feed the war beast the bigger it grows, so it’s best to just walk away and not super-zionist-trump-640x360endorse the work of evil in any way. Boycott evil corporations, switch your T.V. off and stop giving a voice to the treasonous mainstream media, and current political parties. Stop giving your tax dollars to the war machine for their phony nuclear arms race. It’s time to make a change for the better – if not now, when? I’m not with the so-called “deplorables for Trump”! Why should I willingly vote for such an obvious narcissistic – male-chauvinistic – freemasonic – illuminati – Zionist sell-out pig? Never throw your pearls to such swine. Never! I may never walk with the enemy ‘cause I’m in the Lord’s army.


I’m for Peace – I’m with Islam! Are you? peace


This is what Steve De’ak has to say about nuke fear mongering in the media:


mossad“Sure – Israeli sources or other sources know that a frightened population is easier to control than a confident one. 

Fear is the bottom line – always has been, and nothing stirs fear like the unknown and nothing terrifies modern populations like unclear weapons – its science magic to the vast majority of humanity, the new religion that can be shared by all.  For national leaders to claim they can destroy cities with the press of a button to me is no different than Pharaohs claiming the power of ISIS.  The more things change the more they stay the same.  Israel has nothing to do with Judaism and everything to do with run of the mill colonialism; they are on the flip side of the same coin as the USA, British colonies that have been doing to their indigenous population the same thing that the USA has been doing to ours for the last 500 years. 

Israel uses Zionism to terrorize their own population – from birth and at every ceremony they are reminded how the rest of the world is out to get them.  Few people are as indoctrinated as Israelis, except maybe the folks who are sure they hold some sort of magical power over the ‘goyim’.  In this day and age (the age of fraud and perception management) shouldn’t it be considered that IF the Zionists control all the major media outlets and most if not all of the Internet, and most if not all of the world’s central banks, then they CAN control the narrative, therefore everything we think we know, everything we think we identify with should be suspected as our intended perception?  Especially ranting about Jews and Zionists? 

Shouldn’t we always consider the source?”Steve De’ak

All aboard the Peace Train!

the quran


Yusuf Islam (aka Cat Stevens) sings “Peace Train


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