Darth Vader’s true identity is finally revealed!



The Starship Enterprise has once again journeyed into deep space – to a place where no man has ever yet dared to go – into the heart of a Truther Black Hole!!


Movie Script Dialogue:


Steve De’ak says: I shall journey to a place where no man has ever yet been – into the heart of a truther black hole!


Dr Jim Fetzer replies: Why that’s crazy! Those who go there never come out – stretching you from head to toe – death by black hole! Come on Daaaark, you can’t ever do that!


Steve De’ak: Stop calling me “Daaaaark” Fetzer! Are you outta your frickin’ Vulcan logical mind! How many times have I gotta say it’s pronounced “DEE-ACK”!


Jim Fetzer: Ha, Haaahhh!!! You thought you had me fooled didn’t you? Just like Christopher Bollyn, I figured out your true identity a long time ago – you’re nothing but the evil dark Jewish Darth Vader from Star Wars! I’ll never join you!!  I shall defeat all phony truthers – including the wrath of Farrakhan!


Steve De’ak: Nooooooo! Not you as well!! This can’t be happening, not again!! Surely this can’t be happening!


Jim Fetzer:  This is happening, and don’t call me “Surely”!


Steve De’ak: O.K. you got me. But know this Jim, I am your father! Ha, ha, haaaahhh!! If you only knew the power of the De’ak side! Join me! You’ll learn to appreciate the power of the Daaark side, I mean the De’ak side. And you’ll stop calling me “Daaaark” on your Real Deal radio – as you recently did. That was soooooo frickin’ annoying!


Jim Fetzer: [Suddenly, a loud commotion is heard on the Starship] Oh no, what’s now happening to the Starship Enterprise?!


Dennis Cimino: Jim, it appears we’re rapidly being drawn into the Daaaaark black hole!


Steve De’ak: It’s De’ak stupid! For frickin’ sake, would everyone stop calling me Daaaark!


Kevin Barrett: Who cares what it is, we can’t ever go into a Black Hole! Hurry, navigator switch direction! We need to keep moving. Go full speed ahead in the opposite direction. Fast!!!


Jim Fetzer: [in total panic] Why that’s crazy! Don’t you realise, in the opposite direction we’ll be drawn into the magnetic field of the CERN machine from Planet Earth, and ya all know where that’ll take us don’t you?!


Dr. Amit Goswami [Quantum Physicist]:  No one knows what that CERN thing does – no one does!!! Firing particles at each other at the speed of light can’t end well. We (physicists) have no idea what we’re doing – especially David Griscom who still thinks real reinforced jet planes hit the Twin Towers, and especially Professor Jim Al-Khalili who says he’s a Muslim, but still endorses the greatest “mother of all false flags” of all time just to get on the telly – never in the history of egotism and self-worship [the likes of which only a “House Muslim” London Major (Sadiq Khan) would truly understand], has a person ever become so adept at putting their intellectual integrity and religious faith aside, purely for the sake of vanity, fame and fortune!!!


Dennis Cimino: Oh noooooooooo!!!!! Hold on to yer butts! We’re heading straight for it – into the heart of CERN’s “Mandela Effect” memory hole!!!



To be continued…


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