The Brave Truther Warrior

Just like the brave heroic warrior in the above music video, Steve De’ak singlehandedly and bravely takes on the might of an army of 9/11 truth deniers. Although vastly outnumbered by ruthless men who ride their symbolic biblical “pale horses” of death, leading the world to destruction, Steve, nevertheless, decides to face them and go down fighting, wielding his ‘sword of truth’ against the ignorant masses come what may. He recently e-mailed many prominent so-called ‘truthers’ with the following message:


Gordon, Kevin, Christopher, Richard et al, I challenge you all to a duel, no wait, I guess that would be a melee – but you get the picture- Unity through debate, may the best hypothesis win!  Anyone who is interested in the truth should support this, I mean after all, it’s not about being right it’s about being accurate, right?


Unfortunately, the shy and retiring ‘truthers’ didn’t bother to reply to Steve, perhaps because they don’t seem to understand how to truly fight, or reason in any gallant, courageous, manly, or heroic way any more. Especially if they’re just “controlled opposition” with a big fat George Soros butt to kiss, or a Luciferian puppet for the United Nations, or just your everyday military-industrial-complex cloned presstitute, or cheap shill with Orwellian double-think on steroids! Any type of objective scientific reasoning seems to scare the living daylights out of such freaks, as any kind of old-school, fair, logical, face-to-face, man-to-man “duel” for 9/11 truth is completely alien to them. The days of noble fighting, or debating which adhered to certain moral standards of conduct, or ethics are long gone. Unfortunately, we now seem to live in an age where veterans think it’s acceptable and moral to just sit their big fat butts behind computer screens, just to get an inhuman drone to do all their “collateral damage” murdering for them – like it’s all just a harmless computer game removed from any kind of reality! Only faithful God-fearing men and women are true warriors – as they understand that fighting for moral principles in this life will surely elevate their status in the hereafter. The view that “ignorance is bliss” is a myth, as sooner or later the price for ignorance must be paid in full.



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