Lazy ‘Soldiers’ of Dr. Judy Wood

Dear Soldiers of Dr. Judy Wood,


I’m calling you out for failing to adequately protect your Queen Bee – aka Dr. Judy Wood. If Judy Wood is the alleged “Queen of 9/11 truth” with some solid irrefutable evidence as to what really happened on 9/11, then why are you guys so inactive, slow, shy and retiring when defending her work as her team mates?


In a recent e-mail exchange, Dr. Jim Fetzer compared Dr. Judy Wood to Dr. Evil, and Ian Greenhalgh rubbished the claims that Gordon Duff had ever endorsed Dr. Judy Wood’s work. The claim that Gordon secretly loves Judy was made by Abraham Hafiz Rodriguez, as follows:


“As usual, Dr. Fetzer continues to spread disinformation. Thermal and kinetic forces of any kind, including nukes, are not even remotely consistent with the large body of verifiable forensic evidence from 9/11. Gordon Duff admitted that Dr. Judy Wood is right about directed energy weapons being used on 9/11 in a private phone call that was recorded and then made public, but you obviously won’t see that posted on Veterans Today. See the link below and you can hear Gordon Duff admit this in his own voice, and see a transcript of the phone call.”

Veteran Today’s Gordon Duff admits Dr. Judy Wood is right about 9/11 (phone call recording and transcript): 121331717/You-Are-Under-A-Psy- Op-Gordon-Duff-Chief-Editor- For-VeteransToday-com


Now I have taken it upon myself to act as Steve De’ak’s bodyguard – like Whitney Huston’s bodyguard once did in her movie “Bodyguard”. Steve is acting like a Star Wars De’ak Vader “Queen of the Night”, and every God-fearing soldier bee is tasked with protecting the Queen Bee, and they should always stand firm and never falter. My moral duty as Steve’s bodyguard is currently not very demanding, as he only has the reptilian Gorns of “Veterans Today” attacking him, and everyone knows those critters move at a snail’s pace, that’s why I can also afford to jump to Dr. Judy Wood’s defence too – as an impartial observer of truther affairs. Now I ask you, is Dr. Judy Wood’s alleged “9/11 hurricane” for real, or was she just imagining it because it was perhaps really only “summer rain”. The musician Sia has done a parody “Summer Rain” music video about Dr. Wood’s hurricane claim, with her lyrics: “I thought you were a hurricane, turned out you were just summer rain…”


The forces of nature are like God’s little soldiers, and whenever they appear they are testimony to the truth. If Judy’s hurricane was indeed real, then it adds weight to the argument that some sort of Directed Energy Weapon (i.e via HAARP) may have been responsible for the 9/11 false-flag event:

Dust – “In videos of the collapse larger particles fell and cascaded down from the buildings under the forces of gravity, but before they hit the ground they vaporized and suddenly went up into the atmosphere like an antigravity demonstration. Nanoparticles are so tiny that they are not subject to the forces of gravity, so molecular dissociation occurred on the larger particles as they were freefalling, reducing them into nano-particles (0.1 microns in diameter and smaller) that suddenly obeyed other physical laws of quantum mechanics. More evidence of [directed energy weapon or] HAARP/beam weapon technology applied during collapse.”…

I look forward to read some substantive exchanges on the buildings turning to dust, toasted cars, molten metal, the seismic evidence, the Hutchison Effect, and Hurricane Erin. I’d like to know what her detractors have to say about Hurricane Erin – how it headed straight for New York City, stopped on the morning of Sept. 11, then turned sharply away – all the while being virtually ignored by the media. – Craig McKee



Abraham Rodriguez, Andrew Johnson, Ace Baker and Morgan Reynolds – I’m calling you out for failing to adequately defend Dr. Judy Wood as a true solider of truth and team player might do. Team players don’t desert their top players in their hour of need. You have ignored all ad hominem attacks (i.e. the statement “she’s like Dr. Evil”) on her by Dr. Jim Fetzer and Ian Greenhalgh, and refused to engage in any kind of logical e-mail exchange of ideas (i.e. like Andrew crying like a pussy “take me off this mailing list!”) when asked to debate with Steve De’ak. That sort of pussified behaviour is common with so-called V.T. Gorns like Ian Greenhalgh, but never was it expected to come from you guys. Please get your act together because you guys are making Judy Wood look like the Wicked Witch of the West when you’re supposed to be her friends, protecting her good reputation as a scientist. Somewhere “over the rainbow” Dr. Judy Wood may well be sitting on a pot of truther gold, but no-body will ever find it if you guys continue to sit on your big fat butts doing nothing, NOTHING!!! In the interests of 9/11 Truth and for the love of all things good and decent, do something, anything to defend her if you really think she’s worth her weight in gold.


Dr. Jim Al-Khalili is a famous British-Iraqi scientist – endorsed with an OBE for “services to humanity” by the Queen of England. He recently did a BBC programme about the importance of scientists knowing and understanding gravity. I’m sure he’d be very interested in learning about Dr. Wood’s anti-gravity Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) research as noted in the above article. This may then help him to come to terms with why his beloved Iraqi country – the famous “motherland of civilization”, was allowed to be reduced to rubble in a war of aggression based upon lies.

The truth is extreme and to try to moderate it is to lie, so please reply with some heartfelt conviction for the truth. Thank you!



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