The Jinn Blocker

A YouTube video of demonic possession on a live Muslim T.V. show:

In the above video (@ between 6:08 and 6:10) when asked “Who created you?” the Jinn  (demon) replies “BAAL”. Baal or Bayl (sometimes spelled Bael is one of the seven demons of hell. He is mentioned widely in the Old Testament as the primary pagan idol of the Phoenicians, often associated with the goddess/demon Ashtaroth.



Dear fellow Truthers,


Sheikh Steve De’ak has been trying to alert his fellow sheikhs about the need for 9/11 Truth by publishing the following article:


Unfortunately, Muslims everywhere (including many leading Muslim scholars) are currently being attacked by the hidden forces of the demonic realm. For example, in the above YouTube video, a lady calls Islamic sheikhs on a live Islamic T.V. show to explain that she was cursed by black magic, and that demonic forces are now controlling her brain and preventing her from speaking out in a court of law. Therefore, she is unable to defend herself against the evil magician that placed a curse upon her, and allowed her to become possessed by a Jinn (demon). When the lady is trying to explain her case to the Sheikh, the demon possessing her interrupts her speech and speaks out in a demonic voice  – to confirm that he has indeed “blocked” her from speaking out. The sheikh then rebukes the Jinn (demon) and says that the jinn will suffer the consequences of his evil actions on Judgement Day, and explains to him that he should fear Allah and stop tormenting the girl. Many YouTube viewers are convinced that the video footage is real and not a fake or staged act. However, some are still sceptical and say the lady is suffering from some sort of split-personality mental disorder. Regardless of whether or not her condition is caused by a Jinn’s influence, or an underlying mental health problem, the fact still remains that the human brain can indeed be “blocked” from speaking the truth at any time. George Orwell (in his book “1984”) defines this “blocking” behaviour in social/psychological terms as having “double-speak” or “double-think” mental disorder, or in more layman’s terms as “having a ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ type spit-personality” – basically, in other words, Donald Trump’s narcissism. Perhaps because we are now living in an openly Orwellian society, such demonic manifestations (as demonstrated in the above video), whether real or imagined, are now becoming more and more prevalent, thus preventing most people from speaking any truth at all, particularly in the 9/11 truth community. Sheikh Steve De’ak is willing to help any fellow sheikhs, or 9/11 truthers who feel that they are under such demonic influence – which prevents them from speaking any 9/11 truth, or indeed any truth at all, so please contact him immediately if you are in need of such help. Comments can also be left on his main website about this – or in response to the following website article, which appeals to Muslim sheikhs for their help to promote greater 9/11 Truth participation from within the Muslim community:


It seems that no-one has yet been able to comment on the above article, perhaps because of the Jinn’s increasing ability to “block” people from speaking the truth. So “if there’s something strange in your neighbourhood and it don’t look good, who ya gonna call?” No, not the “Ghostbusters” – you’re gonna call the “Jinn Blockers” – that’s who! The so-called “Jinn Blockers” (in collaboration with Sheikh Steve De’ak) are able to block the Jinns from blocking you!   The Jinn Blocker is more powerful in battle than The Hurt Locker!!


steve-deakSteve provides “instant karma” type “blocking” to those demonic forces that seek to ‘block’ (whether they’re coming from within the human or Jinn world), to protect you from their demonic blocking of free-speech. It’s a kind of “circular blocking”. For example, like when the demons controlling the Donald Trump administration state that they have a kind of “circular use of words” which seek to ‘ban’ – like when the Trump demonically possessed demons openly lie and state that they did not really “ban” Muslims – making the excuse that it was just the presstitutes (like those of CNN) that first used the term “Muslim Ban”. But this is a blatant lie because Donald Trump openly used the term “Muslim Ban” throughout his presidential campaign. A YouTube parody video of this type of demonic behaviour is featured below – as produced by the “Saturday Night Live” T.V. show – SNL: “Sean Spicer Press Conference” (by Melissa McCarthy).


trump bans muslims


Trump ET Trump’s Jinn possessed minions are blatantly lying and any reasonable person knows it. However the Jinns (demons) are gaining greater power and are “blocking” people left, right and centre, unless we (as humans) fight to purge this evil force from the face of the Earth. You are not alone in your fight for justice and free-speech, because we (as 9/11 truther’s) stand united and will now defeat the forces of evil once and for all! Join our truth campaign, by showing us your show of support in any way that you’re able to right now – considering any Jinn that may be sitting on your brain cells and stopping you from doing anything at all! Sheikh Steve De’ak is currently immune from Jinn influences, as he continues to be guided by the holy wisdom gained by reading “Truther Musical” blog posts such as this. We will not go quietly into the night! We will not go down without a fight! Today and everyday is our Jinn-Free Day!!






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