The Niggar’s Parody of Disney’s “Frozen”

Truther Family zombiesThe Niggar’s Parody of Disney’s “Frozen”


The Niggar Family is just your typical middle-class rich white American family, although they also happen to be 9/11 truthers – which sets them apart from the rest of the dumb sheeple in society. They do have one other quirk – that is they believe that they are black people, and so they’re suffering from an identity crisis of gigantic proportions.


This winter season, they’re playing the roles of the white actors within Disney’s “Frozen” movie. Our parody version of “Frozen” portrays the type of Freemasonic gangsta brotherly ‘love’ that only Dr. Allen Roland of “Veterans Today” would truly be proud of. Here are the starring roles of our 9/11 truther and Niggar Family members:


Jim Fetzer Niggar plays the role of Elsa – the snow queen

Steve De’ak Niggar plays the role of Anna (the snow queen’s sister)

Dr. David Griscom Niggar – becomes the ‘evil’ prince

Kevin Barrett Niggar – becomes the ‘good’ ice-seller man with his reindeer

Edward Snowden Niggar – becomes “The Snowman”

Jim Dean and Gordon Duff Niggar – Elsa’s parental guardians


The story so far:


A very long time ago, many, many years ago, there was a rich American family by the name of Niggar, who happened to convince themselves that they were black people – because “black was the new white”. In their topsy-turvy luciferian world, all was not what it seemed: black was white, good was evil, up was down, peace was war, freedom was slavery, etc. etc. – you get the picture. Anyway, the rulers of this godforsaken kingdom were the Senior Editors of a little known online publication called “Veterans Today”. The Senior Editors ruled their disinformation kingdom by confusing the rightful place of “right” and “wrong” in society – with their Luciferian beliefs – everything was up-side-down, and placed the wrong way.   The ruler’s favourite son was the eldest by the name of Jim Fetzer Niggar. One day the Senior Editors of V.T. scolded Jim as follows;


Duff Niggar: Yo Niggar! Why ya always listenin’ to that damn Beatles crap music. Turn dat music down!!! Get off your lazy butt Niggar and do some work around here!


Jim Niggar: Niggar please! If I is wanna listen to some Beatles satanic crap, you ain’t gonna stop me, ya hear! I is had about enough of your yellin’. Always tryin’ to tell me what to do! Who you think you is?! I’m a white dude acting a black ice-queen dude – you is a dude who don’t know who he is! I is Malcolm X. on steroids man! Before I was a veteran; I was black, before I was white; I was black and before I ever joined V.T. or discovered The Beatles I was black…we all came from Africa ain’t nobody gonna tell me otherwise. And ain’t nobody ever gonna try tellin’ me what damn music I can listen to, ya hear!!


Duff Niggar: Don’t ya go talkin’ to your elders like that! I’ve just had about enough of your cheek. Jim Dean Niggar and I just can’t take it no more. You ain’t got no feelings or respect for ya elders no more. We is gonna have to go travel now and get some medicine for your bad temperament, and cold-hearted feelings towards us. So remember when we is gone, you best not “feel” no more before you turn this place ice-cold with your cold-hearted attitude, so always remember “conceal don’t feel”!


Jim Fetzer Niggar: Yeah, whatever, get lost then! I is stayin’ in my room till you veteran Niggars come to your senses!


Next movie scene:


Steve De’ak Niggar: Yo, Fetzer Niggar, why you always hidin’ away in your room? Do ya wanna build a snowman? We can make one that looks just like the CIA’s Edward Snowden – you always liked a talkin’/singin’ snowman – one that could tell you myths and fables about 9/11 nukes and snuff.


Jim Fetzer Niggar: Get lost! I ain’t ever gonna build no god-damn snowman wid you, ever again, you hear! Not no snowman, not no 9/11 Crash Test, not no how! So stop all ya moanin’ and yellin’. What’s a guy to do to get some peace around here?! I is tryin’ to listen to this Beatles music crap for crying out loud!


Steve Niggar: Do ya wanna build a snowman?!


Jim Niggar: Shut the hell up already!! I is gonna come out there and freeze your moaning mouth shut tight! Ya hear!?


Steve Niggar: OK, but I just wanna tell ya that David Griscom Niggar is interested in my 9/11 Crash Test project.


Jim Niggar: Noooooo!!! I forbid you from having anything to do with that pseudo-scientist Niggar. He don’t know anything about science.


Steve Niggar: Niggar please!


Jim Fetzer Niggar: Don’t you Niggar please me! I forbid it, you hear! I is your older nigga brother, we is like homies forever, and when I say planes can’t cut through steel like a hot knife through butter, I means it!! You best be listenin’ to this Beatles luciferian music – it’ll teach ya that there are no rules, no wrong from right – unless I says so! Ya got it! Now repeat after me: conceal don’t feel, conceal don’t feel…


Steve Niggar: Wow, slow down there bro, cool it! Just chill man, I is only making a suggestion.


Jim Fetzer Niggar: I’ve had it with all you damn Niggars in this here castle. I is off to make a home of my own! I is gonna find me a quiet place up in a snow mountain somewhere – so I can listen to The Beatles music in peace!


Steve De’ak: Oh please don’t go Fetzer, The Snowden Kingdom is such a beautiful place to live, and I’ve just finished building an extension cabin to the castle. Do ya wanna build a snowman?!


Jim Fetzer: Shut the hell up already with your snowman building, 9/11 Crash Test building, or whatever it is you is up to now! I is wanna listen to The Beatles in peace! Let it go, let it go… I’m one with Dr. Allen Roland’s “Unified Field” theory and luciferian philosophy… no right, no wrong, no rules for me… I’m free!!! Kevin Barrett, where for art thou Kevin – Tis true love I see in your eyes, we shall be as one again, dancing our dance of brotherly love – The Mamushka – with Dr. Allen Roland. Only true lucifereian ‘love’ will save the day. All we need is love, love… Luciferian love is all we need.


Steve De’ak speaks to David Griscom Niggar:


Sorry David Niggar, I is not able to make my 9/11 Crash Test project agree with your “shockwave” theory. I is off now to find my bro Jim Fetzer with our friend Edward Snowden the snowman. You stay here and look after our Snowden Kingdom whilst we’re gone – we is gonna find our long lost bro in the snow if it’s the last thing we do!


To be continued…


Will Steve Deak Niggar find his long lost brother Niggar before his hair turns white again – or at least before his niggar Afro wig falls off? Will Steve finally get Jim Fetzer to stop listening to The Beatles – for long enough to at least build a snowman, or a 9/11 Crash Test project? Will dancing The Mamushka finally bring true brotherly love back to the Snowden Kingdom, or will Dr. Allen Roland’s “Do What Thou Wilt” type ‘love’ continue to turn men’s hearts icy-cold? Will humanity be doomed to be frozen out forever!! Stay tuned for the next episode of “The Niggar’s Frozen”


So until next time…

Why not try some “Niggar Please” breakfast cereal, or learn some more about the Niggar Family:


Dave Chappelle’s Niggas:


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