Donald Trump’s speech to the Mainstream Media (MSM)

trumppresidentDear Mainstream Media,


I love ya all. Really I do. I was only kiddin’ when I told the CIA that I hated ya all for being “some of the most deceitful scumbags on the planet”. I wasn’t just trying to get on the good side of the CIA because I’d said all those nasty things about them on Twitter. If it weren’t for you guys flogging all your fake “war on terror” lies, and promoting all the fake evidence of what really happened on 9/11, my gangsta buddies and I wouldn’t have been able to make a hell of a lot of money. Please don’t continue to promote any real scientific investigation with any kind of a “9/11 Crash Test” project – like you recently did. Make sure such an idea becomes just a dead-end diversion away from any real scientific inquiry. Stop working with odd-ball rich guys who want to buy jet planes and crash them into Donald-Trump-Looks-like-George-Pattontall buildings – just to prove what a blatant lie and false-flag event 9/11 really was. That’s ridiculous. Just ignore Steve De’ak ‘cause he’s just a clone like me. But I’m a much sexier, superior clone. He was cloned from Sean Connery’s DNA, whereas I’m a clone of George S. Patton with a touch of Elvis Presley – and Ian Greenhalgh of “Veterans Today” can admire my “Texas-sized balls” anytime he wants to. He should just quit writing rebellious Patton-loving “A Call To Arms” V.T. articles, and focus instead on admiring my huuuuge Patton-sized balls – go on Ian, ya know ya want to.


I love Elvis. That’s why I try to speak like him a lot, and why my wife and I often dance to Elvis’s song “My Way”. Things are always just going to be “my way” from now on: me, me, me, me …America first, me first, America first, me first… ‘cause I’m America and America is me, me first, my way all the time. Doubt it not! That’s just how I rock ‘n’ roll. Yeah baby! If ya don’t like it, ya can all just hump it pussy style! My daddy didn’t spoil me rotten as a kid for no good reason ya know. There’s method in the madness. We’re going to promote the interests of the white ruling élite like never before. America became “great” the day we massacred the entire Native American-Indian population, and more recently by genocide of the entire Muslim world – with the Neocon policy to invade at least “seven Muslim countries in five years”. General Wesley Clark’s testimony (about this wicked plan of ours) is further validated by the spoken words of one of the Neocon’s major intelligence-gathering – outfits known as Stratfor.  As follows:


STRATFOR Chief Reveals Zio-Anglo-American Plot For World Domination

BBC building 7


We really should ban all brown-skinned Muslims from entering America. It’ll be a cold day in hell before I ever let any of those Muzzie sheikhs pray on my Inauguration Day. I can just about stand Jewish and Christian bigoted preachers. I’m glad the Muzzies all boycotted my big day. If Sheikh Abdal Hakim Murad says any more nasty words about me, I’m a gonna tell him to kiss my big fat ass! Yeah, just like how George W. Bush made Sheikh Hamza Yusuf kiss his hairy ass, and support his fake “war of terror” speech against the entire Muslim world. Those Muzzies should all just stay at home and let us carpet-bomb them to death with our drones and $hit. And talking about banning people, I think we should also ban any white trailer trash whores like the much overrated pop star Madonna. I thought she was on our side with all her Kabbalah Israeli lovin’ $hit. But she’s just another Hillary-witch minion like the over-rated failed Hollywood actor Meryl-Bo-Peep Streep. I can’t believe Madonna threatened to blow up the White House on live mainstream media T.V – during her pussy march speech against me. Does she think she’s Guy Fawkes or something – just ‘cause her ex-husband’s name was Guy? You guys should ramp up the censorship big time on that bitch. That’s totally unacceptable! If she were a black Muzzie person saying that $hit, her ass would be in jail right now! Just like Hillary should be too. I’m speech-less! Although, I know soooo many big words, really I do. It’s like I’ve just swallowed the entire English dictionary or something. But there’s no better word to describe Madonna than “stupid”. In fact you’re all soooo god-damn stupid – Nothing but a bunch of full-retards egging me on to make fun of ya all – with my infamous retard facial impressions. Remember those, ‘cause that’s how ya all are really like. Honestly!


nazitrumpNevertheless, fear not, ‘cause I’m the best mind-controlled, genetically engineered Super Soldier that ever lived. The white KKK cloners did a very good job this time, but they deliberately messed up Obama’s cloning just to make black people look bad. Now White America can be proud of its whiteness, because black people have officially proved themselves to be such evil scum bag rulers. No black person will ever be allowed to rule America again after all the crap Obama accomplished whilst in office. Our KKK plan has worked a treat! I charge the white man with being the greatest ruler on Earth…the greatest “make America great again” spokesperson on Earth…the greatest gold-digger on Earth – just like how me ole German Nazi granddaddy was. We didn’t land on Plymouth Rock; we dug it up, mined it for gold and bagged it! That’s what we did alright. And why am I now beginning to sound like the clone of a white Malcolm X.   I must be malfunctioning. The Simpsons cartoon didn’t predict my presidency just so that my brain would suddenly turn to mush. I’ve been in the presidential making for a very, very long time and I’m not prepared to give up just yet. Quick, someone call the android controllers to fix my brain – quick!


Trump ETDon’t just sit there staring at me with those droopy eyes, yes you! You degenerate CNN reporter, you’re all “fake news” Zionist scum bags – everyone knows that, but why do ya all have to make it so bleeding obvious all the time? You should all be glad the American people elected me as president – ‘cause I make this gangsta $hit thing look good – just like how Will Smith makes the M.I.B “look good”. I can blatantly lie about how many people were at my inauguration, and they’ll just lap it all up like hungry dogs. I wish I had one of those flashy stick thingies that the M.I.B use to wipe out people’s memories. I’d tell them hundreds of billions upon trillions of people were at my inauguration, and they’ll believe it just ‘cause I said so – Seeing is NOT believing as far as I’m concerned. Very soon I’ll be able to mind-control the entire world with just my signature ‘666’ hand signals. I’ll ‘flip the bird’ and wave the ‘666’ hand sign so fast people won’t know what hit them – at least a billion times a minute to hypnotize the public into stunned silence every time. And by the way, my hands aren’t small – they don’t represent anything wrong with me in my “pee-pee” department I can assure you! They’re huuuuuuge! And don’t you guys ever talk to me about my loving pee-pee bed pissing ever again, you hear! I really am germophobic, seriously! That’s why I have bald grey aliens following me wherever I go. There’s a hell of a lot less germs with those E.T. folk. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, or the funny-looking grey alien (disguised as a Secret Service agent) often sitting behind me. They control my brain and when I meet with the British prime minister, or “my Maggie” as I call her, I’m gonna grab her by the pussy and she won’t even realise it. I bet Jeremy Corbin would just love to see her “Irony Lady” pussy. Cor-blimey, what a carry on! Hee, hee! It’s great being U.S. president. I’m gonna make everything great again.  Keep up the good work mainstream media (MSM). There’s really no war between us. Let’s just pretend we’re ‘fighting’ to give the sheeple wolf in sheepthe impression that I’m soooooo “anti-establishment”, even though I’m as hard-core Neocon as any con man can ever be. Just don’t ever merge with the alternative media, or the so-called “Mothership” of independent bloggers bringing real truth to the world. I must warn ya all of those “mothers” or “mo-foes” as I like to call them: There’s a very powerful and fast-growing movement afoot that identifies with the meme of the MOTHERSHIP.  One of the various tag lines of this extraordinary phenomenon (that is quietly manifesting under the radar) is this: “BIG MOTHER is watching Big Brother!” So beware of them, wherever they may be. All freedom-loving freethinkers are the real enemies of the mainstream media. They’re your true enemy, not I. Just as the genie once said to Aladdin: “You ain’t never had a friend like me… can your friend do this…can your friend do that…” And as Christina Aguilera once sang: “I’m a genie in a bottle, ya gotta rub me the right way” – Yes you, all ya pussy MSM journalists tryin’ ta hide from me. You can run, but ya can’t hide! I’m a gonna grab your pussy one way or another….I’m gonna find ya! Gonna get ya, get ya, get ya, one way or another. I will come to your house. I will hide under your bed…


Tell Alex Jones of “” that I won’t really promote his 9/11 “conspiracy theory” bullcrap – I just fooled him into supporting me that’s all. But now that I’m president, he can keep his big mouth shut and leave me alone to rule in peace. Such a big loud-mouth he is. I can’t stand him. He gives me such a headache. We’ve a lot of intelligence operators professing to be valid alternative media outlets. But they suck big time! Really they do.


Well that’s it for now, ya mainstream media scum-sucking pigs, slime-sucking sons of a motherless goat and pussy bitches. And don’t even think about asking me any questions! Ya can all just kiss my big fat hairy butt! Whoever Controls The Media Controls The World and I, as U.S. president, now rule your ass! Goodbye! By the way, pay no attention to the following YouTube video by “Secureteam10” exposing the fact that grey E.T. aliens fully control my brain now:


YouTube video “Iranian military opens fire on UFO” by Secureteam10:


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