A tribute to K.J. of “The Scariest Movie Ever” YouTube Channel.


To: thescariestmovieever@gmail.com


Dear K.J.


How shockingly horrible it was to hear of your recent horrific motorbike accident. Your ‘truther’ family in the “truth movement” sends you much love with prayers for your speedy recovery.


Thank you for all your truth-seeking and for fighting the good fight. They tried to censor you on YouTube, but they’ll never be able to silence such a well-spoken and caring person. Your soothing voice on the internet is legendary – as you combine the use of relaxing music with your soft voice during your video presentations.   Please continue to upload your videos to YouTube, and may God strengthen your resolve to fight the good fight. You’ll be standing in the hall of fame soon enough 🙂


This year hasn’t been very good to “truthers” – So many unfortunate mysterious tragic deaths and accidents. Whilst the mainstream media glorifies odd celebrities who have died, or were injured this year, truthers (such as you) are not even mentioned at all.   But we don’t need the mainstream media (MSM) to tell us who the real stars of people’s hearts are. You have helped more people than you may realise, simply by being a truth-speaking voice in a world full of darkness. Although you don’t openly profess the Muslim faith, you speak in a way that the prophet Mohammed taught his followers to speak.   Many of our so-called Muslim sheikhs speak in such a harsh/loud tone of voice, despite the warnings from hadith (stories of the prophet) that Muslims shouldn’t speak “like braying donkeys”. If you were to revert to Islam, you would be such a good example to the Muslim community – who are now crying out in desperation for good truther public speaker role models – Those who aren’t afraid to speak the truth and who have a genuinely kind, ego-free temperament. A well-known Muslim hadith tells us that everyone is born a “Muslim” – one who submits to God – And who in their right mind would ever want to live any other way?   We are grateful, at least, for the fact that we as “Truthers” can claim you as one of our own.


Best wishes,


Your Truther family


[As Soul Brother No.1 – James Brown might say: “Say it loud: I’m a Truther and proud!”]



To all those who have suffered because of cowardly demonic attacks this winter season – for no other reason than for your truth-seeking and for your shining the light of truth upon evil, have comfort in the knowledge that you are not alone. We wish K.J. of “The Scariest Movie Ever” YouTube channel a very speedy recovery and Happy New Year!


You’ll never walk alone!

Run evil cockroaches run, run, run! ‘cause  here comes K.J. as the “The Iron Man”!




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