A Truther Video Competition: “For Your Eyes Only”


A Truther Video Competition:For Your Eyes Only


free-speechThe infamous CIA term “conspiracy theorists” – that is often used to slander ‘truthers’, has now been replaced with the equally dubious term “Fake News” – for the sole purpose of police state censorship. In view of the fact that many truthers (for example, Steve De’ak, Dennis Cimino, “The Scariest Movie Ever” and “Professor Doom” You Tube channels) are forever complaining of unjust censorship of their truther work, “Truther Musical” is now launching a Video Competition with a James Bond (007) theme entitled “For Your Eyes Only”. Each video entry must relay to the gatekeepers/ spooks – who are unjustly censoring Truther free speech, why their actions are hurting humanity, the freedom of their very own children and all future generations. They must understand that they’re selling their souls for a measly price, and that their gate-keeping for the criminal élite (in order to suppress the truth) is a futile activity, because truth will always prevail in the end – so they’re the ultimate losers who will be answerable to God on the Day of Judgement for all their cowardly gate-keeping.


All video entries for this competition should be 30 minutes maximum in duration. The creative use of James Bond theme music and dance is encouraged to highlight the points being made by the video producer – however, standing star-spangled and butt naked on your window sill (like the way Simon Shack often likes to do to attract a greater audience) is disallowed!   The final winner of the video competition will gain exclusive signed pictures of a James Bond (Sean Connery) lookalike (aka Steve De’ak) and will win a James Bond type car, or jet plane. They will then have the opportunity to crash test their chosen vehicle of transport into concrete reinforced steel buildings – to see if they’re able to pass through them like “a hot knife through butter”. Steve De’ak will monitor this “9/11 Crash Test” type project and will publish the results in a thesis entitled “The Spy Who Shagged Me” – to be included as an appendix to the official 9/11 Commission Report – in order to give it a little bit more street credibility – in contrast to the pathetic farce it blatantly already is.  Newly elected President Donald Trump will then announce the winner of the video competition on the Alex Jones show, alongside Charlie Sheen – who was previously unsuccessful in getting President Obama to answer any of his probing questions about 9/11 on the Alex Jones show.  President Trump will then apologise to the Muslim world for the blatant 9/11 false-flag event and will convert to Islam (just as Dr. Kevin Barrett recently prophesied on “Veterans Today” that Trump would do).  Then there will be peace in the world forever.  The End!


Steve De’ak complains about You Tube Censorship:



K.J.’s “The Scariest Movie Ever Channel” issues a red alert: “My Channel is SINKING!” 


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