A Plea For Greater Truther Unity

On 17th March 2017, Steve De’ak e-mailed the following to Jim Fetzer et al:


Dear Dr. Fetzer,


I would simply like to use all the available evidence from the crime scene to attempt to reconstruct the crime, which from what I read about crime scene investigations, is a critical  step in discovering the truth:


“It is often useful to determine the actual course of a crime by limiting the possibilities that resulted in the crime scene or the physical evidence as encountered.”



The physical evidence at the scene of the crime limits the possibilities of what could have caused it so it seems to me that by starting there a lot of time could have been saved by avoiding hypotheses that don’t fit.  I would think that is where every hypothesis should begin if the truth is the goal, but it is one area most truthers brush-off, and often angrily.


That’s it – just an open and honest discussion of the available evidence we all have access to, not even a debate as much as collaborating on scrutinizing the evidence and using it to arrive at the best explanation for it – start to finish; a level-set for 9/11 Truth so that after 16 years genuine truth seekers who may just be scratching the surface don’t have to spend a decade poring over the same material we have.  I’m sure we all think we’re right, but if any of us truly believe that, then we should welcome the opportunity to discuss it.



Steve De’ak



Christopher Bollyn then e-mailed Steve De’ak and many other truthers in reply to say:


RE: About the Brave Truther Warrior – Stephen De’ak

Two images

Photo:  Stephen De’ak in high school, 1977

Image:  Jewish De’ak family changes name from Deutsch to De’ak


This attempt by Christopher Bollyn to prove De’ak as being Jewish is irrelevant in light of a true 9/11 criminal investigation, as is explained in the following letter sent to Christopher:


Dear Christopher Bollyn,
Steve De’ak really would like to know your opinion on some of the evidence he gathered – about a plane that mysteriously disappeared without trace into a field once upon a time.  He would like you to focus on the facts of the case at hand and not to divert attention by bringing attention to his possible links to Judaism, or Jews.  Otherwise he may be tempted to reply in the same way to you – just to shine a mirror on your behaviour, so you become aware of how ridiculous such diversion tactics are in the light of a serious criminal investigation.  Steve De’ak is not doing such an investigation for any fame or monetary gain, but rather perhaps because of his competitive nature to be the first man ever to have solved the mystery of the planes on 9/11.  Come Judgement Day all that is hidden and kept secret will be revealed.  But what glory it will be for one man (such as De’ak) to be able to stand in the presence of his Lord and Saviour with the knowledge that he and he alone (perhaps with a little help from his friends) managed to solve the greatest crime of the millennium.  On such a fearful final Judgement Day, it will not matter one iota “who’s your daddy”, or if one has Jewish or Gentile, or even reptile heritage, but rather the good deeds that one has managed to accumulate on this lowly planet. There is some good news for all real “Truthers” – as they are the bravest amongst an apathetic, cowardly and complicit ignorant public.  But those fake “truther” wolves in sheep’s clothing will be thrown into the deepest pit of hell on God’s final Judgement Day.   
Should you wish to join Steve’s quest for heavenly salvation and glory (because, let’s face it, there is little chance of any real justice ever happening now on Earth in our kangaroo/reptilian courts of law), then please reply to this e-mail with the simple poignant words “I’m IN!!”  This will then be Steve’s signal to once again seek common ground of understanding with you, so perhaps Jim Fetzer may then invite you both to his radio show for a chat – under the strict condition that no-one ever calls each other, or any distant or near relative they may each have as being “a Jew” in any demeaning, or accusing way – just to divert the attention away from any factual discrepancies in the 9/11 criminal investigation.
We look forward to hearing from you again soon (without all the “De’ak has some Jew heritage” irrelevant historical research you’ve somehow managed to accumulate – we all came from Adam and Eve and we’re thus all somehow related as humans remember!).
APART Manager
Association Protecting Advanced Real Truthers (APART) at Headquarters of a Unified Planet in submission to Almighty God.


Steve De’ak then replies to the APART Manager as follows:


Dear APART Manager,
There’s also some Blackfoot native American blood in there somewhere, and English and Irish too if you believe what you’re told, but it’s all hearsay to me.  So much for the melting pot.
But yeah – about that crater in that field in Pennsylvania; a hallmark of the scientific method is whether or not a theory is predictable and reproducible.  If it can be predicted and reproduced at will, that tends to give a theory some teeth.  Well it just so happens that different-sized versions of the gash in Shanksville can be reproduced with two projectiles and an explosive.  Anyone can do it.  I’ve done it with pellets, darts, BB’s, slingshots and firecrackers and I hope to demonstrate it soon with slow-motion video using bullets and bigger fireworks.  Any police ballistics department can pinpoint the shooter based on the shape of the bullet hole, and NASA’s own data on meteorite impacts can identify the trajectory of the projectile based on the shape of the gash.  Scientific method, baby.  I figure anyone who has ever fired a bullet into the ground at a shallow angle would recognize what happened at Shanksville so I’m guessing it was this conclusion Mr. Bollyn was trying to nip in the bud by spreading the that the gash preexisted 9/11.  It’s the power of suggestion – and it works like a charm – unless of course it was an honest mistake which if it was it would be great if he would publicly retract it, I mean, for the sake of truth and all.  I can think of only one reason why he refuses to retract it.
I am happy to discuss the details with Mr. Bollyn and Dr. Fetzer when/if  I have a chance.


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