Are YOU a Super Soldier?

fighter pilot


Are you a GMO Super Soldier?


Dear Truther,


I, and many other Truthers, have risked EVERYTHING to bring to you this Top Secret information right now. Please DO NOT ignore this message! What I am about to impart to you now, may very well shake you to the very core of your being. I shall get straight to the point:  There is a high chance that you’re a genetically modified (GMO) SUPER SOLDIER. This is top-secret stuff – to gain a better idea of what it’s all about, watch “The Matrix” movie, or the movie “They Live”! Are you now ready to break free from your conditioning?


K.J. (from “The Scariest Movie Ever” YouTube Channel) is currently in hospital recovering from a serious road accident – perhaps he was targeted for elimination by “the powers that be” because he recently exposed the mysterious death of a top UFO researcher – who said he was conditioned since birth to be a GMO Super Soldier – affected by Black Goo (aka demonic possession). Even NASA’s Buzz Aldrin warns about such evil now. The Hollywood actor Robin Williams was also allegedly killed by Black Goo – because he exposed the substance in his movie “Flubber”.  The famous rap artist Eminem also sings about being a mind-controlled Hollywood “soldier“:



Are these ‘Super Soldiers’ the “Gog and Magog” people who in Islamic prophesy swarm the planet, wrecking havoc and destruction, before they’re eventually destroyed by God’s angels?


Ever since you were born, you (amongst many, many, many others just like you) may have been genetically engineered to adhere to the Police State’s ‘New World Order’. Signs that you may be a seasoned “super soldier” are: swearing regularly (like Gordon Duff of “Veterans Today”); easily going super-zionist-trump-640x360into a blind rage, or generally behave like a bigoted spoilt prat (much like U.S. president Donald Trump); having an uncontrollable addiction – such as overindulging on food and turning into a lazy couch potato; and ignoring the Crime of the Millennium and acting like you’re the best thing since sliced bread, etc, etc. It’s now time for you to face up to your demons and purge them from your body and brain – For we wrestle not only with total morons like Donald Trump but with Black Goo!


The You Tube video below may help you to overcome the power of Black Goo, or demonic possession:

“Recognising demonic activity in you life” by Josh Coen:




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