“The Other Guys”: Mystery finally solved!


“The Other Guys”: Mystery finally solved!


Ever since the Hollywood movie “The Other Guys” starring Will Ferrell was released, many have been wondering why the “tough guy” cops jumped to their deaths in an apparent suicide at the beginning of the movie. Why would they do such an irrational thing, considering that they had everything going for them? All the so-called “paper-bitch” cops admired them for their heroic action against hard-core criminals, so why, on God’s good Earth, did they suddenly, madly jump for no reason whatsoever? Well the answer has finally been solved! It’s really rather simple really, it’s a wonder it remained a mystery for so long. Apparently, after following British truther Tony Rooke’s advice that they should inform the cops about the truth of 9/11, they were aghast at the indifference and apathy they faced in response when they did so. They were further exasperated when they saw Gordon Duff of “Veterans Today” do his Jack Nicholson impression of “You can’t handle the truth” – that infamous line from the movie “A Few Good Men”.


cockroach-silversteinUnderstanding that Gordon was right in proclaiming that there was no more justice in the world, they decided that they would rather go down as heroes than continue to live in a cowardly world of fake Super Soldier “paper bitches” – sucking up to the real criminals like the cop-teasing cockroach Larry Silverstein. The final straw (that pushed them over the edge) was when they realised the truth of the statement made by the Addams Family – when they walked into a police station demanding justice but didn’t get any, forcing Gomez Addams to declare in frustration:


“I have seen evil. I have seen horror. I have seen the unholy maggots that feast upon the dark recesses of the human soul!! But until today, I had never seen YOU!!”


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