No Justice; No Peace!

pope doves attacked


Gordon Duff of “Veterans Today” wonders why the 9/11 Crime of the Millennium has never been investigated by an experienced prosecutor, he states the following points:


If 9/11 were a crime, why have we never had a trained criminal investigator or experienced prosecutor ever chime in?


Regarding the Supreme Court: 
> they put Bush in office.
> they are complicit
> there have been investigations, done within Justice and the military and CIA. 
What has been found has shown that almost every American institution has become bifurcated, some aspect, perhaps a few at the top or, as with the CIA, most of it…
> under the control of a criminal conspiracy that controls the news, controls the courts and, as we have seen over the past few weeks, the majority of congress also. 


Of those who are “involved” in truthing, if you excuse the term, I am the only person with a background in intelligence analysis who has an active staff.
This actually is my day job.
There are dozens of ways 9/11 can be solved but none that can overcome what we all should admit.
Inside job is an understatement.  This is dictatorship, pure and simple.
I talk to heads of state, intelligence and army chiefs as part of my normal job.
They all KNOW who did 9/11.
Only the news in the US and the American people are that stupid.
Look up the name Kevin Bracken.
VT is a collective effort.


Unless you gain an expertise in chaos theory and game theory warfare, you will be as “over your head” as others.
Think of the Stallone movie from a few years ago: “You are a big guy but out of shape and for me it is a full time job.”
I am not an internet person.  I work in intelligence as a full time job.  The things you have access to are largely from a fantasy world made up of those with too much time on their hands.
Learn the difference.  Stop reading things on the internet…or…worse yet…other media.  As for expecting me to brief the pubic on what is really going on….”they couldn’t handle it..”…not even close.
The truth is beyond even official conspiracy theory.  What “truth” is out there generally comes only from me and at great personal risk.
Everyone else is either making it up or lying…with few exceptions…very few.
Keep working at it. – Gordon Duff


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