Steve De’ak’s “School of Rock” Parody

Dear Steve,


Thank you for your recent e-mail to Jim Fetzer (and copied to various truthers) stating:



The 12×60-inch dense-metal, penetrating warheads would account for the progressively worse-damaged steel.  At a shallow, oblique angle the wing of a JASSAM would impact the columns first.  The wing is very small and not very dense so it would only damage the thin aluminum cladding where it impacted.  The column behind the cladding wouldn’t be damaged but the wing tip would surely snap-off with each column it hit, like a carrot being cut off by parallel knives.  The missile wing and fuselage would impact the columns before the warhead would, assuming the missile guidance system is in the nose as with most cruise missiles, therefore it makes sense to see lightly damaged columns followed by progressively worse damage as you move to the right.  Compare to the other side of the gash and you won’t see the lightly damaged cladding but you’ll see a much bigger gash – about the size of a JASSM.

All that I’ve found that can account for both the lightly damaged cladding at the far left followed by progressively worse steel damage would be the impacts of multiple missiles but without a finite element analysis I can’t be sure.  However if we all pooled our resources we could conduct an experiment at a crash test center such as Hurricane Mesa or the New Mexico Tech Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center.  I completely disagree with your assessment of the 9/11 Crash Test project.  Most of America still believes the impossible therefore it is up to us to make them understand, impossible is impossible even if presidents, professors, generals and news-anchors say otherwise.  Everyone loves Mythbusters and if the goal really is to get the truth out, then what better attention-getting device than a rocket-sled test center and a few big-ass explosions?  I’m willing to put my hypothesis to the test – to prove it or disprove it with both a finite element analysis and an empirical demonstration.  A documentary of such an effort would be impossible to ignore by even the mainstream media and would provide the kick-start an ailing truth movement needs if it ever hopes expose the truth.  This test can actually prove something – so of course it has value.





Would you be interested in doing a parody music video to promote the 9/11 Crash Test? I’ve an idea that we do a parody video of the great movie scene from “The School of Rock” film starring Jack Black, as in YouTube Video below, where the teacher is demonstrating to the pupils his intended performance of a rock song to a large audience. The lyrics to the original rock song “Legend of the Rent” are modified below – for your song entitled “Legend of the Test”. We will need to get a group of volunteers to play the role of the school pupils, and you will play their teacher. There will first be an introduction scene where Dr. Evil  (aka “The Man” – who seeks to destroy the world) reads out his letter to you, and then has you kicked out of the premises for wanting to do your own “9/11 Crash Test” – for good educational purposes – not for evil purposes. The scene will be preformed in the exact same way as the original movie scene but with your modified lyrics: In the end of the song you say “….then there will be a big-ass explosion and some confetti will come down…” to help describe how your 9/11 Crash Test will end – then you say, “It’s a work in progress, as everyone loves a few big-ass explosions (perhaps also with asteroid Earth-shattering impact too). Jim Fetzer can then come on to sing his School of Rock song as previously published here.


I guarantee if you and Jim Fetzer did this, then it would generate enormous publicity for your 9/11 Crash Test campaign, especially among younger YouTube viewers – who probably weren’t even born when the 9/11 false-flag event happened. Most people will appreciate the “comic relief” video purely for its parody comedy value, and it’s sure to generate more interest in your project. Truth or dare? We dare you: Please do this one little thing for us real truthers and you will be our rock star hero forever. I appeal to any blog readers who are reading this to comment  – if you can help at all in producing this parody movie scene. Perhaps we could first do a mock animated parody version too? This is a brilliant idea for those who like to think outside the box and seriously rock the world with their truth-telling. The ending running credits to the movie scene could be played to the instrumental sound of Queen’s song “We Will Rock You”. Please let us know what you think about this brave new musical venture as a publicity stunt? Let’s Rock ‘n’ Roll !!



“The Legend of the Test”


Song lyrics:

In the end of time

There was a man who knew the road

And the writing, was written on the stone

In the ancient time

An artist led the way

But no one, seemed to understand

In his heart he knew

The artist must be true

But the legend, of the test was way past due!

Well you think you’ll be just fine…without me, but it’s mine!

You think you can, kick me out of the test!

Well there’s just one problem there

The test is mine!!

How can you kick me out…of what is mine!!!

You’re not hard-core

Unless you live hard-core

But the legend of the test was way hard-core!

Well you’re not hard-core

(No you’re not hard-core)

Unless you live hard-core

(Unless you live hard-core)

But the legend of the test was way hard-core

Well you think you’ll be just fine…without me, but it’s mine!

How can you kick me out…of what is mine!!

You’re not hard-core

Unless you live hard-core

But the legend of the test was way hard-core

Well you’re not hard-core

(No you’re not hard-core)

Unless you live hard-core

(Unless you live hard-core)

But the legend of the test was way hard-core!!


Original movie scene:


The above song lyrics were modified from the original – as sung to the tune from the following YouTube Video:

A video to the song “Legend of the Rent” – Jack Black from the film “School of Rock” :


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