The World Is Stone!


heart of stone


It is explained in the Holy Quran (in the verses below) that disbelief in Allah (God) will lead to a world of stone-hearted individuals who fuel a hellish existence on Earth:


Mohammad Asad’s Quran Translation with notes:


(2:23) And if you doubt any part of what We have, bestowed from on high, step by step, upon Our servant [Muhammad],14 then produce a surah of similar merit, and call upon any other than God to bear witness for you 15 – if what you say is true!


(2:24) And if you cannot do it – and most certainly you cannot do it – then be conscious of the fire whose fuel is human beings and stones 16 which awaits all who deny the truth!



14 i.e., the message of which the doctrine of God’s oneness and uniqueness is the focal point. By the use of the word “doubt” (rayb), this passage is meant to recall the opening sentence of this surah : “This divine writ – let there be no doubt about it…”, etc. The gradualness of revelation is implied in the grammatical form nazzalna – which is important in this context inasmuch as the opponents of the Prophet argued that the Qur’an could not be of divine origin because it was being revealed gradually, and not in one piece (Zamakhshari).


15 Lit., “come forward with a surah like it, and call upon your witnesses other than God” – namely, “to attest that your hypothetical literary effort could be deemed equal to any part of the Qur’an.” This challenge occurs in two other places as well (10:38 and 11:13, in which latter case the unbelievers are called upon to produce ten chapters of comparable merit); see also 17:88.


16 This evidently denotes all objects of worship to which men turn instead of God – their powerlessness and inefficacy being symbolized by the lifelessness of stones – while the expression “human beings” stands here for human actions deviating from the way of truth (cf. Manar 1,197): the remembrance of all of which is bound to increase the sinner’s suffering in the hereafter, referred to in the Qur’an as “hell”.


QXPv (THE QUR’AN AS IT EXPLAINS ITSELF, 5th edition) March 2012

Rendition by Brig Shabbir Ahmed, M.D., Florida:


2:23 (For the real skeptic, here is a reason-friendly offer.) If you are still in doubt concerning what We have revealed to Our servant (Muhammad), call and set up (a committee, commission, organization, association of the highest order) all your helpers besides God, and then produce just one Surah like this, if you are truthful.



[Bring some chapters of comparable merit that even come close to it in magnificence, eloquence, grandeur and wisdom 10:38, 11:13, 17:88. The use of ‘We’ and ‘I’ … God uses for Himself the first person singular ‘I’ as well as the plural ‘We’. The Qur’an being the most eloquent Book on earth has its own unique charisma and style. Slight reflection even on a translation strikes us with the beauty and variety of its usage of semantics. ‘We’ in relation to God indicates His Supreme Royalty, whereas ‘I’ gives us some idea of how close the King of kings is to us. King Cyrus of Persia calls himself ‘We’ in 18:87 and that is just one example. But about God, “There is none like unto Him.” 112:4. Likewise, the use of the masculine gender for God in all scriptures is meant to be in conformity with our social fabric and ease of expression. For third person singular, almost all languages in the world use the male gender except when referring to a specific female]



2:24 And if you fail to do it – and fail you will – yet remain haughty and scornful, then guard yourselves against the fire that has been readied for those who oppose the truth, and its fuel is the masses and their stone-hearted leaders alike.



[This fire is generated in and engulfs the hearts 2:74, 9:110, 66:6, 104:6-7. Hajar = Stone = Rock = A stone-hearted person = Elite leadership = An apparently tough, prominent man = The hard or high segment of a hill]


Note:  In the music video below, notice when Cyndi Lauper puts a spell (hex) on the listening audience with her ‘horned god’ freemasonic hand sign:


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