Exclusive Interview: Bob Foote of “Veterans Today”

real fight within
Exclusive Interview: Bob Foote of “Veterans Today”


Transcript of interview held at the “Jahilliya Times” newsroom between Bob Foot and J.T.:


J.T.: Hi Bob! Thanks for agreeing to this interview. I know how difficult it must have been for you to come here. Would you like to tell our listening audience a bit more about you? You’re a very mysterious person – we only know of you from what Dr. Jim Fetzer has to say about you, so can you tell us about the REAL you?


B.F.: Yes, certainly. My name is Bob Foote, and as you all may already know, I’m the ‘good’ alter-ago of Gordon Duff of “Veterans Today”. He’s like a Jekyll and Hyde character – I’m the ‘good’ one by the way. Did I tell you that I’m the “goodie” and he’s the “baddie” – you’d better believe it! So what’s your name – should I refer to you as J.T. or as a “sad fu*k”?


J.T.: Excuse me?!


B.F.: I’m just pulling your leg! I noticed that my ‘evil’ side Duff called you a “sad fu*k” in his last e-mail to you. I just want you to know that I’d neeever (not in a million years) ever use that type of language on anyone – no matter what. Duff is the complete opposite of me. I suppose that’s why he’s called Duff. Duh!


J.T.: Well, I’ve been called a lot worse by Duff. I don’t let it bother me. In my line of work, you’ve got to develop a thick skin (and an elastic heart) and I can be just as bitchy if I need to be.  In any case, one man’s “sad fu*k” is another’s “gift to life”. Steve De’ak seems to think I’ve got a “gift” – perhaps he means I’ve got a gift for annoying people – Ha, ha, who cares anyway. Sometimes we’ve just got to rock the boat to get to the truth.


You know, when I first heard your real name Bob Foote from Jim Fetzer, I imagined you to be some kind of mad footie football fanatic – perhaps like the one in the Ace Ventura (Pet Detective) movie starring Jim Carey. You may have seen the comedy movie. It’s about a mad footballer who ended up in an asylum because he failed his team named “The Miami Dolphins”, but who escaped and took on a new persona as a ‘lady’ police officer to get back at his fellow team players. You’re not a “tranny” too by any chance, are you Bob?


B.F.: No, I’m definitely male and I don’t care much for “footie” – despite what my name may suggest. Nor do I have “foot and mouth” disease as some of my political opponents like to suggest. I’m a white Jewish American male – not a self-hating one like Gordon is. I’m proud of my Jewish religious heritage and I’m not an atheist. I do believe in God. In fact, I would go so far as to say that I’m a Muslim – in the true sense of the word because we’re all made to submit to God – whether we like it or not. How can we possibly rebel against our Supreme Creator – who gives us life and unto Him will be the return?


J.T.: Well said! So how do you feel about the luciferian philosophy – that’s sometimes promoted by some of the V.T. journalists – such as Allen Roland’s “Unified Field” theory? Dr. Kevin Barrett proclaims that this theory has nothing to do with the New Age luciferian philosophy, but I don’t think many people are fooled by his statements on this issue – do you?


B.F.: No, certainly not! I’m not fooled. If it was up to me, I’d ban all such rubbish from V.T. publication but, as you know, Gordon Duff is a loose cannon and can’t be controlled and he allows that sort of baloney. Sometimes, I manage to get Duff under control but most times he’s like a wild animal. He likes to constantly annoy me by singing Sia’s song “Free The Animal” in a screechy voice until I give in. It’s absolute torture living alongside his evil persona inside my beautiful brain.


J.T.: Gosh – that must be terrible! So tell us, what do you think about the ‘truther’ nuke theory that Gordon is promoting on V.T.? Do you think that it’s a more plausible theory than that of the nanothermiters like Christopher Bollyn and Dr. Richard Gage, or the Directed Energy Weapon theory of Dr. Judy Wood etc.?


B.F.: Well if I wanted to disprove Duff’s theory it would be easy to do. I’d just do what he did to the nanothermiters – when he (allegedly) rang a nanothermite producing company to determine if nanothermite existed or not. The nanothermite manufacturer said it did exist but could not be produced in the quantities needed for a 9/11 type false-flag event. Likewise, I’d ring an expert on nuke technology to find out if nukes can do the sort of damage we saw on 9/11 – perhaps I should give our nuke expert Simon Shack a ring. In any case, I’m not overly concerned with the technical details of WMD in relation to the 9/11 false-flag event – because the event was largely a form of psychological warfare. Without the fear-mongering of the mainstream media, and apathy and complacency of the general public, it never would have progressed as it did. There must be something fundamentally wrong with society for such an obvious in-your-face false-flag event to happen with little resistance from the ‘good’ people in society.   Someone once wisely stated: “All that’s needed for evil to progress is for good people to do nothing”.   Sometimes I feel like that naïve police officer in the film “The Wicker Man”. I’m sure 9/11 was a mass satanic ritual – covertly endorsed by American society and the world at large.


J.T.: We know from religious scripture that there are Jinns/demons who influence people’s thoughts – they whisper in our hearts and minds to do evil and we must learn to protect ourselves, because ultimately we’ll only have ourselves to blame.


B.F.: Exactly! That’s why I don’t like to point the finger of blame at anyone for the 9/11 crime – other than the obvious NeoCon evil perpetrators living within the United States. That sort of a false-flag event was obviously years in the making – considering all the “predictive programming” or “revelation of the method” type movies which predicted 9/11 in subliminal messages. There are many examples of this on the internet, so I think most people understand what I mean by this. How can we possibly point the finger at one nation, or one race of people for the 9/11 crime (as Gordon Duff often does), when so many nations have been complicit – to remain silent in the face of obvious criminality is an extreme dereliction of moral duty.


J.T.: It seems William Shakespeare was right when he said “all the world’s a stage”.   By some bizarre coincidence, a lot of the music in pop culture these days relates to real-life current events.  I think the musician named Sia is a secret ‘truther’ – her music album is called “A Thousand Forms of Fear” – perhaps a reference to the George Bush (senior) ‘New World Order’ speech where he talks about “a thousand points of light” – whatever that means!  “Light” to them is the false light of Lucifer and translates as “fear” for humanity. As (the late) Bill Cooper often stated: “It doesn’t matter what WE believe, what matters is what “they” believe because what they believe affects us all.” – “they” meaning those that belong to the mystery religion of the secret societies i.e. luciferians.  Some Muslims believe that Music is the “holy book” of the devil – so if we are to understand the agenda of the illuminati , then we need to study their “predictive programming” , or “revelation of the method”, or “externalisation of the hierarchy”, mass mind-control technique – as used through the medium of music and other forms of so-called “entertainment”.  We all know how they like to reveal their agenda through music and films. We should use the same tools they use against us on them. However, we must always retain our humanity and not become like them. I think it was David Icke who said that we are in danger of becoming that which we fight. He goes on and on about the evil reptilians in power, and some say that even he is now beginning to shape-shift into a reptilian. We need to address the fundamental problems of our society before pointing the blame at an external enemy. The hardest thing to do is to self-reflect and admit when one has contributed to the problem. Everyone loves a scapegoat, don’t they?


B.F.: Yes, I agree with you entirely. But I hate scapegoats – always have done and always will! I share the same view as Steve De’ak when he says that all nations are to blame for 9/11 because of their apathy and complicity in the event. I like your blog post about “guts over fear” – sometimes we just need to take a stand for what is right – for the sake of future generations. Steve De’ak is working as a ‘truther’ in the 9/11 truth movement to ensure a better future for his children, grandchildren and future generations. I wish more people were like him. I’m appalled by Duff’s childish mockery of him – calling him a “Hebrew Haifa granny/grandpa truther” – it’s rather pathetic really. I wish he wasn’t the ‘evil’ part of me. I only hope he doesn’t drag me to hell with him.  


J.T.: I certainly hope so too. The blog post “guts over fear” – based on the song by Sia, is about the time at the end of the world when all our current WMD technologies become obsolete – perhaps because of a pole shift or something. Ahmad Thomson speaks about this during one of his Islamic lectures about the Dajjal (or Antichrist).   He says that a Muslim sheikh from Medina in Saudi Arabia once told him, that when the Muslim Mahdi and Dajjal eventually fight in a final battle, it will be a battle fought person-to-person – as more ethical/humane wars should be –  so none of this “collateral damage”, mass-murdering, WMD, heartless war criminal behaviour that we often see in wars today. Sheikh Hamza Yusuf once spoke about how the Japanese were once disgusted by the invention of guns, and so banned them from Japan altogether – as they valued their more ‘noble’ sword fighting/martial arts tradition.


B.F.: I don’t see how any civilized society can think of itself as “normal”, or healthy when it allows the indiscriminate killing of innocents for the sake of so-called “self-defence” – or that awful term “pre-emptive warfare”. I wish I could rename Duff’s “Veterans Today” news website to “Peace Today” and focus on all the good things in the world – as opposed to all the crazy war fear-mongering stuff. Indeed we do become that which we fight, so we should limit the amount of negative energy we allow into our lives. Those who stare too long into the abyss eventually become one with it. It’s like a big cosmic black hole sucking in all the light surrounding it. Science today proves that we absorb the positive or negative energies from those around us. So we should always surround ourselves with good/positive people. When we stop fighting the war within, then everybody wins. The real fight is not with others – It’s with your own unconsciousness, with your own unawareness.


J.T.: Well, Bob Foote, that’s all we have time for right now. It’s been great talking to you. I’m glad that this was a two-way discussion and not just me firing questions at you. I’ve got so many other questions but I’ll have to save them for another time. Inshallah – God willing we’ll meet again – that’s if you can escape from the evil clutches of Gordon Duff. I’m sorry you’re shackled to him, and I really feel sorry for you for having to put up with him. Are there any last words of advice you’d like to give to his current followers at V.T?


B.F. I’d like to tell the V.T. news crew to wake the hell up, that’s what! They should stop blindly following someone just because they’re named Gordon Duff. It’s not even a nice name for heaven’s sake! They all know my real name as Bob Foote, but no-one ever enters the V.T. newsroom and asks to hear the opinion of good ole Bob. Sometimes I have the sudden urge to just walk around naked shouting: “Bob the builder – Yes we can! Bob the builder – Yes we can!…” – but, I guess, even doing that won’t awaken the duffster sheeple up from their mindless apathy. It’s always “Duff this, Duff that…” – I’m soooooo sick of it!   No-one (but you J.T.) has ever bothered to interview me to find out my true opinions. Why do the baddies of the world always get all of the attention? It’s not fair I tell you. Not fair!! Not me, not me!! Why me, why me…


J.T.: O.K., it looks like our dear ole Bob Foote is having a bit of a nervous breakdown now. So we’ll bring this news interview to an abrupt end. If any of our news readers or listeners wish to learn more about Bob Foote, then they should write to him at “Veterans Today” – Please use his real name and not his ‘evil’ alter-ego name – Gordon Duff. There’s only so much a man can take. Have pity on Bob for goodness sake!


So from the J.T. newsroom; it’s good-bye from me, and good-bye from Duff – Oh sorry, I mean Bob Foote! Sorry Bob – there, there stop crying now…


Ahmad Thomson speaks about fighting the Dajjal in the following YouTube video:

Watch out for the Dajjal – the anti-Christ (part 2) by Al Haj Ahmad Thomson


Eminem (Feat. Sia)  song “Guts Over Fear”:




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