The Missile Man

Yankee De’ak came to town

Riding on a pony

He put a feather in his crown

And called it missile baloney!


The intent of 9/11 Crash Test is to reproduce the claims of the official story that it was the fuel in the wings that provided the mass necessary for them to cut-through the steel, and the wings were disintegrated by the columns AS they penetrated them. 


According to these claims by the time the engines penetrated the wall the wingtips would no longer be attached to the plane and any fuel therein would have been turned to aerosol. 

Another intent of 9/11 Crash Test is to educate, even if the test never occurs.   I believe that by understanding the construction of the towers is enough to show just how ludicrous the official story really is.  However if we are ever fortunate enough to demonstrate it we would mount a wing-section to a rocket sled so that it would impact the columns as shown on television – with the swept-back wings impacting the wall columns sequentially, one protruding edge of the side-plates of the box columns at a time.  We will use a section of wing from between the outside of the engine mount and the wingtip, colliding the wing tip into a mock-up of the wall panel built to the specifications of the North Tower at the point of impact.  The wing will be mounted like a dorsal fin of a shark, and the wall panel will be mounted horizontally.

Cruise Missiles:


Steve De’ak says:

“I’m working on a video that explains it all.  But as a teaser here’s a sample clip – the missiles in these clips are much larger-scale than in real life.  We found that when they were to-scale they were too difficult to see on video so for the sake of the demonstration we increased their size many times.  Tomahawks are sea or ground-launched and the JASSMs are air-launched.  They are offered as examples of the technology that was on the shelf that could have accomplished the impact damage – the writing on the wall as it were.  Tomahawks would carry high explosives for pushing in the big wall panels and the JASSMs would be used for cutting the wing gashes with their dense-metal warheads meant for penetrating hardened targets such as concrete bunkers without detonating.  If these sorts of cruise missiles were used then of course the perpetrators would avoid the evidence that leads to that conclusion like the plague, so you tell me why it’s so difficult to discuss this evidence”:



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