Please help solve this military/scientific enigma

Dear Truthers,

The US military expert Dr. Jim Fetzer would like your help in solving a military/scientific problem.  He supports Steve De’ak’s 9/11 Crash Test Project but is afraid that it may not be entirely scientific, or accurate.  His concern is as follows:

“My concern is that it (the 9/11 Crash Test Project) could be rigged to support the conclusion that a less dense material (aluminum) could beat a more dense material (steel) because of speed, which is absurd. We know the laws of material science, which cannot be violated and cannot be changed. It could not have happened as claimed!”
If you believe that aluminum (i.e. jet plane material) can beat steel (i.e. Twin Tower concrete reinforced steel), then please help us to understand why, so that Jim’s fears can be addressed through scientific study and analysis.  Until the US Military can solve this problem, Trump’s Mad Dog of US defence will continue with the mindless NeoCon plan to invade at least “seven Muslim countries in five years” for no reason whatsoever!
General Wesley Clark
Let’s solve this never-ending problem and bring peace to our country once and for all!
For further information on the 9/11 Crash Test project, please visit the following websites:

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