The Kingdom of Heaven

“…Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a wilfully ignorant 9/11 truth denier to enter the kingdom of heaven.”


Dear Truthers,


It seems that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a corrupt government to admit its own false-flag criminal acts. However, fear not, because Science has shown that every problem has a solution – the above picture shows how the problem of a camel passing through the ‘eye of a needle’ can be resolved. You simply change your thinking perspective – instead of imagining the needle to be tiny, imagine it to be gigantic enough to allow the camel to easily pass through. Similarly, instead of thinking; “poor little me, I’m only a conspiracy theorist”, you need to empower yourself and think “outside the box” a lot more. For example, stop validating the CIA term “conspiracy theorist” used to label and silence truth activists. Don’t ever refer to yourself as a mere “conspiracy theorist” – ever – not even in reference to hearsay! Use more positive terms to describe yourself, such as: “truth-seeker”, “freedom-fighter”, “free-thinker” or human rights activist etc. and avoid all negative-laden labels used by the mainstream media to marginalize our ‘truther’ group.


We assume the e-mail below to Mott MacDonald didn’t get a reply because Steve mentioned the “conspiracy theorist” term in reference to his work, as why else would they not be interested in helping? It defies all logical explanation; perhaps our truther professor of logic Dr. Jim Fetzer may help us to understand this problem. Why would a reputable company like Mott Macdonald not be interested in Steve’s project even with the promise of potentially receiving “an obscene amount of money” from a generous benefactor for their Project Management services? The huge amount of money they would gain in good publicity alone should’ve been enough to awaken their interest. Could it be that they’re just too afraid of the “Powers That Be” to do so? Surely they can’t be that cowardly. If a granddad such as Steve De’ak still has some fight left in him to defeat the forces of evil and resolve the Crime of the Millennium, then why not also a major Project Management corporation?   Our reward in the hereafter is relative to what we have in this life. If we are weak in financial strength and resources but give everything we’ve got, we’ll be rewarded in heaven accordingly, relative to what was given by us – just like if a rich person gave all their wealth to the poor. Only fools seek for wealth in this life when the real wealth exists in our afterlife, as our small good deeds in this life may turn into gigantic golden nuggets, or a castle in heaven when we die. Now is your opportunity to make “an obscene amount of money” – to await you upon your arrival at the golden gates of the Kingdom of Heaven. It may seem hard to sacrifice some worldly gain for a great cause, but that’s only because you’re thinking with a small brain! Thus the wisdom of the parable: “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for the worldly rich to inherit the kingdom of heaven.” – And this remains true regardless of the size of the needle!


…Then Jesus said to His disciples, “Truly I tell you, it is difficult for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” When the disciples heard this they were greatly astonished and asked, “Who then can be saved?”…



To: Mott MacDonald
Subject: Re: 9/11 Crash Test – Project Management Request

FAO: Mott MacDonald Executive Board directors: Nick DeNichilo, Ed Roud, Guy Leonard, Mike Haigh, Keith Howells

Mott MacDonald

Dear Sirs,


A generous benefactor is offering “an obscene amount of money” to any project management company that can help manage Steve De’ak’s “911 Crash Test project” for the proposed new Mythbusters T.V. programme. A brief outline of the project is discussed in the YouTube video link below.  As one of the leading Project Management companies of the world, we would like to request an estimated quote from you – to give us a rough idea of how much such a project may cost to manage by your reputable company Mott MacDonald.


Many U.S. military officials, famous scientists and academics have taken a keen interest in the project, and so we are looking for the “best of the best” in Project Management to give the “9/11 Crash Test Project” the best possible opportunity for success.


We look forward to hearing from you with an estimate of your costs for our exciting new project, as soon as possible please. Further details of the project can be found here:




“HI I’m Steve De’ak, a few years ago I began a peace project I call 9/11 Crash Test.  In the spirit of the popular Mythbusters show, the project plan is to raise money to rent a rocket sled test facility to answer the question once and for all whether or not it is possible for an aluminum Boeing 767 to cut through a steel skyscraper.   I don’t think it is and I think I can prove it.  I am what at you might call a 9/11 Conspiracy Theorist, but what I call a Concerned Grandpa.  I’m tired of war without end and I want to do something to stop it.


Will a test center in the USA to allow us to conduct this test?  Help us raise $35,000 and we’ll find out together.


Mythbusters has been allowed to crush a car


Mythbusters’ spinoff Myth Revolution was allowed to cut a car in half at the same test center.

Our money is as good as theirs so if they can do it, so can we.


The project plan is simple.  Taking a section of wing from a scrapped 767, attach it to a rocket sled.  Reseal the fuel tank and fill it with fuel, and at the other end of the track, fabricate some box-columns built to the specifications of the World Trade Center, and collide them together at 550 MPH, filming the results with high-speed cameras.


Our engineering team will produce a detailed analysis of how we expect the impacting bodies to behave when they are collided together at 550 MPH.  This finite element analysis will be the centerpiece of the presentation we will use to formally request the use of the test center facilities.


Because we saw it on television many people believe that it was the mass of the whole jet and the speed of the impact that made it slide so effortlessly into the South Tower, and that for this reason only crashing a whole jet into a skyscraper will be a valid test, but this impression is likely because most people have no idea how the towers were constructed.  We will demonstrate using accurate reproductions of the WTC wall panel how a real jet wing actually reacts when it strikes steel box columns at 550 MPH.

We all saw it on television, but is it really possible?…”


9/11 Crash Test will prove it one way or another.

The Test

The intent is to copy the experiment used in the Mythbusters: Revolution video by simply replacing the “plow” with a section of wing from a 767, and by replacing the car with steel box-columns built to the same specifications as the WTC.  If it is true that a whole plane can slice-through a steel building, a wing-section should slice through the steel columns with ease.



As in the words of Saladin from the movie “Kingdom of Heaven”:

“We are not like those men (aka The Tyrants)”!



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