American Muslims

trump bans muslims


Muslim America


Americans are not as islamophobic as Donald Trump likes to make out. Apparently, the famous so-called “Islamic Sheikhspeare” named Rumi is still the best-selling poet in America. That says much about American open-mindedness and appreciation of Islamic culture and heritage. One cannot expect an uncultured person like President Donald Trump (who infamously surrounded himself with very evil people throughout his life) to appreciate the true beauty of Islam. One of Trump’s closest gangster friends was nicknamed “The Devil” by his very own gang members. One can often judge a person by who they choose to associate with. Donald Trump’s Muslim ban is so blatantly racist that if it were made against any other religious group (i.e. Jews or Buddhists), there would be much stronger condemnation of it from world leaders. Trump’s racist anti-Muslim immigration ban, which even restricts Science/medical students from coming into the U.S., is hurting the field of Science. Science is one field of study that allows intellectuals from all walks of life, regardless of their religion, or social/economic status, to learn about life from an unbiased and objective perspective. There have been many scientific discoveries gained from study of the Holy Quran. Perhaps Islamic physicists will be able to help scientists to better understand the concept of “E=MC squared” – for example, by pondering on the Quranic story of the Jinn’s abilities of teleportation. The jinns (genies) seem to have the power to transform matter into energy and back into matter again. The throne of the Queen of Sheba was teleported from Yemen to Jerusalem by such power – as explained in the following YouTube video:

“Power of the Jinns” by The Prophet’s Path:


love-them-with-prayerIn this age of increasing Islamophobia, we pray for Allah’s protection against the forces of evil. We pray that the world becomes a much more peaceful place, to allow every child to grow in an atmosphere of love and respect. The Quranic verses regarding Allah’s “Throne of Power” remind us that Allah (God) is in control of everything – so all praise be to Allah; the Lord of the Worlds; who gave us life and unto Him will be the return. The following YouTube video explains the Throne of Allah:


“This verse will protect you” by Basheer Chisty:


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