Donald Trump writes to Ian Greenhalgh of “Veterans Today”

Donald-Trump-Looks-like-George-PattonDonald Trump writes to Ian Greenhalgh of “Veterans Today”:
Dear Ian G,
This is Donald Trump.  I was going to tweet you on Twitter but I had about a million REAL people to tweet and retweet instead.  So you’ll just have to make do with this e-mail.  I just want to say how pleased I am with you for loving George S. Patton just as much as I do.  Most people think I look just like Patton.  I read your “Veterans Today” article “A Call To Arms” in which you state you admire his “Texas-sized balls”.  I too admire Patton’s balls.  I bet they’re almost as big as mine.  If hands are an indication of ball size, then let me assure you that there’s nothing wrong with me in that department. They’re huuuuuuge!  Anyway, I hope you and the VT guys are happy that I have appointed “Mad Dog” as the leader of US Defence – he’s just like Patton don’t you think? He’ll help me get ‘em Muzzies out of America!  He and I often sing the misquoted lyrics of the Sia song “Blank Page”:  “…I am a Mad Dog waiting for you to bring me alive …so let our hearts stop and beat ‘em Muzzies together…”  I love that tune!  Mad Dog and I are unashamed raving maniacs!  However, tell Kevin Barrett not to worry, ‘cause he ain’t got nothin’ to worry about when it comes to my ban on all Muslims entering America -‘cause if he supports Allen Roland’s “Unified Field” theory then he’s technically a One World Religion Luciferian whore – more than he is a Muzzie, so no worries.  Tell Gordon Duff not to worry also because I’m way up Soros’s arse just as he is, and I intend to stay there – even though it’s a really dark place like a big dark cosmic black hole.
Anyway Ian, I bid you farewell now so give my regards to all the US veterans who know what it means to be a “real man” – those just like our Mad Dog and Patton – also don’t respond to letters from Muzzies such as in this blog post  about the futility of war such letters will only shrink your balls – big time!
Yours truly,
US President-elect Donald Trump
Trump ET







Trump’s Twitter Poem:

I really love to tweet and sweep people off their feet

Those Muzzies I shall defeat with every tweet and retweet

This is no easy feat!

But I shall beat ‘em with each Tweet

It’s my weapon of choice – like GMO poisoned wheat –

That the masses often like to eat

Thinkin’ it’s a treat like juicy meat,

Or as wholesome as milk from a teat

But that ain’t smart or neat!

So until we meet and greet:

Get off your butt and seat

Stand tall (not petite!)

Run away from the fire ‘n’ heat

Stop the sheeple bleat

And join the Mothership fleet

‘cause from our enemies we’ll never retreat!




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