Court proceedings against Steve De’ak!

Sia IttWith the newly elected U.S. president Donald Trump now in office, America has been sentenced to death row  – unless we can solve the crime of the millennium. I – Judge Jahilliya – with my very hairy “Sia-Itt” court wig on, now call Steve De’ak to the stand to answer the serious allegations made against him by Dennis Cimino – former member of “Pilots for 9/11 Truth”. Dennis condemns Steve De’ak with the following words:


“…De’ak blew it when all he could do was pull matzoh balls out of his ass in anonymous or unknown sources for that rooftop MSM media concocted Jew horse shit he was parroting to lead the discussion into the reeds.”

                                            Dennis Cimino speaking about Steve De’ak’s Crash Test project.


steve-deakNow how do you plead to these charges against you Steve: Guilty or not guilty?


willful-ignorance-solves-nothingAlthough, Dennis’s statement is rather cryptic, we shall investigate his allegations against you Steve De’ak – because condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance – and wilful ignorance solves nothing!


Before you are called to the witness stand, I caution you to choose your words wisely – any falsehood on your part will immediately have you thrown to the lions. The charge, I believe, is that you collaborated with some rich guy to sabotage your own 9/11 Crash Test idea. The rich guy, in collusion with the mainstream media, sought to raise funds for his own 9/11 Crash Test by appealing to the general public on YouTube, the MSM etc – but according to Dennis Cimino, this was all just an evil Zionist ruse – a psychological operation to “…lead the [9/11 investigation] discussion into the reeds.” We understand that you have been in contact (by telephone) with this other rich guy who has worked with the mainstream media to promote his own “9/11 Crash Test”. What evidence can you provide to us in your defence against Dennis’s allegations against you? Is your collaboration with this rich guy just a ruse to side-track the 9/11 truth movement into a dead-end, or is your heart well and truly with 9/11 truthers, and an honest quest for the truth and nothing but the truth? These are very serious allegations against you De’ak, which you are morally and ethically inclined to address – as your silence may suggest guilt. You have the right to remain silent only if a cat has got your tongue! As William Shakespeare would say: such an evil ruse, by any other name, would stink just as bad! So what say ye? How do you plead: guilty or not guilty? Please help to explain why.


Tcrazy-love-imagehis court in now adjourned – to allow Steve De’ak the time to provide the evidence we’ve ask for. Until then, cue the music: Guilty of love in the first degree!



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