Did “The Rottweiler” kill Princess Diana?


Did “The Rottweiler” kill Princess Diana?


draco-guarding-city-of-londonApparently, some tanned Chinese-looking dude and his demonically possessed Rottweiler caused the car crash that killed Dodi and Diana. Diana’s car hit the 13th tunnel pillar in Paris on the night of her death. The number ‘13’ further highlights the fact that there were demonic forces at play – akin to the murderous demonic happenings of “The Omen” movie. Ever wondered why there were so many rabid demonic black Rottweiler dogs in “The Omen” movie – now you know why! Diana always complained that the royals were “not human”, and she openly stated that Prince Charles wanted to see her dead (specifically by way of car crash) so that he could marry his true love Camilla – who Diana eerily nicknamed “The Rottweiler”. Does Camilla have shape-shifting capabilities – was it her (in her demonic black Rottweiler form) sitting at the back of the white Fiat UNO car that caused Diana to crash? Perhaps Camilla is able to summon demons to possess such dogs in order to do her dirty bidding.


Eye witnesses at the scene of the crime recall the driver of the white Fiat UNO behaving erratically. He was nervously looking behind him at his Rottweiler dog as if he could tell something was very odd about him. Was his real dog replaced by a demonic one and mind-controlled by Camilla Parker-Bowles?   Even after all these years, there are still so many unanswered questions, but it is VERY strange that the French police allowed the only real suspect at the scene of the crime, with his white Fiat UNO, to escape without question. The guy still refuses to answer any questions and he suspiciously painted his white Fiat UNO car bright red colour – as if to say “Yeah, Rottweiler and I did it – we’ve been caught red-handed in this here newly painted red car. It’s a total white-wash, I mean red-wash, whatever, who cares anyway. I’m off to eat some noodles!”


enchanted_rosePerhaps if Princess Diana had been allowed to live, she would’ve given birth to Dodi’s Muslim child and it may have increased better Muslim – Royal Reptilian/Rottweiler shape-shifting relations, it may have even prevented the on-going “clash of civilization” wars between East and West, and perhaps Donald Trump’s islamophobic ass wouldn’t be so warmly welcomed to Buckingham Palace like he is today. Prime Minister Theresa May wouldn’t then be kissing Trump’s butt in America, or holding his hand and grovelling to him about how “opposites attract” – as Diana would’ve shown her the true meaning of the term – as what could be more indicative of “opposites attracting” than a so-called Muslim playboy brat and an “English Rose” pompous royal twat, both thinking that they can merge as one in today’s highly Islamophobic society? They’d literally get on “like a house on fire”, or a “car on fire” – whatever the case may be, or it would be like “fire meets gasoline” (as Sia might put it). That’s just asking for trouble – Rottweiler or no Rottweiler! Duh! Even a blonde bimbo should’ve been able to figure that one out. It’s all the fault of Diana’s parents for allowing her to read all those Mills & Boon romance novels as a child. Everyone could tell she was turning as dizzy as a dreamy daisy reading them. But it was a nice try though, by the “Queen of Hearts” – what a monumental task to seek to create the bonds of love between two notoriously opposite families. What would the world be like today had she managed to pull that one off? Just imagine if they did marry and Diana reverted to Islam, and then they were blessed with one of the royal family’s other “greatest taboos” – a black Muslim handicapped child! Aaaahhhhh!! How will they ever have any family portraits with such a one amongst their milky-white ‘perfect’ royal clan? All hell would break loose then! A whole fleet of French Fiat UNO cars with demonic Rottweilers in them (as ridiculous as Dr. Evil’s “frickin’ sharks with frickin’ lasers on their heads”) would be summoned to attack – by the Reptilian Royals rotten-to-the-core and hell-bent on mindless vengeance against any true love between two opposites. Perhaps President Trump and Prime Minister May should take note of this and think twice – before declaring their “opposites attract” mantra once again whilst visiting Buckingham Palace.  Just sayin’.






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