New musical film: “The Grey Land of the Lost”

Dear Truthers,


Thanks for your recent e-mails, especially the reply from Mark R. Elsis – the Grandfather of 9/11 truth regarding his 9/11 Trials:

It’s good to see Mark Elsis (aka Lawrence of Arabia) back on the scene like a truther machine. Thank goodness there’s still some ‘truther’ life out there! Unfortunately, it seems, the younger generation isn’t interested in “boring” 9/11 truth anymore, as they’re too distracted by the entertainment industry, so I’ve a great new idea for a new truther musical film production, and am hoping from any help from truthers – such as your esteemed truther selves, especially those with links to the film industry – such as Mark Elsis, or Jack Speer-Williams. Briefly, the musical film will be a kind of comedy-action movie – perhaps a cross between “The Grey” film starring Liam Neeson and the comedy film “The Land of the Lost”, starring comedian Will Ferrell. The musical film may then be entitled “The Grey Land of the Lost” (or if it includes some shady sexed-up 9/11 truther ‘evidence’ it could be entitled “Fifty Shady Grey Truthers” instead – hee, hee :)) – Here is a brief synopsis of the proposed Truther movie:


In “The Grey Land of the Lost”, Steve De’ak leads an unruly group of truther roughnecks when their plane crashes into the remote Alaskan “land of the lost” wilderness – after the ‘pilot for 9/11 truth’ Dennis Cimino realises he’s just lost total control over the plane, he yells in panic on loudspeaker to his passengers: “Can anyone fly a plane?!!” Battling not just 9/11 ignorance but also mortal injuries and merciless weather, the survivors have only a few days to escape the icy elements and a vicious pack of rogue wolves, and shape-shifting werewolves on the hunt before their time runs out. –


Featuring hit musical pop songs such as “Running With the Wolves” by Aurora, “Cry Wolf” by Bebe Rexha, and numerous relevant hit songs by Sia, such as “Freeze you out” and “Black and Blue”, “Alive”, “The Greatest”, “One Million Bullets”, “Wild Ones”, “She Wolf”, etc.


I am interested in potential script writers who would be interested in co-writing this movie script, so perhaps Mark R. Elsis or Jack Speer-Williams may then submit this truther musical masterpiece to their Hollywood film producer buddies for consideration. One great truther film to capture the hearts and minds of the younger generation, is worth more than a billion “boring” factual ‘9/11 Truth Trials’ – especially now that everyone knows that the U.S. Supreme Court is run by shape-shifting lycanthrope werewolves anyway!  


This movie will be dedicated to the Australian truther musician Stephen Phillips who tragically passed away recently in a freak ‘accident’ with his family.


Please reply asap all those interested in this exciting new adventure for 9/11 truth, with your ideas and suggestions. Potential actors, song-writers, dancers, musicians, script writers, movie producers etc, all are welcome to respond! 


Thank You!



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