My “olive branch” confession

My “olive branch” confession:


Dear Truther,


Today is the day that we each drink a barrel of olive oil and extend out an olive branch to our fellow truthers – just as Steve De’ak is now doing.  Life is too short for petty infighting.  We should all be good and kind to one another.  According to “The School of Rock“, there used to be a time when the oppressed could “stick it to the man” (aka “the oppressor) and tell him to “step off!”, it was called “Rock ‘n’ Roll”.  But today, I announce to you all a new kind of “musical fusion”, it’s called the “9/11 Crash Test Project”!!

When Jim Fetzer and Steve De’ak formally announced today their new “change of attitude” and decision to work together, I must admit, I was feeling rather neglected.  After all, ‘twas me who was truly “the wind beneath his wings” all along, even if Steve didn’t always know it.  In my mindless jealousy, I tried to find some cause to intimidate Steve so that he could give me much more recognition for my efforts.  I dug a little deeper into his ancestral links, and DNA structure – even more so than the tenacious sea urchin efforts of what Christopher Bollyn recently did, and I discovered that Steve not only had some Jewish ancestral roots, but that he was also circumcised too – in the exact same way as his lookalike Sean Connery was!   Don’t ask me how I found that out, but let’s just say our wee Stevie Spiderman has one or two more cuckoo spiders in his nest.  When I then approached Steve with this secret personal inside information about him, and threatened to tell the world about it – as I am now doing, he begged me to spare him the shame of it ever getting out – especially the part also about his infamous love of “eating pork” – as this was something a secret undercover Jew would get into deep trouble for – if it was ever found out by his deeply religious extended orthodox Jewish family.  Steve then took me aside and said : “Listen, I didn’t want to tell you at the time, but I’m really going to be busy now doing all the manly macho scientific testing stuff with Dr. Jim Fetzer, but what we really need is a Project Manager to do all the “paper bitching” administrative stuff, whilst we get on with all the hard practical “9/11 Crash Test Project” testing. Yes, you guessed correct – You’re in charge of the whole thing – as Project Manager! I didn’t want the other truthers to get jealous if I announced your official duties too soon in front of them…”


So there you have it folks, the dream we all dream of – “PROJECT MANAGER”!! – I’m now finally your new 9/11 Crash Test Project Manager – it’s official!  I now need a list of names of all those interested in the project for my spread-sheet back-office (aka “paper-bitch”) database.  Please reply if you would like your name to be included as a contributing member of the project, or explain what official role you’d like to have. Any further information you care to provide, will be held in strictest confidence by “yours truly” if you wish it to be so.



Kind Regards,



Project Manager


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