Urgent Truther Asteroid Strike Alert!!


Dear Truthers,


Red Alert: Asteroid strike warnings from Heaven!


Since my last e-mail to you all –  in which I accurately predicted that a frickin’ asteroid would be sent to land on our frickin’ heads – if we didn’t work together as “Truthers” to defeat the forces of evil, by stating:

“…I tried, I failed [to convince you], or as Hilary Clinton (aka Dr. Evil) might say: “we came, we saw, then a frickin’ asteroid landed on our frickin’ heads!”


I have just received urgent notice from our cycloptic tyrannical ruler (aka the illuminati’s ‘all seeing eye’, aka NASA – aka ‘Never A Straight Answer’), that humanity barely survived an Extension Level Event (E.L.E) last night. Apparently, there was a very near-miss with an enormous asteroid which nearly collided with Planet Earth, and a close comet flyby is expected to follow soon too – see Breaking News Headlines (YouTube Channel Video) below:



I hate to say I told you so, but I frickin’ well did! It’s your own damn frickin’ fault for being so insolent, and refusing to get off your big fat butts, and for once in your life do something useful – like helping to volunteer to get Steve De’ak’s “9/11 Crash Test Project” off the ground.


In the age of information ignorance is a choice. Whenever there’s a certain amount of wilful negligence on Earth, this triggers a galactic mechanism in our intergalactic, interconnected universe, to set the motion for an asteroid strike to land on our frickin’ heads – to wake us all up from our collective insolence, so that we remember our Almighty Creator and the might of His heavenly wrath. This is undisputed scientific fact and it usually happens on a biblical scale – such as the devastating (E.L.E) asteroid strike which struck Earth at Sodom and Gomorrah many years ago. It seems we are being warned once again and all truthers should now be on full alert – to, at the very least, get off their big fat butts and do something (anything!) useful for a change. I was able to accurately predict the imminent incoming asteroid strike purely due to my keen intuition, and general sense of right and wrong – from a conscience-based, heart-centred, God-fearing perspective – and NOT via NASA – as nobody ever has any idea about what those NASA guys are up to – especially after their infamous fake moon-landing cock-up – as Dennis Cimino and Jim Fetzer recently discussed on YouTube. I suggest you all try ‘intuitive-based heart-centred reasoning’ sometime too – as it’s very refreshing and liberating, because as the song goes: “When you wish upon a star, it makes no difference who you are…”, so let’s now NOT continue to pretend that fake 9/11 planes are like shooting stars, ‘cause I could really do with a wish right now, a wish right now…



As popstar Prince once sang: “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life…” The School of Life on Planet Earth has some very hard lessons for us all to learn, and if we refuse to learn them – because of our collective wilful ignorance, then evidently our heavenly teacher will wake us all up Big Time – like with a frickin’ big ass asteroid landing on our frickin’ heads!! Who knows if the near-miss asteroid strike last night was our final warning, but can we truly afford to risk it by sitting on our big fat butts and continuing to do nothing? As Steve De’ak might say (in the language of Mugatu from Zoolander – who infamously invented the ‘piano key neck tie’): “I invented the 9/11 Crash Test Project; what did you do truthers?! You did nothing, nothing!!!”


Steve’s 9/11 Crash Test is obviously endorsed by the heavenly ‘Powers That Be’ – as why else would an asteroid be sent our way – right after my prediction that it would happen if we, as truthers, continued with our collective ignorance. Today is April Fool’s Day and NASA is on the look-out for more comets, or asteroid hits tonight, but rest assured that this is no simple April Fool’s Day joke. This is real – Big Time! And any further procrastination by you all – in failing to reply to this warning (because even your silence may be a show of wilful ignorance and insolence) may have devastating cataclysmic Earth shattering consequences – on a biblical scale the likes of which has never before been seen by the “Mother of all Fools” – aka Mo-Foes – aka the collective wilfully ignorant so-called “Truther” body – that’s supposedly meant to be representative of the “best of the best” – in terms of what humanity has to offer by way of “truthfulness”, and NOT by just being a good example of “the scum of the universe” – requiring little green “Men In Black (M.I.B.)” from outer space to trigger the asteroid strike mechanism to protect Planet Earth from such scum. 

Here come the M.I.B. – galaxy defenders!


As Dennis Cimino (pilot for 9/11 Truth) once stated:


“…[as divided ‘truthers’] we may reach some sheeple but we’re mostly preaching to the choir with truth because those who are awake are going to be till they die, and the rest, well…they’re in their sarcophagus, dreaming the MATRIX dream, playing their silly cell phone games.”


Isn’t it about time that we all awoke from The Matrix? That’s a rhetorical question – because a frickin’ asteroid landing on our frickin’ heads is a very painful alarm clock reminder indeed! So on this historic April Fool’s Day, I’d like to repeat the words of our fellow truther pop star Prince – when he sang at the Super Bowl many years ago – in providing humanity with his very own version of The Art of Truther Reconciliation and Confession, with the wise song lyrics: “I’ve got another confession my friend, I ain’t no fool” – cause we all wanna see the best, of the best of you ‘truther’ lot. Because if this Truther Mothership we all call Planet Earth goes down, then we all go down.  So let’s not let that ever happen. I will go down with this ship – this Mothership – there will me no white flags upon my door, ’cause I’m in love (with Mother Earth) and always will be.





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