Trump’s Titanic Sinking

willful-ignorance-solves-nothingTrump’s Titanic Sinking


Donald Trump has doomed America. His country has hit a ‘huuuuuge’ wall of ice (namely his ice-cold-hearted supporters), and it’s only a matter of time before it totally sinks in a sea of ignorance. It’s not hard to understand why this is so. For goodness sake, if “The Simpsons” cartoon can predict America’s economic collapse under the Trump presidency, then surely anyone else with half a brain cell can do so too. But this isn’t simply about the inevitable collapse of the U.S. economy (which is now even scaring politician Ron Paul into a frenzy warning about it); this is fundamentally about the much more serious spiritual downfall of America.  


trump-1-640x360No doubt, there is much hypocrisy and tearful showmanship surrounding Trump’s latest outrage – the so-called “Muslim ban”, but Americans have been endorsing covert anti-Muslim military operations against Muslim nations for many, many years; especially under the Bush and Obama administrations, but where was the outcry then?   As one “Before It’s News” reporter eloquently put it; “…they were so silent, you could hear a mouse piss on cotton!” Apparently, there was a plethora of silent “mice pissing on cotton” when General Wesley Clark openly joked about the Neocon agenda to “invade seven Muslim countries in five years time”. Such ‘pissing on a bed on cotton’ was unprecedented for its time even by the likes of Trump doing it – and we all know about his infamous fetish for bed-wetting. It seems that “We the People” are only ready to protest when things become more overt and blatantly racist – as this would be like holding a mirror to their faces and showingsmoke%20mirrors them up for who they truly are. British MPs are now moaning about Trump having “crossed a certain line of decency” and are calling for his upcoming State visit to the Queen to be cancelled. But let’s face it, this outcry by the British public and politicians has got nothing to do with preventing the Queen from being “embarrassed” by Trump’s visit, or the fact that many journalists are now joking that it’s “sure to make Prince Charles turn Republican”. What it’s really about is the public’s final realisation that the ‘democracy’ they all thought existed in the ‘free-world’ is, in actual fact, non-existent. Many Americans have been waking up to this fact too – even mind-controlled Hollywood musicians – such as Madonna and Eminem have woken up – as they come into the realisation that American life and its dream of freedom is not what it seems, as they rap against the so-called ‘free-world’ on their 8-Mile Road. Eminem makes this very clear in his rap song “White America”, which has a popular Trump parody version of it on YouTube.

However, common-sense alone should tell us that America was never really ever moral, decent, democratic or “great”, and may never truly be “great” – if we honestly reflect upon its murderous history – for example, their genocide of the entire Native-American Indian population. How can one hope to make a country “great again” if it was never truly ‘great’ in the first place? “American greatness” is a contradiction in terms. It’s very Orwellian, much like saying “War is Peace”.



Donald Trump is now behaving like the wicked stepmother from the fairy-tale “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves” – by admiring himself in the mirror on the Jimmy Fallon Show  (note the freemasonic mirroring “As above, so below” hand-signal he does in the above video – to signal to his controllers that it’s all part of their game).  In the “Donald Trump interviews himself in the mirror” episode he thinks to himself: “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest (white supremacist) of them all?” But to his utter horror, the mirror only replies: “Muslims are the fairest (meaning most righteous) of them all”. Trump then jealously seeks to ban them all from entering his kingdom. Perhaps Disney should rewrite the classic fairy-tale with a more modern-day version, renaming it: “Snow-white and the Seven Dervishes” – Telling the tale of an Islamic Snow White forced to flee to the woods, and hide with a bunch of ragtag Sufi dervishes – because of growing American Islamophobia. The main Sufi “Happy” dervish is Sheikh Abdal-Hakim Murad who has been forced into hiding – after finally having the guts to do what no other leading Muslim has had the guts to do – that is to speak out against Trump’s Islamophobia. However, his companion dervish named “Grumpy” (aka Sheikh Hamza Yusuf) is still trying to get over the shameful fact that he was practically made to kiss George W. Bush’s butt – during his fake “war on terror” speech against the Muslim world.


All joking aside, what many Americans don’t realise is that Trump has doomed America, specifically by his frequent use of the lethal slogan: “Make America Great Again”. The laws of the universe dictate that those who seek to arrogantly elevate themselves into “greatness” will be humbled, and those who seek to humble themselves will be elevated. This is a fundamental rule of God’s law that can’t be changed by anyone – least of all by a mango-haired, pussy-grabbing, spoilt-rotten, brash showbiz U.S. president! Even Jesus Christ was afraid of such a Divine Law when he allegedly stated: “Why do you call me good (i.e. great), only God is Good”, and when he said: “The meek shall inherit the Earth”. Trump may have had more success had he declared: “Make America Meek Again!” – he would’ve then showed a bit more wisdom than a mere mouse in a cotton-pissing contest. Perhaps he should reflect upon the hard lesson that the late American boxer Mohammed Ali was forced to learn – when he pompously declared himself “The Greatest”. He was humbled later in life with a crippling disability – not by mere chance, or by co-incidence, but as a direct result of his un-Islamic and aggressive boxing lifestyle. The Laws of the Universe bow to no-one. So get over it! Because, doubt it not, those who declare themselves to be “great” WILL BE humbled, whether they like it or not. Be afraid, be very afraid!


Donald Trump is like the captain of the Titanic who knows it’s only a matter of time before his ship finally sinks completely. So no matter how much he diverts attention (i.e. by banning certain “undesirables” from escaping to higher ground, or by trying to build a ‘great’ wall); his ship is most certainly doomed to sink and, unfortunately, it’ll take everyone else along with him. So all had better now run whilst they still have a chance. History tells us that God’s wrath utterly destroys a nation with cold stone-hearted leaders. When Trump finally wakes up to the evil surrounding him, he will wish he’d never allowed good people to leave America, as they were obviously the only ones preventing Cool Karma from kicking his butt. Soon he’ll be begging Muslims to come back into the country, but by then it’ll be too late, as Trump’s Titanic ship finally sinks for good. Duh! There’s a good reason why the Muslim call to prayer begins with “Allah Akbar” (“God is Great”).  So please think about that the next time any pussy-grabbing leader declares any “greatness”.


heart of stone

2:23 (For the real skeptic, here is a reason-friendly offer.) If you are still in doubt concerning what We have revealed to Our servant (Muhammad), call and set up (a committee, commission, organization, association of the highest order) all your helpers besides God, and then produce just one Surah like this, if you are truthful.

2:24 And if you fail to do it – and fail you will – yet remain haughty and scornful, then guard yourselves against the fire that has been readied for those who oppose the truth, and its fuel is the masses and their stonehearted leaders alike.

[Quran Translation – QXPiv June, 2007, By Shabbir Ahmed, M.D., Florida]




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