For the love of Science!



A letter to Gordon Duff of “Veterans Today”

Re: For the love of Science!


Dear Gordon,


It seems you have greatly “misunderestimated”(a George W. Bush word) the talent of your former colleague Dr. Jim Fetzer. Yes he may have been misguided by the forces of evil behind Donald Trump and The Beatles, but underneath all his many defences there lives a wise old gentle soul. He was recently able to put his ego aside to ‘forgive and forget’ to unite with Steve De’ak in understanding the real evil behind 9/11. As one American leader once wisely proclaimed: “A house divided cannot stand”, so we must (as truthers) all now band together for the greater good of truth seeking – before it’s too late!


The recent V.T. article about “saving science” entitled “Stand Strong Against Anti- Science Forces” (in “Veterans Today”, published April 18th 2017) has inspired many truth seekers and science lovers alike. Steve’ De’ak embodies the love of science like no other. If you and your V.T. colleagues truly love science, then why not help sponsor Steve’s 9/11 Crash Test for the sake of real scientific enquiry alone?


Steve De’ak is currently looking for volunteer Project Managers, and so we would encourage you and your V.T. colleagues to apply asap. This golden ticket opportunity for the salvation of your very own soul does not come by very often – so please grab it while you still can. Wise veterans sing only fools rush in to form alliances with strange old granddads with big ideas, and what you mislabel as being mere “turd girls” (the name’s Sia-Itt – get it!), but we can’t help falling in love with truth. You only live once and, let’s face it; you have nothing whatsoever to lose – nothing! Not even that evil fat slug-faced creep George Soros who you strangely seem to adore. Trust us, things can only get better from now on. So let’s do it for our country, for truth, for the common good and above all for Science!


Yours truly,




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