The Art of Truther Reconciliation

Steve De’ak sent the following e-mail out to various “truthers” today:


…It is long past time for the truth movement to accomplish what Francois proposes.  I am guilty of contributing to the divisions afflicting the truth movement and offer no excuses for my behaviour but I do offer apologies to all, and I offer an olive branch to anyone willing to work together for the sake of peace.   Over the years I’ve seen the work of many fine researchers disappearing from the Internet after they pass; the late Rosalee Grable and Gerard Holmgren are two such examples and I’m sure the work of the late Leslie Raphael is soon to follow suit.   The late Stephen Phillips was on this very email thread, and Matthew Loader was another friend and researcher who succumbed to cancer just yesterday.  My point being if we’re going to do something to stop this bogus war on terror it’s best to do it while we’re still alive.  Time is of the essence.  There is no peace movement, that’s what we’re supposed to be, and I still believe the fastest way to end the wars and to stop the global police state is by exposing the lies that got us here to begin with.  But the only thing we seem to agree on is that we can’t trust each other.  And that’s bummer.


I offer the 9/11 Crash Test project in good faith as a good tool to use to get the attention of the slumbering masses.  It was supposed to be used as a way to bring the truth movement together by resolving the no-planes conflict once and for all.  It’s still there waiting for someone with more free time than I have to put it to good use, or we could all combine what time we have left towards a common goal of peace.


The world we will to leave for the next generations is a terrible place and it is a great tragedy we are unable to find common ground to work together long enough to at least try to do something to change it.




Steve De’ak


Dr. Jim Fetzer replies to the above e-mail as follows:


Francois, Steve, JT, and more,

My suggestion would be to take The Midwest 9/11 Truth Conference II, which had a dozen contributors, as the basis for discussion. Part 1 is devoted to the question of HOW IT WAS DONE, Part 2 to WHO WAS RESPONSIBLE AND WHY. I make this suggestion because there is so much basic information at hand in these presentations. Let us review them and move forward by having others explain to what points they take exception and their reasons why. See
“The Midwest 9/11 Truth Conference II”
Of course, I am glad to exchange, discuss and debate any issues related to 9/11. My interview of Steve De’ak of today, which should be available soon, will also provide valuable information contributing to this exchange. So I will be sure to share the link to the interview as soon as it is posted on YouTube.
With appreciation for your encouragement,
Warm regards,
P.S. An alternative would be to take AMERICA NUKED ON 9/11 (2016) as a target book for criticism, discussion and debate for similar reasons. Having a repository of research at hand facilitates moving forward seeking the truth:


Now that Steve De’ak and Dr. Jim Fetzer have finally put aside their petty differences to do a radio show together, this is good cause for celebration!  Truthers should all now join together and dance the dance of brotherly love: “The Mamushka” dance, followed by a dance to Sia’s “Fist Fighting a Sandstorm” song  – as in the following music video:


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