A statement from Albert Pike from beyond the grave!



“Forces of darkness! I call upon you as Vlad The Impaler once called upon Dracula, as Donald Trump calls upon Jared Kushner, as Satan calls upon his legion of demons. Today I have received some monstrous news indeed! It tells of the possible merging of all religions into the true religion of Islam. It seems our worst fear is starting to become true. We must prevent this from happening at all costs. I have already sent a legion of demons into Jared Kushner (living at his ridiculously overpriced ‘666’ building) to brainwash him into brainwashing Donald Trump into starting World War Three. However, the dimpled baby-faced anti-Christ Kushner has so far failed in his mission:



Only by a third world war between all the main religions can we have a “clash of civilisations” to herald the dawn of the false light of Lucifer!


We don’t wish people of the world to unite with the true religion of Islam, but with our luciferianism instead. All religions should ‘adapt’ and merge under the same god … it’s the New Age Luciferianism or Theosophy. Thankfully, Theosophy has a heavy presence in the UN, with our strong political backing. Top Theosophists, Mediums, New Agers, Freemasons, etc, openly admit to being Luciferian and so they should! For now is not the time for hiding like Larry Silverstein cockroaches. Our ‘new one world religion’ is coming soon, and it will be endorsed by world leaders and top scientists – come hell or high water – so help me Donald Trump, or our war criminal “Yes we can” (aka “Thank-you Satan” in reverse) Obama, or Dr. Kevin Barrett or Allen Roland of “Veterans Today” with your fake ‘unified field’ theory!


This was my dream when I was alive on Earth and now that I lie spinning in my hellish grave with anger, I (once again) call to all my helpers both in hell and on Earth now – to help make my dream come true once and for all!! I too can dream as Martin Luther King once did, as why not? Why should only “goodies” get to ‘dream a dream’ and not the “baddies” too? Why should my dream be side-lined – just because it arises from the psychotic minds of unholy maggots that feast upon the dark recesses of the human soul?!! All’s fair in love and war, and my dream is for war – “World War Three” to be precise!” So get on with it! – You snivelling, slimy, scumbag maggots from the darkest pits of hell!!  

– Albert Pike

Cue the music: Hellvis singing “’cause I’m Evil”:    




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