Jim Fetzer’s “School of De’ak” Rock Song

After finally reconciling their differences, Steve De’ak and Dr. Jim Fetzer finally do a radio show together.  Jim finally realises that De’ak is the Magic Man that may help solve all of the truth movement’s problems.  Below is Jim’s rock song (featuring Dr. Judy Wood) in praise of Steve De’ak (pictured) – the truther’s “Magic Man” – because Jim was very impressed with De’ak’s recent presentation on his Real Deal radio show – just like how he was  once impressed with Dr. Judy Wood’s work too (but not so much David Griscom’s work):


[Verse 1: Jim Fetzer]
 Baby we was making straight A’s
 But we was stuck in a dumb daze
 Don’t take much to memorize your lies
 I feel like I’ve been a hypnotized
 And then that magic man he come to town
 (Woo Wee)
 He spun my head round
 He studied bolts to obsession
 Like Frankenstein
 And now baby oh I’m alive
 Oh yeah
 I am alive

 And if you wanna be a teacher’s pet
 Well baby you just better forget it
 De’ak got no reason
 De’ak got no rhyme
 You better get me to school on time
 OH YEAH (yeah)

 [Verse 2: Dr. Judy Wood (& Jim Fetzer)]
 Oh you know I was on the Honor Roll
 Got Good grades
 And got no soul
 Raise my hand before I could speak my mind
 I’ve been biting my tongue too many times
 (And then that magic man said to obey)
 Uh huh
 (Do what magic man do)
 (Not what magic man say)
 Say What
 (Now can I please have the attention of the class)
 (Todays assignment)*cough cough*
 Kick some ass

 [Chorus] x2
 And if you wanna be a teachers pet
 Well baby you just better forget it
 De’ak got no reason
 De’ak got no Rhyme
 You better get me to school on time

 Oh Yeah! (yeah)

 [Outro: Jim Fetzer]
 This is my final exam
 Now you all know who I am
 I may not be that perfect son
 But ya’ll be rocking when I’m done

 (Instrumental solo)

[Original lyrics:http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/s/school_of_rock/the_song.html]



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