Has “The Blob” returned to destroy us all?


Has “The Blob” returned to destroy us all?

Don’t get rid of that seasonal snow just yet!  Hold on to your butts, The Blob’s back in town!

In the final scene of the old horror movie “The Blob”, the UFO blob is unable to be defeated by anything, but is eventually destroyed by the cold, and so is airlifted to remain in frozen land (Antarctica perhaps?). So it’s a mystery why there are now so many world leaders secretly visiting Antarctica, even Buzz Aldrin is now warning us about “evil itself” residing there. Has “The Blob” returned and gathered strength and immunity from its icy prison to seek revenge on humanity? Only our buzzy bee Buzz Aldrin can be trusted to Tweet us the truth now – we must seek answers from him – even though he is a high level freemason and a twisted moon-landing hoaxer, as truth may finally come from him, just as pigs or Twitter birds may someday fly!



A Mysterious Tweet by Astronaut Buzz Aldrin




Tweeted astronaut  Buzz Aldrin had a mysterious tweet. “We are all in danger. It is evil itself.”

After some time it was removed, but a few people have managed to make a screenshot.

Do you think that he wants to confess the truth about what really happened on the moon?

Why does Buzz Aldrin what to warn us via Twitter?

Why did he Tweet with his warning message a photo of the pyramids found in Antarctica?

Have all the blobs of Quaker Oats porridge he is forced to eat for U.K. Porridge T.V. commercials finally gotten to his brain?

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