A “Soul Train” T.V. Truther Music Show!


Dear Truthers,

To help continue the debate regarding the difference between a “House Muslim” and a “Field Muslim”, the following “Soul Train” T.V. music show was recently aired in another parallel world within our Universe (please feel free to provide any feedback in the “comments” section below – it’s most welcome):
“Soul Train” T.V. host [speaking to audience]: 
Yo! Watz up truther homies?!  I said waaaaaaatzz uuuuppp!!!
Welcome aboard the “truther” Soul Train, and haven’t we got a special show for ya all tonight!  We got some beautiful truther homies in da house!!!  So let me hear ya all say, “Yeah!”  I said let me here ya say, “Yeah!!!!”  Now we also got some meek and shy “House Muslims” in the house – tryin’ not to look too conspicuous.  And also (get this homies) we’ve also got us some former NASA “House Scientists”.  So let us all just sit tight and enjoy the ride – in peace, love and harmony as we listen to the Soul Sound of the godfather of Soul himself  -Mister James Brown!!!  Give a big round of applause ladies and gentlemen for a Mr. James Brown!  James Brown, everybody!  Soul brother No. 1, James Brown!
[James Brown moonwalks on stage to dance and sing to music]: 
Get up, get on up, get up, get on up, Stay on the scene, like a truther machine… I said; stay on the scene, like a truther machine!
James Brown [speaking]:
How ya all doin’?  I said how ya all doin’?!!!  Papa’s got a brand new bag.  Listen up all ya NASA lovin’ kiddie “House Scientists”.  Sufi Papa’s gotta brand new bag alright – yeah, with a ‘clock’ in it – so ya kiddies best be takin’ it to school now to show to all ya teachers, and to Obama in the White House. Right on, right on…
[J.B. Singing]: Get up off-a-that thing (papa’s brand new “clock ‘n’ bag”), before it blows your head off … Get up off-a-that thing, and make yourself feel better…  Right on, right on…  Papa was a rolling stone. Wherever he lay his head was his home, and when he died all he left us was this damn White House friggin’ ‘clock ‘n’ bag’!  Can I make it funky?  Can I make it funky…?
[Backing singers]:  Make it funky! Make it funky!
[J.B. Speaking]: Ladies and gentlemen, let me hear you give a big round of applause to ma homies in da house, sitting amongst you all in the audience tonight – a Mr. Jim Fetzer.  Jaaaaames Fetzzzzer, everyone.   And to Mr. Dennis Cimino, everybody, Dennis Cimino, and to Steve De’ak – a big round of applause to Mr. Steve De’ak – and give yourselves a big round of applause too.   And also applaud yourself – those of you in our music band tonight – Especially our famous Aussie “truther” violinist Mr. Stephen Phillips.  What’s a violinist doing playing in our “Soul Train” house of Soul?  Never mind.  Keep your satanic musical instrument!  ‘cause Jimmie got soul.  Jimmie got soul. S-O-U-L Soul!!  
You’re beautiful truthers, and all you “field Muslims”. Just beautiful!  Say it loud: “I’m a truther ‘n’ proud! Say it loud: “I’m a truther ’n’ proud…!”  Kiss yourselves, you’re so pretty.  I loooooove you. I love you!  Now I’ve got a special song for all the “House Muslims” in the house tonight – as we’re getting ready to ride in our “Soul Train” of peace, love and happiness brothers and sisters.  Some of you may have heard it before and it goes somethin’ like this:
[J.B singing]:  This is a Zionist World. This is a Zionist world.  But it would be nothin’, nothing without a House Muslim.
You see, Zionists made the wars – To take refugees ‘over the road’.  Zionists made the FEMA Train -To carry the refugee load. Zionists corrupted the Earth, – faster than Noah made The Ark 
This is a Zionist, Zionist, Zionist world. But it would be nothing, nothing –Without a House Muslim 
Zionists think about little biddy baby girls and baby boys – Zionists make ’em happy – ‘cause Zionists make ’em ‘clock’ toys – And after Zionists make everything, everything they can – You know that Zionists make fake money – To steal from other man – like the Rothschild’s do.
This is a Zionist, Zionist, Zionist world – But it would be nothing, nothing – not one little thing -Without a House Muslim. He’s lost in the wilderness – He’s lost in bitterness – without media presstitutes – He’s lost without sheeple – He’s lost without the ‘royal’ Muzzie kings of Saudi Arabia , Jordan and Morocco . He’s lost without the Queen of England.  He’s lost without the CIA’s Tim Osman – who ‘died’ many, many times and was buried at sea by Obama. He’s lost without Sheikh Hamza Yusuf clapping to George W. Bush.  He’s lost without Sheikh Abdal Hakim Murad labelling truthers as “conspiracy theorists” for the BBC.  He’s lost without Muslim Sufi papas with their NASA sponsored school so-called ‘clocks’… He’s lost in bitterness. LOST!!! 
[Backing singers sing]: What time it is? It’s Zion time.  What time it is?  It’s Zion time….
[James Brown speaking]:  Before we end our T.V. show tonight, we’ll be airing a new “Spelling Game” for our “House Muslim” contestants – on our Zionist-sponsored music TV channel.  Now many of you probably already know that I’m not too good with words myself.  That’s why I yell and screech a lot in my songs.  But Clive Davis – our satanic, illuminati music master is keen that we increase the self-esteem and self-worth of our “House Muslims”- by showing to the Zionist-dominated world, that they are not always as dumb as hell, but can even spell simple words correctly.   Obviously, the game is fixed but it’s not all about winning.  It’s about being able to show the world that we’re “truthers” and proud.  Ain’t that a fact?   Say it loud: “I’m a truther and proud”. Say it loud… Some of the words that they will be required to spell are: “false-flag”, “Zionists”, “inside job”, “Building 7”, “mainstream media fakery”.  So give a big round of applause for our first contestants – our world renowned mind-controlled Western Muslim Scholars: Sheikh Hamza Yusuf and Abdal Hakim Murad.  Yo! Hamza, do you think you could give up kissing George. W. Bush’s ass for a minute and join us on stage? I’m demon-possessed too you know.  Get up off-a-dat thing and make yourself feel better, get up off-a-that thing…Hamza Yusuf everyone.  A big round of applause for Hamza Yusuf!  And a big shout out to ma main man and “House Homie” Abdal-Hakim.  Abdal-Hakim do ya think you can quit labelling truthers as “conspiracy theorists” in your BBC articles and join me on stage for a minute?   One last time everyone, a big round of applause for our low self-esteemed Muslim Sheikh – Abdal Hakim Murad of Cambridge University!  Get up-off-a-dat thing and make yourself feel better, get up off-a-that thing…
And here to offer them assistance, is the German Nazi’s very own “Project Paperclip” NASA sponsored mind-controlled slave – Dr. David Griscom.  Give it up ya all for David G.  Everybody, David G…Yo! David!!! Stop dreaming about the fake NASA moon-landings.  Man, get over it mate.  They never happened.  Give it up already and come and join us up on stage.  Those NASA ‘space rocks’ you allegedly studied were nothing but Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey” caca, poo poo rocks.  And we all know that Jim Fetzer and Dennis Cimino gave you a good “roasting” when they challenged your ‘9/11 shockwave’ theory.  So don’t be shy.  Say it loud:  “I’m a truther and proud”.  Say it loud…
Judy Wood.  Dr. Judy Wood. Where are you Judy Wood?  Come out, come out wherever you are.  You can run, but you can’t hide. You can’t hide forever in your ivory tower. We’ll promise to believe in ‘Directed Energy Weapons’ (DEW) if you come and join us here on stage tonight.  Get up, get on up, get up, get on up. Stay on the scene, like a truther machine….  Simon Shack, get on up, Christopher Bollyn, get on up, Kevin Barrett, get on up, Richard Gage, get on up …Bob Foote get on up – no forget it, on second thoughts, you sit your fake pseudonym (Gordon Duff) ass back down – before you hurt somebody (like Stew Webb or Jeff Rense perhaps?). 
[Backing Singers]: “What time it is? It’s Zion time.  What time it is?  It’s Zion time …
[James Brown singing]: I’m leavin’ – on a midnight train to Mecca …  I’d rather live in that McMecca world, than with Zionism in mine….
[Backing Singers]: He’s leavin’ – on a midnight train to Mecca …




The “Soul Train” show continues – on another planet somewhere in our Dark Matter filled parallel Universe:

Soul Train T.V. Host: …One last time, a big round of applause for our godfather of Soul – James Brown!! James Brown, everybody, James Brown…
Now our next act here tonight is our king of comedy – Mr. Martin Lawrence. A big round of applause, everybody, for Martin Lawrence!!!
Martin Lawrence:  Waaatttzzzz up, wattzzz up, wattzzzz uuuuuup!!  How ya all homies doin’  tonight?   Now James Brown is leavin’ us – in our cold Zionist world, and catchin’ his night train to Mecca .
Martin dances/sings to James Brown’s “Night Train” song: Are ya ready for the night train, night train. Night! Night…
Wanna see me do the “camel walk” dance?  Wanna see me do the “funky penguin”? 
Martin Lawrence: Maaaaaan I love the funky sound of brother James Brown.  I too got on that night train to McMecca, but when I got there a friggin’ crane fell on ma friggin’ head!  I was like MAAAAANNN would ya all just stop frickin’ building hotels around here!  I’m frickin’ tryin’ to eat ma McCrap at McMecca’s McDonalds.  Enough of the friggin’ hotels around here already!  Let’s be keepin’ it real man. Please, please, please brothers! This ain’t supposed to be a material world.  Do something else useful with ya riches. Maaaaaan!
Now the show’s producers have asked me to make one thing clear, before we go any further:  There will be no frickin’ swearing on this frickin’ show tonight! – So I’m not allowed to say any swear words to ya all – not when we have the King of Saudi Arabia in the audience.  Yo, whaz up homie!  So when I say ‘Mofo’ it don’t mean what ya all think it means, it means foes (enemies) of Muslims.  And we all hate those Mo’ foes – enemies of Moslems, don’t we?! Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan if that ‘Mo foe’ Salman Rushdie says anything else bad about Muslims, we gonna put a fatwa on his Mo’ foe ugly salmon-fishy stinkin’ head.  Maaaaan that guy is one ugly Mo’ foe alright.  I was gonna whack him myself – even before that Iranian Sheikh put a fatwa on him.  But I took one look at his bitch-ugly face and I felt sorry for him.  I said “maaaaaaaaaaan ya already dead with a face like that!”  So I gave him some money for plastic surgery. Now I regret it ‘cause he got some beautiful women chasin’ his mo’foe ugly ass.  Why do women love ugly men?  I saaaaaid, Why do women LOOOVE ugly fish-head lookin’ mo-foes?!  It’s probably the motherly instinct in ‘em.   They’d be like; “maaaaaaaaaaaan, what happened to your ugly bitch-ass lookin’ face?  Ya poor wee big baby – shall I kiss it better?”  Either that, or they need their mo’ foe dumb ass heads examined.  Anyway talkin’ ‘bout ugly mo’ foes, I had this REALLY bad dream the other night.  Yeah, I went though this CERN type machine and I got to the other end of our parallel Universe.  When I got to the other end of the CERN tunnel, this damn-ugly mo’ foe ugly dude was staring right at me with his big beady eyes.  I nearly wet ma pants – I was so scared.  I said “maaaaan ya one ugly lookin’ mo’ foe dude man!!”  He took great offence at what I’d just said and started cryin’ – ’cause he said that in his world women just love his bitch-ass ugly face.  Yeah, they voted him the sexiest Mo’foe man alive.  It’s true – he showed me the Wikipedia article to prove it. There it was in black and white: “Brain Cox – voted sexist man alive!”  I said to him “maaaaan in our parallel world you’d be put in a freak show.  Yeah – alongside all the other mo’ foes – that look like they’re a cross between a man, horse and a snake.  Brian Cox – Ya got some major snake-like shiny skin their dude – ya best be powdering ya face every minute of the day.  And where in hell did ya get ‘em horse teeth?!” 
Anyway, I said to him: I’m tired of lookin’ at your mo’ foe ugly face and beady eyes.  I’ve travelled half way through the Universe, going through your quantum CERN machine, now take me to some place where ya dudes all like to party.  I wanna get ma grove on, with some funky music tonight! Where ya all be jamin’?  He said (in his posh British accent); “I know just the place, follow me!”
It was late at night and he took me to some creepy looking Count Dracula type mansion some place.  I got to the front door and prince Charles was there – staring at me like some mo’ foe ugly Count Dracula.  He told me he was related to Count Dracula, I said:  “no kiddin’ I never would’ve guessed.”  Anyway, we went down this long dark creepy corridor, with all its creepy candles and stuff and we got to the other end.  Prince Charles told me to wait as he went through this creaky door.  Then another cloaked up dude suddenly appeared.  He said to me, “Sorry mate, ya can’t go any further unless you’re willing to kiss the butt of Baphomet”.    I said (in my poshest British accent): Excuuuuuuuuuuuuse me! I ain’t kissing NOBODY’S butt around here!!  That’s not who I am!  Mama didn’t raise me up that way.  That’s just not ma thing man.  He said; “Seriously dude, ya can’t go any further in this place unless ya willin’ to kiss the butt of Baphomet.  It’s one of our secret Freemasonic magick rituals.”
As ya all can imagine, I was getting really freaked out by now.  Ya all know who Baphomet is don’t ya? – On our planet, he’s that mo’foe ugly lookin’ freak – that’s locked up in our freak circus.  Yeah, that’s right – That goat-ugly hairy dude with big boobies with his head stuck up his ass, screaming: “ass above, ass below – ‘cause I’m a bitch ugly mo’ foe!”  – Yeah, that’s the same freaky crap alright!   Anyway, there was no way I was gonna kiss his mo’ foe ugly ass.  Then the British guy said, “Don’t worry, it’s just a test question.  If you say “yes”, you’ll do it, then “yes” is the password we’re lookin’ for to allow ya ta enter our club.  I said: “Are you sure?  ‘cause you’re totally freakin’ me out right now.”  He said, “Yeah, I’m sure, so what’s your answer gonna be then?”  I said, O.K., YEEEESSS – let’s do it! I’m ready to get ma funk on tonight – on your freaky planet. Right on, right on!  I’m gonna kiss me some mo’ foe Baphomet ugly ass!  Bring it on! Yeah baby! Grooooovy!! I then passed through the door into da club with the “elite of the elite” of British royalty.  Luckily, in the end, there was no Baphomet ass kissin’ to be done – thank goodness!!! 
Anyway, as I was sayin’ – those ugly dudes in that parallel world are some seriously ugly Mo’ foe freaks. I tell ya!  The women on our planet would probably be all over ‘em freaks, I bet ya –  Givin’ ‘em all kinds of motherly loooove.  Can ya belieeeeeeve it!! – That on that planet, they actually worship our Baphomet circus freak dude with his head-up-his-ass! I just couldn’t believe it.  And they just looooooove transsexuals with big Baphomet-type boobies.  They even got one in their presidential White House.  Seriously, I kid ya not!”  Their Zionist religion is called Luciferianism.  Yeah, some mo’ foe lookin’ Rothschilds dude told me all about it when I visited their freaky club.  Anyway, as ya can all imagine, I was outta that mo’ foe ugly hell place – faster than a funky high speed soul train!   I was like: “Brain Cox get me outta here maaaaaan.  I can’t take it no more.  I’m about to throw up dude, take me to your CERN thingy – I need to get to ma own parallel quantum mechanics freaky world man.  This crap’s just too freaky.   It’s totally frickin’ freakin’ me out maaaaaaaannn!!!”
Anyway, what’s da time?  I gotta go now.  But thanks for listenin’.  It’s been great being with ya all.  Ya all be watchin’ out for ‘em mo’ foe ass ugly Baphomet ass kissers now wont ya?  Don’t be havin’ no nightmares now.  Goodnight!
Soul Train T.V. Host:  A big round of applause for Martin Lawrence everyone.  Take a seat back in our audience Martin. Our next guest on our “Soul Train” show is the former ex-actor President of the United States – So let’s give a warm welcome to Ronald Reagan – former U.S. President!
Ronald Reagan:  Hello ladies and gentlemen.  I occasionally think about how fast our differences would disappear if there was another alien parallel world in our Universe – a bit like our very own world – but with Baphomet mo’foe alien ass kissers on it –  ‘cause we’d be like: “seriously mo’ foes, our problems are nothing, and I mean NOTHING compared to YOUR problems! ” I mean, who in hell kisses Baphomet’s ass?!  That’s nearly as bad as George W. Bush kissin’ his OWN ass in some secret Skull ‘n’ Bones coffin ritual at Yale University . But I ask you, haven’t we already got some alien Baphomet ass kissers livin’ amongst us?   How many of ya all in our audience tonight have visited Baphomet and kissed his ass?  Put your hands up, don’t be shy…  But of course, on our planet, we certainly don’t believe in the “ass above, ass below” Luciferian philosophy – thank goodness. ‘cause here in the Soul Train house of funky Soul, we only ever like to groove on down to the funky sound of S-O-U-L soul! Ya all got soul brothers and sisters – we’re the hippiest show in town.  So thank God for your soul and kiss yourselves for being so pretty.  We’re all gonna make it to heaven one day.  So if you see any flyin’ UFO alien mo’ foes in the sky, you be sure to shoot ‘em buggers down now wont you.  Thanks for listening. Goodnight everyone! 
Soul Train T.V. Host:  Our next act tonight is our very own “truther” former slave to NASA – Dr. David Griscom! He has a very important message to tell to all our “House Muslims” in da house tonight.  Come on up Dr. Griscom, don’t be shy – just tell it like it is.  What’ve ya got to say to our muzzie bothers and sisters tonight?
Dr. David Griscom:  Can I say it in an African-American “House Negro” accent?
Soul Train T.V. Host:  You can tell it any way ya want to now brother. You’d be keepin’ it real.  So speak from the soul and tell it like it is.  There’s no Nazi MK-Ultra NASA “Project Paper-bitch-clip” mind-control business goin’ on around here!
Dr. David Griscom:   I’ve just managed to find the microchip NASA inserted into ma brain.  I’ve taken it out – so I can finally speak ma mind now.  This is an emergency announcement to all da House Muslims in da house:  If President Obama invites ya all to the White House for your little NASA/Muslim Sufi ‘clock ‘n’ bag’ “show ‘n’ tell” – you MUST refuse the invitation.  Do ya all hear me?!  You don’t go to that mo’foe White House with that mo’foe named Obama –  Remember he said that there was nothing to debate about 9/11.  He said 9/11 was nothing to debate ‘cause it was a FACT that Muslims did it.  He STILL wants all ya homies to keep thinkin’ you’re responsible for 9/11.    The greatest propagandist in the world knows – that to keep the propaganda going, all ya have to do is keep repeating a simple message (like “Muslims did 9/11” ) – sayin’ it over and over and over again until everyone is dumbed down into absolute stupidity.  We all know how James Brown likes to constantly repeat his words in his songs, but at least his propaganda Soul Music is funky!   I’m warnin’ ya all, if ya go with your sons named Ahmed Mohamed to the White House, ya all will be regretting it –  Not just ‘cause there’s a Baphomet-like big boobie tranny in da White House, but because Obama will dumb your asses down silly with his dumb stupid “Muslims did 9/11” Nazi propaganda message – as is further explained in this article:  
One final thing, before I go:  This is to all ya “House Mamas” in da house tonight – those of ya who know how to give your kids a good whackin’ – if they even dare to think about wearin’ a shirt with the NASA logo on it.  As Malcolm X. would say:  “To have once been a Nazi-NASA mind-controlled slave is bad enough – But to REMAIN a NASA ‘mo-foe’ – well that’s just some mo-foe sick ‘n’ freaky brain-dead stuff right there!” Keep it real ma homies. Seriously, I’m speakin’ from experience and from ma heart ‘n’ soul – they’ll just label ya all as radical puppet jihadists wielding so-called ‘clocks’ in your bags.
Now FINALLY, I’ll be introducing the final performance on our “Soul Train” show tonight – what all ya truthers in the audience have long been waitin’ for.   It’s the Soul Train line dance!!  Now all ya truther scientists get together with your partner soul brothers and sisters, and pair up for some funky line dancin’!  Kevin Barrett will be givin’ the prize money to all ya homies who can get their groove on better than the rest – Remember, this isn’t a contest about scientific know-how – as no-one is more scientifically endowed than me!  Einstein’s brain was like microscopic compared to what I’ve got goin’ on in mine.  I’m causin’ a shockwave with ma dance moves – faster than a comet, faster than a shockwave soul train!   First up to line dance will be Jim Fetzer with Dennis Cimino – against their long time nemesis Gordon Duff (aka Bob Foote) paired up with Jim Dean of “Veterans Today”.  They’ll be dancin’ to the funky “Good Foot” song of Mr. Dynamite himself – the hardest working man in show business – Mr James Brown!  Then will come our other dancers – Steve Deak against Simon Shack, Judy Wood against Richard Gage etc. – all dancin’ to our favourite soul train songs.
[The “Soul Train” line dance ends with Jim Fetzer and Dennis Cimino as the winners of the competition – ‘cause Jim could groovy and shake like Elvis Presley did in his “Jail House Rock” song, and Dennis could break-dance and moonwalk like Michael Jackson!]

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