An Illuminati’s “Eyes Wide Shut” Masquerade Party Invitation


An Illuminati’s “Eyes Wide Shut” Masquerade Party Invitation


An open letter to all ‘tuthers’ from Hollywood’s Illuminati


Dear so-called Truther,


You are cordially invited to attend our annual “Eyes Wide Shut” Masquerade Party. As you all already know, this party allows all ugly people to cover up their ugliness and possibly get shagged by a “Whore of Babylon” Luciferian witch, or by Baphomet himself – to allow the ‘truther’ to finally reach the Ninth Gate of the false-light of Lucifer. Let’s face it, most of you so-called “truthers” have a face that only a mother would love, but never be disheartened because that’s what masks are for, stupid! Many of the usual Rothschild’s clan will be in attendance – posing as “The Good”, “The Bad” and “the ridiculously ugly-looking”. This year, any type of mask can be worn to cover up your ugliness. Here are a few suggestions for our VIP distinguished ‘truther’ guests:


Gordon Duff – wears a “Bloated GMO Guinea Pig” mask – because Gordon needs to continue to show how much he still loves his caged, GMO-fattened, guinea pigs by comparing them to humans – like he often does on his YouTube channel.


Kevin Barrett – wears a “Drunken Bar Rat” mask – to hide the fact that he is a delusional pseudo-Muslim, trying to sell Allen Roland’s New Age “unified field” Luciferianism bullcrap to the world.


Allen Roland wears a “Baphomet’s Butt” mask – because, let’s face it, anything is better than his usual face – with his ridiculously ugly Worzel Gummidge scarecrow features and George W. Bush-type bushy eyebrows. Yuck! – Only a face a mother would love indeed!


Ian Greenhalgh wears his “Two-faced Edward Snowden” mask – to show how he has developed a split personality by loving and hating Edward Snowden both at the same time – First by loving his 9/11 nuke evidence material – in order to bring some legitimacy to Gordon Duff’s nuke theory, then by hating Snowden’s guts by writing endless V.T. articles labelling him as being a CIA fraud. Luckily for him, other than Big Momma, no-one else has yet has woken up to this blatant two-faced hypocrisy by the ‘truther’ so-called “nukers”.


Sheikh Hamza Yusuf – A “George W. Bush” mask – we all know why Hamza desperately needs this mask – to show his true colours to the world – after he shamelessly-publicly endorsed the fake “war on terror” against the entire Muslim community – First by firmly shaking Bush’s hand, and then by clapping enthusiastically to all of his warmongering speeches.


Abdal Hakim Murad – A “Neil Armstrong” mask – to show to the BBC that he is truly on the BBC, NASA, CIA’s side by labelling all truthers as being “crazy NASA moon-landing deniers”, and using the CIA’s infamous demeaning term “conspiracy theorists” against 9/11 truthers in his articles for the BBC.


Jim Al-Khalili – A “Queen of England” mask, or a “CERN/ Kali – Goddess of Destruction” mask – to show how much he loves his OBE – a Queen of England award, for services to the notorious “mother of all false-flags” (aka CERN) against humanity.


Christopher Bollyn – Wears “A Mossad Woman” mask – to hide the shame of the fact that he once allegedly married a Mossad agent – bizarrely just to gain some special “inside disinformation” about what really happened on 9/11 from a Mossad-biased perspective – for his so-called ‘objective’ evidence for his “Israel did it” – 9/11 ‘flawless’ nanothermite theory.


Simon Shack – A “Tavistock Sockpuppet”, or a “David Bowie” mask – to emphasise to the world how he is just a humble, shy and retiring Italian ‘truther’- who is inspired by Tavistock’s David Bowie music, and a person who truly only has a ‘face’ for radio – because he is just too butt ugly to appear on T.V., although he often has no shame about standing butt naked on his window sill for the whole world to see!


Dr. Jim Fetzer – A “Paul or Faul McCartney” mask – to emphasise how he still loves the satanically inspired Beatles music, despite the fact that they killed and replaced Paul McCartney. Regardless of Fetzer’s die-hard “fraud vitiates everything” political views, “The Beatles” can never do anything wrong in his “eyes wide shut” – even if they do blatantly poison the well of truth, and produce some ridiculously crappy music that no-one else can bear to listen to – other than the hard-core luciferians of course.


President-elect Donald Trump – A “George S. Patton” mask – so people know that he really is Patton’s doppelganger – so that Ian Greenhalgh can admire them – as Ian can’t stop shamelessly writing about Paton’s “Texas-sized balls” in his V.T. “A Call To Arms” articles, because he is so ball-less himself that he wants all truthers to do nothing in the face of evil, stating: “…all the big guns are on the side of evil”.


Steve De’ak – a “Phantom of the Opera” mask – so he can menacingly walk down the stairs (as all the other so-called “truthers” are engaged in their perverse masquerade dance), to utter the phantom’s chilling words: “Why so silent good truthers? Did you think that I’d left you for good…”


Please reply as soon as possible to this party invitation. It really will be a truly spectacular event – much like the masquerade party in the musical film “Phantom of the Opera” – and the highlight of the evening will be when Sheikh Abdal Hakim Murad sings his version of Sia’s “Chandelier” song – as he swings from the chandelier, pretending that tomorrow doesn’t exist whilst wearing his choice of masquerade mask.


We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Yours truly-satanic,


The Hollywood Illuminati

pjohnny-depp-as-lucas-corso.s. The best masquerade mask will win the owner the right to pass through “The Ninth Gate” – just as the Hollywood demon-possessed actor Johnny Depp (as Lucas Corso) does in the satanic illuminati film “The Ninth Gate”. They will then be able to declare: “I know now that the shadows come from the light” – after being shagged by Lucifer for the very last time!




Song: “Eyes Wide Open”:



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