An Open Letter to US President Donald Trump from SOAR!


An Open Letter to US President Donald Trump from SOAR!


Dear President Donald Trump,


On behalf of everyone at SOAR (Society of Apologetic Religions), we (the senior representatives of all world religions) would like to humbly deliver the following message to you:


For many years we’ve been held back from speaking the truth due to the temptations of this worldly life – namely that horrible root of all evil we all call “money”. Due to our religious “tax exempt” status, or the “dirty cash” incentive, such worldly temptation has prevented us from speaking the truth. Thus, we’ve grossly failed ourselves and humanity at large, as we’ve obviously sold our souls for a miserable price. Even Kanye West – who says he sold his soul to the devil and knows it’s a “crappy deal”, couldn’t be more remorseful than we are right now (let’s hope we don’t get locked-up like West is now for “trumping whilst black” – as Alex Jones puts it).


When the greatest test of all time came – that test which would finally determine the strength of our faith in an Almighty Lord and final Judgement Day, we failed the litmus test miserably. We denied 9/11 truth – the most outrageous Big Lie that was ever created (other than that other ole-time Big Lie – the NASA moon-landing hoax of course!). But when we heard that you would free us from our religious “tax exempt” status (once you became US President), so that we could finally be free to speak some political truth, we had a glimmer of hope – that perhaps the evil temptation, which had so badly clouded our judgement, would finally be lifted. And we would be free to speak 9/11 truth just as you and Alex Jones of are now seeking to do.


You must be an angel Donald Trump! That’s why you still have much angelic yellow fairy-like hair at your ripe ole age – it’s nothing short of a miracle! Henceforth you shall be known as “Saint Trump” by the Vatican – as we’re sure you’re the “third secret of Fatima” now finally revealed to the world. You put all our religious organisations to shame with your courageous quest for 9/11 truth-telling, against the odds of all JFK-type assassination dangers. Even CAIR (Council of American-Islamic Relations) is secretly proud of you – even though you’re such a notorious anti-Muslim bigot. For you’ve done what no Muslim leading sheikh has had the guts to do for the benefit of the entire Muslim community (or “ummah”) – that is to expose the lies of the official 9/11 government fairy-tale which wickedly blamed Muslims for the 9/11 blatant false-flag event. Yes indeed, we know that many would still argue that you’re just another puppet president going back on your word, and recruiting the same old neo-con cold warhawks, but let us forget such depraved evil of yours for just one second, so that we may bask in the knowledge that you once did that one thing that many religious organisations were unable to do – you spoke up for 9/11 truth and thus shattered the many lies of the Crime of the Millennium, with your truth-seeking “make America great again” enquiring mind. And what can be more “great” that the unadulterated truth, for it is said that “the truth shall set us free”!


Ain’t nobody wanna take a Big Lie to their unmarked grave of shame, NOBODY – not unless you’re someone like Neil Armstrong! May God save us from such an undignified final resting place! Contrary to Neil’s view, Truth doesn’t need any “protective layers”. The only people who still buy that slop are the slosh selling NASA bad actors like Buzz Aldrin – who are now so pale and flaky they’re forced to sell their rotten oats on pathetic British T.V. commercials, which still try to shove the moon-landing hoax down our throats. There is nothing wholesome and pure about that! With or without their sugar-coated oat flakes, their Big Lies are still hard to swallow – For heavens sake, the 1964 Sci-fi movie “First Men In The Moon” (starring Lionel Jeffries) had more realistic moon-landing T.V. footage than that 1969 NASA horse manure! We would like to take a moment now to give a big shout out to our home boys Dr. Jim Fetzer and Dennis Cimino for keeping it real, and speaking the truth about the moon-landing hoax – That’s just how we like to roll, fly and SOAR with the truth!


When you finally become US President Trump, we’ll gather our most religious faithful (the best of the best) to support you, and so strengthen your resolve for greater 9/11 truth-telling. Hence the reason why we’ll also sing the Katy Perry song “Roar” to you on your Inauguration Day 2017 – but, of course, in honour of the work of SOAR the song will be renamed “Soar” instead.  The temptation of “tax exemption” kept us from speaking up for 9/11 truth when it mattered the most, but now you’re gonna hear us roar, we mean SOAR!


May God bless you and have mercy upon all our souls. Peace, Shalom, Salam and Hakunah Matatah!


Yours truly,


Senior Representatives –

SOAR (Society of Apologetic Religions)

lion roar






Katy Perry – song “ROAR“:


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