At the precipice there’s Donald Trump!

super-zionist-trump-640x360At the precipice there’s Donald Trump!


In one scene of “The Addams Family” movie, the child named Wednesday arrives at an elitist American holiday camp. She is then asked by one of her camping peers: “Why are you dressed like somebody died?” Wednesday simply replies: “Wait!” Although most Americans may view this reply as being just your typical, everyday “Addams Family” type morbid humour, there is really much deep philosophical and religious significance behind it.



The Holy Quran tells us:


2:208   O you who have attained to faith! Surrender yourselves wholly unto God, and follow not Satan’s footsteps, for, verily, he is your open foe. (2:209) And if you should stumble after all evidence of the truth has come unto you, then know that, verily, God is almighty, wise.

2:210 Are these people waiting, perchance, for God to reveal Himself unto them in the shadows of the clouds, together with the angels – although [by then] all will have been decided, and unto God all things will have been brought back?



The 2008 movie “The Day The Earth Stood Still” makes out that humans “change at the precipice” (or at the pinnacle of their degenerate lifestyle), when they finally understand the true value of human ‘love’, and what really matters most in life. But if history teaches us anything, it’s that humans don’t ever change unless a friggin’ asteroid lands on their friggin’ heads!  For example, such cataclysmic life-changing historic events happened at Sodom and Gomorrah – with the asteroid attack, and again at Pompeii when the Roman city was totally destroyed by the nearby erupting volcano. Sometimes people just don’t realise the true value of life until it’s well and truly gone – often in a bloody ridiculous gigantic ball of flames!


pope doves attackedWe are now witnessing the major signs of The End Times. Recent news is that the Vatican has just been rocked by two major earthquakes. Only a foolish nation ignores the signs of God in Mother Nature. The black birds that attacked the white Vatican doves were also another meaningful sign from God, as was the recent lightning strike upon their anti-Christ Vatican building. Muslims have prophesied that future leading religious scholars will be the most ignorant people of society, and their political leaders the most ruthless and foolish of all. People often get the leaders they deserve. In one lecture against “The Don” gangster Trump, David Icke states: “If you’re only as tall as a hammer, every problem looks like a nail”. However, some people are praising Donald Trump as being a “real, rare man”, likening him to a “fire monkey on a wrecking ball” when ‘draining the swamp’ in bringing real justice to America. They say:


“…the more the Deep State does to undermine his presidency, the more they will become the object of The Donald’s wrecking ball. So you know how it works:

The greatest wrecking ball in modern history. Truly, if ever a wrecking ball was to incarnate into human form, Donald Trump would be the perfect one. His photograph now sits next to the phrase “wrecking ball” in Webster’s Dictionary… We the People want a real man. Trump’s locker room tape: At least it shows that he is a real man…and not a girlie man like Barack Obama …The Donald is as close to a Red Fire Monkey as you will ever see… as Lord Hanuman, a mythical monkey god whose courage and perseverance and devotion to his mission was unrivalled.”

[Source – Article: “The Donald Cannot Make A Wrong Move, The Trump Movement Will Not Be Thwarted” – January 13th 2017, The Millennium Report –]


trump-flagHowever “The Millennium Report” couldn’t be more wrong in its delusional view of Trump. Some cheeky monkeys are now working on a parody of Miley Cyrus’s song “Wrecking Ball” – portraying Trump swinging on a wrecking ball dangling from a burning American flag – on fire from Trump’s yellow fiery hair, and his fire monkey-type anti-freedom antics. How sad it is that most Americans don’t seem to know how a “real man” should behave. The Qur’an teaches that humans shouldn’t seek to behave like monkeys, apes or pigs but rather the personality traits of those creatures should be “despised and rejected”. Such animals are God’s innocent creatures placed on Earth as signs for us – so that we may improve our own character traits – not so that we become like “the lowest of the low”. In reality, Trump embodies all that’s wrong with manhood today: nothing but cold-hearted, ruthless, sneaky, perverted, bigoted, arrogant, faithless, male chauvinism, that’s all! Every mother now hangs her head in shame at what has become of the male species. Thus, many are now awaiting “The Mothership” to rescue the planet from destruction:




There is a very powerful and fast-growing movement afoot that identifies with the meme of the MOTHERSHIP.  One of the various tag lines of this extraordinary phenomenon, that is quietly manifesting under the radar, is this:

“BIG MOTHER is watching Big Brother!”

For the uninitiated, the emerging Fifth Estate is BIG MOTHER.  The slowly dying Fourth Estate is Big Brother. There is no question that the tide is gradually changing.  And, that the traditional control of information is being altered in profound and fundamental ways. Hence, it is only a matter of time — a relatively short period of time — that a veritable sea change will occur on planet Earth.  That moment of highly anticipated change will transpire when the MOTHERSHIP appears to everyone in all its glory.

Think of it this way:  Were a massive MOTHERSHIP to slowly glide across the sky over New York City … and then Washington, DC … and then Miami, Florida, on the very same day, would not the whole order change in a day and a night?!  The Alt-Media is like a MOTHERSHIP that is slowly approaching Earth as it disseminates forbidden truth and lost information, deep wisdom and esoteric knowledge across the entire planetary realm.

The biggest story on planet Earth has gone virtually unnoticed.
[Source: Cosmic Convergence Research Group]



trump bans muslimsUnfortunately, many women and men don’t seem to have the moral fortitude to stand up for what is ‘right’ anymore. According to “The Millennium Report”, US Veteran Intelligence Operatives are currently running around like headless chickens yelling: “No one knows what is really going on right now!” And Trump laments that he must now ban all Muslims from entering America “…until we can figure out what the hell is going on!” But even a headless chicken should be able to figure out that indiscriminately bombing innocent civilians throughout the Muslim world, is just going to bring some serious chickens home to roost – that’s what the hell’s going on, dumbass! As well as the satanic New World Order (NWO) plan for a world-wide Police State!


martinlutherkingMartin Luther King once wisely remarked that people should do what is morally right – not just what is expedient, or politic, or money-driven, but what is right according to God’s law – not the NWO law of the jungle. Unfortunately, many people are content to see their fellow humans suffer in silence: in immoral worldwide wars, starving and dying without basic human needs at home – such as affordable health care, decent housing, proper GMO free food, etc, etc. Society has become cold-hearted and mean-spirited where only the strong survive.


For far-too-long, the so-called “9/11 Truth Movement” has been content with its petty infighting and controlled-opposition shills. Very few “truthers” have shown the moral fortitude to do what is right, and unite for the very sake of human survival on this planet. Will the world survive a Trump presidency after the catastrophic rule of Obama, or will it be the final straw that breaks the camel’s back?  Nevertheless, when God’s angels of justice finally seek to REALLY “drain the swamp” from this planet, it won’t be anything like the pussy-grabbing, pussy-footing around antics of Donald Trump, but rather your good ole fashioned, old-school, real, authentic Earth-shattering type of cleansing – on a Biblical scale, as in the days of prophet Noah – ’cause who needs a ‘wrecking ball’ politician when you can have a friggin’ asteroid land on your friggin’ thick head! Perhaps only then, using the same immortal wise words of an Addams family member, an angel of God may utter in disgust: “I have seen evil (aka Obama). I have seen horror (aka Trump)! I have seen the unholy maggots that feast upon the dark recesses of the human soul! (aka politicians – aka blood-sucking insects). But until today, I had never seen YOU!!”


The Grim ReaperBecause, in reality, we can only ever hope to change ourselves, and hope that our good nature may rub off on others too. In this day and age there are far too many people moaning like Michael Jackson about what is wrong with the world, but they’re not willing to sacrifice their own luxurious life-styles to help their fellow creatures on Earth. We have let the demons run wild as death draws near to us all, as the black-cloaked Grim Reaper menacingly grins: “Wait!”



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