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An open letter to Muslim scholars:


Dear Muslims,


willful-ignorance-solves-nothingAccording to Edip Yuksel in his ’’ blog post – about everlasting hell, the punishment of such hell is for those who are wilfully ignorant – as none are so blind as those who WILL NOT see – such as those who enjoy living with a “double think” mentality. The only possible cure is to bring the problem out into the open and to try to appeal for some logical reasoning; otherwise, all will be lost in a world of insanity.  It is totally insane that Muslims are not defending themselves against the false accusations made against them by the real criminals of 9/11.  Had we all united as a community and tackled the Big Lie ‘elephant in the room’, we could have saved many lives and prevented many unjust wars of aggression against Muslim nations.  Why is it that non-Muslims such as Pablo Novi and Steve De’ak are speaking out for 9/11 truth, but most Muslims remain silent about it? Steve has written to you many times to appeal for help but you have so far ignored it, such as this article here:


If Muslims don’t respect themselves by speaking up for 9/11 truth, then why should they expect other people to respect and defend them?  Anyone who still remains silent in the face of 9/11 blatant lies and injustices against the entire Muslim Ummah, is complicit in perpetuating the injustice of the 9/11 criminal act – and that includes leading Muslims such as Sheikh Hamza Yusuf and Abdal Hakim Murad too. We don’t need them to shake George W. Bush’s hand and label all 911 truthers as “conspiracy theorists” just to please the BBC. We all have a moral duty to act and to speak out.  Silence is no longer an option.


In the past, excuses have been made for the Muslim community’s inaction within the ‘9/11 Truth Movement’; for example, this recent article which appeals for us to defeat the demonic Jinns who may be holding us back.  However, the Muslim community must realise that they can’t only blame Jinns on the Day of Judgement for all their inaction – in the face of such blatant anti-Muslim false-flag propaganda. We only have ourselves to blame.


Please now respond to Steve De’ak’s 9/11 Truth campaign for greater scientific reasoning to determine what really happened on 9/11.  The Holy Quran tells all communities (regardless of their individual religions) to rise above the petty “double think” and “double-speak” mentality and say: “come let us reason together“.  Isn’t it about time we did so for a change? Because we’re still living in Jahilliya (Ignorant) Times!!


A thirteenth-century PersianTajik poet, Ibn Yamin[12] (ابن یمین فریومدی), said there are four types of men:[13]

  • One who knows and knows that he knows… His horse of wisdom will reach the skies.
  • One who knows, but doesn’t know that he knows… He is fast asleep, so you should wake him up!
  • One who doesn’t know, but knows that he doesn’t know… His limping mule will eventually get him home.
  • One who doesn’t know and doesn’t know that he doesn’t know… He will be eternally lost in his hopeless oblivion!




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